Thursday, April 27, 2006

Upcoming Karen Kelley - Hell On Wheels

Author Karen Kelley has an upcoming book, HELL ON WHEELS, that I have been fortunate enough to read for review on behalf of Romance Junkies. Readers should not let Karen's unique sense of humor steer you to believe that this book is just for fun. While it does contain a great deal of lightheartedness and searing sensuality, it also nosedives straight to the heart as you witness the heroine's emotionally challenged relationship with her alcoholic mother.

Be sure to visit Karen's website:

Karen Kelley’s newest book HELL ON WHEELS takes readers on a charged ride as two bounty hunters embark on a dangerous mission in search of a wanted man. Will they lose their hearts along the way?

When Cody Carlyle chases a skip into a dark, damp, rat-infested alley, the last thing she expects is for him to have a friend with him, least-of-all a friend with a gun. When Josh Pierce shows up with an even bigger gun and saves her from serious injury, she is begrudgingly appreciative. This won’t be the last time the two are brought together; they don’t have to spend much time in each other’s company before they realize a strong sexual attraction that leaves them both weak. Cody isn’t emotionally strong enough for an intense relationship. She is used to looking out for herself as well as supporting her mother, who has her own self-destructive weaknesses. When she and Josh team up to go on the road looking for their latest bad guy, there’s more at stake than just the apprehension of the skip; their lives and their hearts are on the line.

Josh has always been impressed with Cody and her ability to take care of herself. He has seen her bruised and bloodied after bringing in a skip and he still thinks that she is the hottest, most beautiful woman he has ever seen. Josh begins a determined seduction of Cody and finds himself more than a little pleased when she agrees to partner with him in the pursuit of an accused murderer. When unexpected danger arises, Josh begins to wonder if they’ll live to see another day and he realizes that he just might want more from Cody than a quick fling.

Karen Kelley gives readers an exciting romance that lacks nothing as it delivers humor, action, suspense, and an abundance of sensuality. Cody’s character is written with incredible realism—complete with insecurities and flaws that make her human. Cody’s fa├žade of being a cold, calculating bounty hunter is transparent to Josh. He sees that she has suffered emotionally and is willing to take some of the burden off her shoulders. While Josh is shamelessly attracted to Cody and may have initially wanted a simple sexual relationship, he soon wants more, much more, with her, but convincing her that they belong together may be difficult.

HELL ON WHEELS showcases Karen Kelley’s superb writing skills which grow stronger with each new release. This review comes with a high recommendation; it definitely belongs, and will remain, on my keeper shelf.

This link will take you to Amazon where you can pre-order this wonderful book; you're guaranteed a wonderful reading experience!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Tie on your walking shoes and Race for the Cure!

After receiving a call from my gyno. that last week's mammogram shows a suspicious area requiring additional views, I decided that this is a good time to remind everyone about the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Check out the website below and see what you can do, whether it's a self-examination, reminding friends to do their monthly self-exams, or participating in a walk/run in your area.

This is the fourth time I've had this happen and I've been fortunate to have had negative results each time; I feel certain that will be the case this time as well. However, having witnessed a very dear aunt's battle with breast cancer, I am a strong supporter of breast cancer research and assistance for those who are struggling with it.

Breasts are very important to us throughout our lives. When we're young we wish for them, we entice young men with them, we nurture our children with them, soon after which we find ourselves wishing that nature and gravity were a little more considerate of them. As even more time passes, we find ourselves less concerned with their size or shape, simply hoping that they remain healthy.

So go buy those pink ribbon items that support breast cancer research and remind your friends to do their self-exams.

Friday, April 21, 2006

The Inking of Lindsay

My oldest daughter announced last weekend that she has an appointment today at 3:00 to get a tattoo. Now this is the same child that saw stars and became faint when she got the second hole pierced in her ear, and had to lie flat with a cold compress while giving blood. I wonder if the tattoo parlor has safety rails on their chairs? I did request that she go with a location on her body where it won't readily show. She has chosen her hip, and the tattoo? A small navy blue anchor. Don't ask. I have no clue why an anchor except that she saw a picture of one on a sailor in a book she got for Christmas - "The History of Tattoos" or something like that, and she liked it. I know what is coming next. My 15 year old daughter will now want a tattoo and I'll have to listen to her relentless moans and groans about it until the newness wears off. I pity my daughters' mother.

I am taking off this afternoon to go to lunch with a girlfriend from high school, then we are spending the rest of the day antique shopping. It promises to be a great time, even if thunderstorms are predicted.

I hope everyone has a terrific weekend. Be safe if you're on the road.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Take a Deep Breath, Alison Kent has a new release!

Another one of my favorite authors, Alison Kent, has a new book out titled DEEP BREATH. If you haven't already gotten this book all I can say is WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Anyone who loves action, romance, suspense, and a writing style that is unmatched by most, will enjoy the work of Alison Kent. Check out Alison's blog - there is always something unique and different going on.

My review for DEEP BREATH:
After Georgia McLain's father dies in prison, she practically dedicates her life to proving his innocence; she is determined to get her hands on the dossier of Gen. Arthur Duggin, certain that it will contain evidence necessary to clear her father's name. Her search for crucial information has taken her many places, most recently a jail cell. After her brother, Finn, bails her out of her most recent bind, they stop at a diner where their day goes from bad to worst when they find themselves in a middle of a deliberate hostage situation. The hostage taker, one Charlie Casto, is demanding that Georgia attend an auction of Gen Duggin's mementos and steal the dossier. Georgia must return to the diner with the dossier within three days in order for her brother and the other hostages to stay alive. The Smithson Group's Harry van Zandt happens to be in the diner and is ordered to go with Georgia to retrieve the dossier. What Casto and Georgia do not know is that Harry is after the elusive dossier as well. Georgia is an independent woman who is not pleased at having Harry forced upon her, even if he is the most gorgeous man she has ever laid eyes on. Harry, on the other hand, is quietly accepting of his role in attending the auction with Georgia, seeming almost eager to help her out. He soon realizes that Georgia is a very intelligent woman, with a biting wit and his interest in her quickly goes beyond the retrieval of the General's file. Georgia is thankful for Harry's help and over the course of their three days together, finds herself falling hard for this man who is unlike any other man she knows. The chemistry between Georgia and Harry is intensely passionate from the start, and their simply being together is enough to spark fiery emotion. Their intricate plan to get the General's file as well as the players involved are excellently and cleverly written. Alison Kent is quickly becoming the master at writing action-filled romance, or is that romance-filled action? Either way, she knows how to wrap suspense, action, and scorching romance into a tidy package, complete with characters that are always intelligent, loyal, and wonderfully capable of making you wish for more when you turn that last page.

Below is a link to DEEP BREATH at - do yourself a favor and order your own copy - then you'll be able to let out that deep breath with a big sigh of relief that you will soon have an excellent book in your hands!

We Be Blogging

I guess it's official - I'm a blogger. After having this spot reserved since October '05, I've gone and done it! I'm sure this won't be a place that people will flock to on a daily basis, but I hope that at least a handful will enjoy it! I have two online friends who support me greatly and I have to give them quick mention. Judy Flohr has become a cherished friend whose daily contact I would be lost without; she is always encouraging and positive, and her biting wit never fails to bring a smile. Stacy Ahlgren encouraged me to do a blog, probably because she knows mine could never live up to the radiant beauty of hers! Don't worry Stacy, you have nothing to worry about, this blog will remain plain and simple, just like me! Check out Stacy's blog - it's stunning!

I hope some of you will stop back - I will eventually be posting more book reviews and thoughts about some of my favorite authors, friends and causes - probably a word or two about some television shows that I enjoy will get squeezed in on occasion. Speaking of which, did anyone see Ace get voted off last night? I admit he wasn't the strongest singer in the competition, but man, I could watch him simply stand there and smile, all the while reminding myself that yes, I am old enough to be his mother. Sigh.

Monday, April 17, 2006

New Lori Foster - available now!

I have to make my very first "author" post about Lori Foster ( Lori has effortlessly worked her way into my heart and I consider her a very dear friend. Her latest release, WHEN GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO BAD BOYS, includes her story, "Playing Doctor." Below is my review of this book as well as a link to Amazon where you can get your very own copy!

PLAYING DOCTOR by Lori Foster - When Dr. Axel Dean sees Libby Preston working for the caterer at a hospital dinner party, he sets out to have her. Libby is equally interested in Axel, and holds nothing back when they meet in a secluded section of the garden; until Axel finds out that she is totally inexperienced and halts the action so suddenly he practically left skid marks. Libby is furious. When they meet again, Axel discovers that Libby has every intention of finding a lover and decides that he wants her first lover to be him. Little does he know that an inexperienced, younger woman could touch him so deeply. Libby was forced to be independent at an early age and allowing someone to love her and take care of her is something new to her; convincing Libby that she needs him may prove difficult. Axel and Libby are adorable characters, and his tenderness towards her, given her inexperience, is especially moving. LADY OF THE LAKE by Erin McCarthy - Violet Caruthers thought being accidentally dumped overboard from her boyfriend's boat was bad; things went from bad to worse when neither he nor any of his friends even realized that she was missing. Thankfully, Dylan Diaz comes along in his boat and saves her life. Despite their limited time together, Dylan wants nothing more than to make love to Violet. He thinks that her so-called boyfriend is an idiot for not appreciating her or recognizing the wonderful woman she is. Violet agrees to sleep with Dylan, but she has her own reasons; she doesn't think that she needs Dylan to have a continuing part in her life to be happy. Dylan wants a lifetime with Violet, but it isn't going to be easy convincing her that his feelings for her are true. Readers will be cheering for Violet and Dylan from the time he pulls her out of the water. HARDHATS AND SILK STOCKINGS by HelenKay Dimon - Contractor Hannah Bridges is a woman working in a man's world; having to remain hardnosed so no one will try to take advantage of her femininity. Whit Thomas wants Hannah so badly but anytime he attempts to get close to her, sparks practically fly off of the insults she hurls at him. When Whit can't take anymore, he tricks her into spending time with him, determined to prove to her that there is great chemistry between them. Unfortunately his trickery results in a hurtful misunderstanding and there is even more distance between him and Hannah than before. Hannah and Whit may be total opposites, but they are cleverly and satisfactorily brought together in this wonderful story. This is a wonderful anthology that provides a range of entertainment, from romance that is lighthearted and fun to passions that are scorching, yet tender.

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3!!

Well, here goes nothing. This is my very first blog. I'm anxious to learn how to do this proficiently so I can use it as intended, to post book reviews, general commentary and reports on what is going on in my life, such as it is!