Tuesday, September 17, 2013

SNOW-KISSED, the latest from Laura Florand

Author Laura Florand has a new book, SNOW-KISSED, and it's a breathtakingly beautiful, almost hauntingly, romantic story.

Romantic Times calls Laura Florand's writing "sensuous and sumptuous", awarding her their Seal of Excellence, and NPR says it's "explosive, sensual . . . and utterly sweet".
Now the internationally bestselling author of The Chocolate Thief takes us to a snow-kissed Christmas cabin for this heart-wrenching tale of love, loss, forgiveness--and hope.
Once they had been the happiest couple in the world. Once serious, restrained Kurt had fallen hard for a laughing, easy-going woman who filled their lives with joy.
But when loss struck them, Kai went down under the avalanche of grief. She threw their marriage away, and she left him, fleeing the world for this cabin high in the mountains.
Now, as the two find themselves snowbound over Christmas, Kurt has to convince his wife that while she may have lost everything else, she never lost him. Now he has to show her the true strength of one man's love.
My review:
SNOW-KISSED is a novella, but its emotional impact is staggering, almost a tangible thing. Kurt and Kai have suffered multiple tragic losses over the years of their marriage, and that one final loss was simply too much for Kai and she chooses to walk away.
Most men would choose to simply move on, but Kurt takes his marriage vows seriously and will wait however long he has to in order to get Kai back. This may sound bold and cavalier, but the wait is practically crushing for him.
Kai has taken up residency in a secluded, wooded cabin property belonging to Kurt's mother. When a secretly arranged meeting leaves the couple stranded in a violent snowstorm, there's an abundance of time for them to attempt reconciliation.
I have found that Ms. Florand never fails to deliver a richly intimate, gut-wrenching story with each and every book. This is storytelling at its most basic form, borrowing from raw, human emotion to weave a satisfyingly hopeful story. I feel certain that I'm not the only one who is very quickly becoming one of her biggest reader fans. If I had talents worthy of putting pen to paper for, this is the very kind of author I would want to be.

I've decided to do a giveaway to celebrate this beautiful story, and will gift five Kindle or Nook versions of SNOW-KISSED to readers here.  If you're interested, simply indicate so in the comments.  I'll choose the five winners on Sunday, Sept. 22nd.  Send a friend over who mentions your name and you'll each get your names in the draw an extra time.  Good luck!!


Chris M said...

Kindle version, if picked...please!

traveler said...

Print book would be wonderful. Thanks. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

Sharlene said...

I already got this & read it. I totally agree with your review & I am also a big fan of Laura's! (don't need to win this, obviously!)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the opportunity to enter to win a copy of SNOW KISSED! If chosen I'd love the Kindle version please!

Laurie G said...

WoW! What a beautiful review! (Kindle version)

Quilt Lady said...

Great review! I think this sounds like a great read. Would love to have a Kindle copy of the book.

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