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Good evening, ladies!  The winner of Catherine Mann's PROTECTOR and the autographed copy of LOVE BITES is Fedora!  Congrats, Fedora! Please contact me at with your mailing address so I can get your books in the mail! 

Because I never heard from Jessika about her win of Regina Hart's FAST BREAK or SMOOTH PLAY, I've chosen a new winner and it's Kris A.!  Please contact me at with your email address and whether you want a Nook or Kindle version of FAST BREAK or SMOOTH PLAY.

Thanks to everyone who took time to check out these very talented authors and for your wonderful comments!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Catherine Mann's PROTECTOR - with a fun giveaway!

Author Catherine Mann has been a long-time favorite of many romance readers, especially those who (like me!) love romantic suspense.  Her Dark Ops series has had hit after hit and I was fortunate enough to get PROTECTOR for Romance Junkies review.  I'm itching to get my hands on UNDER FIRE and GUARDIAN, the subsequent two books in the series. I was able to meet Catherine Mann last fall at the COFW booksigning in Columbus. My dear friend Judy came especially to see Cathy (they're old friends and Judy can call her Cathy) - so the evening was a win-win for me to see Judy and meet Catherine at the same time! She's a sweetheart and I was pleased to have met her. Check out the blurb and review for PROTECTOR below, then read on for the giveaway - I have two books up for grabs for one lucky reader here.

The blurb:
After barely surviving enemy torture, Captain Chuck Tanaka doesn’t trust himself to do more than ride a desk—but new orders leave him no choice. Assigned to the investigation of a mob boss whose luxury cruise ship is reportedly a hub for terrorist activity, Tanaka goes undercover. His target: JoLynn Taylor, the mob boss’s daughter.
As a child, JoLynn saw her beloved uncle murdered. Since then, she’s stayed far away from her father’s crooked empire. But when he falls ill, she returns, hoping to mend the gap between them. Instead, she finds herself on the run, one step ahead of unknown enemies. The only thing keeping her alive is the man she knows as Charles Tomas, the only man she’s ever been able to trust.
Unfortunately, he’s also the man determined to destroy her family…

My (4 blue ribbon) Romance Junkies review:

How do you like your romantic suspense? If you prefer sensual, intelligent, and clever characters and an abundance of exciting action, PROTECTOR is the story for you. Author Catherine Mann knows her way around a thrilling romantic suspense and PROTECTOR is no exception.

Dark Ops Squadron’s Chuck Tanaka is hesitant about going back on assignment, after being captured and tortured on his last mission, nearly costing his life. His technical skills are much-needed on this operation and he eventually agrees. Keeping an eye on a beautiful woman aboard her father’s cruise ship shouldn’t be too difficult, right? Taking an undercover job as a blackjack dealer, Chuck finds himself in close contact with JoLynn Taylor. Before long, hidden surveillance is not enough and it becomes obvious that someone is after JoLynn. Her life is in serious jeopardy unless Chuck can keep her safe as they go on the run.

JoLynn has been away from her father for several years. Having witnessed her beloved uncle’s execution as a child, she has no desire to be near her father and his continuing mob lifestyle. Her interest in Chuck is instantaneous and intense. After her life is repeatedly threatened and she surprisingly learns his true identity, there isn’t time for much more than keeping themselves alive.

Catherine Mann has the alpha man down pat. She never fails to provide readers with capable, competent characters, an interesting storyline, and enough action to keep the story moving. A secondary romance adds even more richness to the reading experience. PROTECTOR is a wonderfully exciting book and I urge anyone who enjoys romantic suspense to check it out.

Now for the giveaway!  I will give one lucky reader my review copy of PROTECTOR together with a fully autographed print copy of LOVE BITES, the anthology of this year's Lori Foster/Duffy Brown Reader-Author Get Together in West Chester, Ohio. This book was available in print at this event, although it is available at online bookstores as an ebook.  All proceeds from this book benefit the Animal Adoption Foundation, a no-kill shelter located in Hamilton, Ohio.  

To be entered simply leave a comment - you choose the subject! You can talk about Catherine Mann's Dark Ops series, her yummy Harlequin Desires, her love of animals, or what you're doing to stay cool this summer! (We're sweltering here in Ohio right now.)  Tell a friend who mentions your name in their comment and I'll enter both of you an extra time.  So get busy, leave those comments, and give your friends a little nudge to stop by!  I'll draw the winner on Monday, July 23rd. A friendly reminder - if you want to post your email addy with your comment, that will go far in simplifying things if you're the winner.  If you don't want to leave your email addy, be sure to stop back to see if you've won.
Thanks for checking out PROTECTOR!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The winner!

Jessika Sartin, come on down!  You're the winner of book one or two in Regina Hart's Brooklyn Monarchs series.  Please email me at with your book choice as well as whether you prefer the Kindle or Nook version. 

If I don't hear from Jessika by Friday, 7/20, I'll draw a new winner.

Thanks to everyone who commented - more contests coming up, so be sure to stop back!  Have a great day!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

KEEPING SCORE, the latest from Regina Hart - there's a giveaway!

Author Regina Hart has a new release, the latest in her Brooklyn Monarchs series, and was kind enough to provide me with a review copy.  KEEPING SCORE is the third book in this series, and comes with a strong recommendation from me to take a look at it!  Check out Ms. Hart's website for excerpts and ordering information.

A blurb:
To be a pro b-ball champion takes endless drive and passion. But being a winner on the court can often mean losing off the court...
He’s an NBA legend, considered the best of the best. Now veteran player Warrick Evans is determined to lead his team all the way to the championship. It’s his last shot before he retires, but the media can’t get enough of his story — and all the attention is turning his teammates against him, not to mention his wife.
Dr. Marilyn Devry-Evans has always stood by her man, even when it meant standing in his shadow. Now she wants to focus on her own career and on scoring her own dream job. But with the spotlight bearing down on them, Marilyn is reaching her breaking point. Especially when a secret comes to light — one that could destroy not only her career, but her marriage.

My review:
Dr. Marilyn DeVry-Evans wants little more than a partnership in the prestigious Linden Boulevard Women’s Health Clinic, but has concerns because the partners overseeing her application seem more interested in her wealthy family than what she personally could bring to the practice.  They too have concerns, mostly about Mary’s husband, professional basketball player Warrick “Rick” Evans, and the rumors about his being a bad boy sports image. Mary has moved out of their marital home in an attempt to see their relationship in a different light. She feels that the clinic’s concerns are more than a little silly, and her current position at the hospital being in jeopardy is disconcerting, but she’s trying to please everyone, even at the risk of not being true to herself.

Rick Evans is determined to bring home a championship for the Brooklyn Monarch fans, and his greatest wish is for his wife to be by his side.  Frustrated by their separation and the seemingly  ridiculous reasons behind it, he sometimes feels like he’s banging his head against the wall to get Mary to see past the frivolous accusations and rumors. He loves Mary more than life itself and will do whatever it takes to get their marriage back on solid ground.

Regina Hart gives romance readers a feel-good story that includes the realities of what some might consider to be the good life.  Mary’s confusion over the worrisome opinions of her parents, her employer, and a prospective employer is well-written, even if I did want to shake her on occasion to make her see what a wonderful man she has in her husband. Rick’s patience with Mary while she takes time to put her life into perspective is sweet and proves just how strong his love and devotion are.  I encourage romance readers, whether you prefer contemporary or sports romance, to take a look at Regina Hart’s Brooklyn Monarch’s series.

I’ll give a Kindle or Nook version, winner’s choice, of the first or second book in this series, FAST BREAK or SMOOTH PLAY, to one commenter here.  Are you familiar with Regina Hart or the work of her alter ego, Patricia Sargeant?  If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Patricia, you know that she is one of the kindest, sweetest women that God gave breath. I’ve adored her for years. But consider yourself warned: this sweet, soft-spoken woman is a ruthless sports fanatic who is fiercely loyal to and strongly opinionated about her favorite teams and players!  I’ll draw the winner on Monday, July 16th. Thanks for checking out KEEPING SCORE!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We have a winner!

And it's Lisa!  Congratulations, Lisa!  Thanks to everyone who commented.  I'm a long-time Roxanne St. Claire fan and the adoration continues with this new series - I hope you'll all give it a try! 

Another review and giveaway for Regina Hart (Patricia Sargeant) coming up, hopefully later today.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

BAREFOOT IN THE SAND by Roxanne St. Claire

I have to admit that I was hesitantly anticipating Roxanne St. Claire's new series. I adored each and every one of her romantic suspense novels, devouring them as soon as they were out. I didn't doubt that Ms. St. Claire's writing would be brilliant because she is a master at storytelling, but I loved her romantic suspense so much that I wasn't excited about the switch to contemporaries. I was so wrong to not be excited. BAREFOOT IN THE SAND is a wonderfully written book and I know that romance readers will be as pleased as I was and will be anticipating the next book in the series, BAREFOOT IN THE RAIN, coming at the end of October, 2012.

Roxanne St. Claire's comments on this new series:
I’m so excited to be writing “contemps” again -- and just overjoyed to introduce my readers to the warm and wonderful world of Barefoot Bay. Set on the fictional island of Mimosa Key, this enclave is home to a whole new set of characters who will find heartache and hope in every story. Centered around four women who’ve been friends since college, each book is first and foremost a love story, but the characters have to deal with more than broken hearts and sexy heroes. They have to overcome universal challenges that all women face...with humor, grace, friendship, and no small amount of wine.
With a new Barefoot Bay book scheduled to release every six months for the next two years, I hope to treat my loyal fans to a fresh cast of unforgettable characters and capture new readers who love to return to a community that feels rich and real.
I hope you love Lacey, Jocelyn, Zoe, and Tessa -- and the men who steal their hearts, touch their souls, and change their lives forever.

My Romance Junkies review:
With BAREFOOT IN THE SAND, Roxanne St. Claire gives readers the first taste of an exciting new contemporary series.

When Lacey Armstrong loses everything she owns to a hurricane, it goes without saying that she is thankful for the sheer determination that kept her and her daughter alive.  She excitedly decides to make a fresh new start by building a B&B where her family home once stood.  She has a teen daughter to raise, an ex-husband to fend off, three long-time friends to confide in, and an architect to resist. When Clay Walker designs a retreat for Lacey, she is stunned to see that his visions are perfect for her beach property. When their attraction intensifies and Clay’s secrets are exposed, Lacey needs to make decisions that could drastically affect her future.
Architect Clay Walker recognizes a prime opportunity when he sees it. When Lacey Armstrong needs an architect, he’s excited to show her his ideas. Clay has some secrets and obstacles of his own and Lacey quite possible holds his success or failure in her hands. Given his attraction to Lacey, despite her concerns about being a handful of years older than him, he’s determined to convince local officials to approve her building plans. Romantic competition in the form of Lacey’s ex-husband may prove difficult as she becomes increasingly agitated by all of the decisions she’s confronted with.
Roxanne St. Claire has penned a uniquely different romance in BAREFOOT IN THE SAND. This new series from an author best known for her popular romantic suspense novels, takes readers in a delightfully different direction with a sweetly sensual contemporary flare. Lacey and Clay are charming and their relationship is fresh and potent and while their age difference is discussed and understood, it isn’t harped on continuously. I typically don’t care for the “older woman” storyline, but because of the way it was written, it wasn’t a negative for me. Secondary characters play a crucial role in this book and I’m looking forward to their stories in the future. I hope all readers, especially Ms. St. Claire’s most loyal who may be like me and dislike change, will give this new series a chance because there will be no disappointments.

Of course there's a giveaway! I'll give a Kindle copy of BAREFOOT IN THE SAND to one lucky winner, to get you started on the series. Just leave a comment about Ms. St. Claire's books you've read or are looking forward to reading. I'll draw a winner on Monday, July 9th.
Thanks for taking the time to check it out!