Monday, June 30, 2008

Kay's winner - and a new winner for Lisa's prize!

The winner of Kay's HIS SON'S TEACHER is blythespirit - yay! Congratulations! Please email me at by Thursday evening. If I don't hear from you by then I'll draw a new name.

Because I haven't heard from brenda, one of the winners of Lisa Renee Jones' prize package from last Friday, I've drawn a new name - cynthya! I'll give Cynthya until Thursday to contact me as well.

I hope everyone is having a great week! We're on vacation this week, but taking several "day" trips rather than a week-long vacation.


Friday, June 27, 2008

LISA RENEE JONES' contest winners!

Lisa F. and Brenda - Congratulations! I have Lisa's address, but will need your mailing information, Brenda - please email me at

Thank you all for entering this contest - I loved reading your comments about Lisa's books. Special thanks to Lisa for providing these great prizes!

Don't forget the Kay Stockham contest - it will run until Monday evening (6/30).

Have a terrific weekend!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, Janice Maynard's latest

Janice Maynard (check out her updated website!) has a new book, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, releasing in a couple of days - readers are going to love it! Hannah and Morgan are brilliantly written and Janice pulls you into their story from page one.
A blurb:
A good marriage is based on love, commitment, and enough hot sex to last a lifetime…Hannah loves Morgan enough to become his fiancĂ©e, but that doesn’t mean she wants to get married. In her experience, everything goes downhill after you say “I do”—and it all starts in the bedroom. For Morgan, marriage isn’t the end, it’s the beginning, and he’s aching to get started.They find the perfect compromise with a new form of counseling—premarital sex therapy. Each private session brings them closer together, revealing the quirky, kinky sides of their deepest desires. As the role-playing sessions heat up, Hannah discovers that marriage might be the sexiest game of all.

Check out an excerpt here - warning: it's a great teaser!

My review:
At the beginning of this book, Morgan Webber spies Hannah Quarles making a hasty exit from a church to her car and then back into the church; he's undeniably curious. When he sees how stunning she is, he's helpless against the urge to follow her back into the church. Imagine his relief when he finds that she's not the bride in the ceremony taking place, but rather standing up with an elderly couple who is getting married. After the ceremony the church empties and Morgan and Hannah share a heated kiss before she abuptly leaves the chuch again, leaving Morgan desperate to discover her identity.
The story then picks up with Morgan and Hannah in a romantic relationship, and although Morgan has proposed marriage and given her a breathtaking engagement ring, Hannah hesitates to set a wedding date. Morgan is a patient man, but he loves Hannah and wants her to be his wife so badly that he can't help but press just a little. When he presents her with a copy of Bride magazine and she stumbles upon an interesting article about pre-marital sex counseling and wants to investigate the possibilities, he's not in a position to refuse. Hannah comes by her fear of commitment quite honestly, having a father who abandoned her and her mother shortly after Hannah's birth, and a mother who was seriously neglectful. Morgan is quick to use his own parents as an example of a successful marriage, as they've been happily married for thirty-eight years.
Hannah and Morgan take their counseling sessions very seriously and find the sex counseling especially interesting, being nudged into scenarios that they would never have considered on their own. When Hannah still cannot bring herself to set a date, Morgan is frustrated, but after Hannah's parents make their way back into her life, Morgan begins to understand the reasons behind her hesitation.
Just when Hannah decides to give herself, body and soul, to Morgan, fully trusting in his love for her and his promise to love her forever, he has a revelation of his own and doubts begin to take shape in his mind. Needless to say, Hannah is bombarded with emotions ranging from total despair to white-hot anger and she begins to wonder what it will take to bring Morgan back to her. Neither could have anticipated the turn of events about to take place, or the impact not only on them, but on those who love them most.
Janice Maynard has done it again. She's written a love story that goes above and beyond but doesn't quite fit the norm. She has written her heroine as the one with emotional baggage that won't allow her to proceed along the expected course of engagement, something you would normally associate with the male character. I would clarify that Hannah's "issues" aren't silly or frivolous excuses - anyone would have doubtful hesitations if they shared her painful past. Morgan is the stuff of every woman's romantic dreams. He's romantic, tender, and most definitely was present and attentive the day they gave lessons as to the way around a woman's pleasure. The secondary characters and their romantic ups, downs and heartaches are an integral part of Hannah and Morgan's tale and serve as a wonderful filler for their story to wrap around. I give this book the highest of recommendations - from the gorgeous cover to the very last page, it is excellent.

Okay, you've had a blurb, an excerpt and a review - the only thing left is to order a copy! Here's a link to Amazon to help you out!
Thanks so much, Janice, for allowing me to review BY APPOINTMENT ONLY for you - I seriously loved it and can only hope that others will take my advice and get their hands on it!
Next up will be a review for LuAnn McLane's latest, A LITTLE LESS TALK AND A LOT MORE ACTION - I just know it's going to be fun!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

THE POWER OF LOVE - a new winner

Ok, I didn't hear from Robin S. - my new winner is Barb V.! Congrats, Barb! I have your mailing info, so I'll get this in the mail to you tomorrow!

Thanks again everyone who entered. Look for a review for Janice Maynard's BY APPOINTMENT ONLY later tonight or tomorrow. After that I'm chatting about LuAnn McLane's A LITTLE LESS TALK AND A LOT MORE ACTION!

HIS SON'S TEACHER by Kay Stockham - and there's a contest!

Kay Stockham's upcoming (July 8) release, HIS SON’S TEACHER, tells the sweet story of Jennifer Rose, a teacher whose self-confidence has taken a serious blow after an unexpected divorce, and Nick Tulane, a single father whose self-made success has not guaranteed him a carefree existence.
Here's a little blurb:
Nick Tulane ordinarily won't admit weakness—in himself or in those he loves. But when he learns his son is about to fail in school, the single father is desperate to find a tutor. And Jennifer Rose is perfect.
In fact, Jen might be too perfect. Nick's starting to fall for the attractive teacher, and he can't let that happen. Because opening up to Jen means sharing the secret that has always made him feel like an outsider in his own family. Still, with his son showing signs of following in his footsteps, Nick can't keep the truth hidden. But once she knows, will Jen accept him…weakness and all?
My review:
Jennifer has suffered the ultimate betrayal at the hands of her self-centered, cheating ex-husband. Having gained weight after her divorce, she now lets her weight define who she is and despite being an incredibly intelligent, kind-hearted young woman, her self-esteem has hit rock bottom. When her best friend tells her about local gym owner Nick Tulane, who needs a summer tutor for his failing son Matt, she decides to approach him with a business proposition – she’ll tutor his son in exchange for time with a personal training at his gym in a desperate attempt to get herself back in shape. Jen’s friend failed to mention that Nick is absolutely gorgeous and she finds herself embarrassed and intimidated just being with him, especially when it becomes clear that he intends to be her personal trainer. Jen soon finds herself falling for Nick and Matt, but as she delves deeper into Matt’s learning issues, she finds that the problem runs much deeper than she originally thought and it appears that Nick considers the true heart of the matter to be strictly off limits.
Nick accepts Jen’s offer without hesitation and is relieved to know that Matt will soon be back on track with his studies. He finds Jen to be a caring, compassionate young woman and while she does have a few pounds to lose, she’s nowhere near as overweight as she thinks she is. He has his work cut out for him in convincing her that she’s worthy and deserves nothing less than complete happiness. What Jen doesn’t know is that Nick has a secret. A secret that he has allowed to drive a wedge between him and his family for several years. When Jen discovers the truth and a serious misunderstanding follows, Nick feels betrayed and any considerations for a future together appear to be completely destroyed.
Kay Stockham always includes real life lessons in her books. HIS SON’S TEACHER delves into weight loss/fitness issues and realistically addresses the painful emotions and insecurities that often go hand in hand with being overweight. Without giving away too much, I’ll add that reading/learning disabilities are also an important part of the storyline and readers will find themselves interestingly informed about a subject they’ve likely not given much thought to. Relationships between friends and within families, complete with imperfections, always play a crucial role in Kay’s books and HIS SON’S TEACHER is no exception. I highly recommend this book to all romance readers who enjoy a sweet story with plenty of sizzling passion, and characters that are far from flawless.
Kay has kindly given me an autographed copy of HIS SON’S TEACHER for a giveaway here! Thanks so much, Kay! I’ll draw one name from those who post here in, let’s say five days, or Monday, June 30, in the evening.
Thanks for checking this one out! Be sure to stop by Kay's site for an excerpt and purchasing information - and don't forget that series romance have a short shelf life, so act quickly.

Monday, June 23, 2008


I had Kelsey draw a winning name for me - that name was Robin S.! Congratulations, Robin! I'll give Robin until Wednesday evening to contact me at with her mailing info. If I don't hear from her by 9 or so I'll draw a new name. Thank you all for playing! I hope you'll check out THE POWER OF LOVE for yourself - it's a great book and 100% of the proceeds go for a good cause.

Laurie, the winner of AT RISK by Alison Kent, please contact me with your mailing information, ok? I know you've won here once some time ago but I no longer have your info. Thanks!

BEAST OF DARKNESS, the latest from Lisa Renee Jones - and an exciting contest!!

Lisa Renee Jones has a new release, the next in her Knights of White series - BEAST OF DARKNESS - available now and it's a wonderful continuation in excellent series.

Here's a blurb:
Evil comes out of Nowhere…
Sarah is a mortal who hears the voices of spirits. Driven by tragedy, she chases sightings, investigating the supernatural. Called to Nowhere, Texas, she finds not ghosts, but terrible danger…and demons.
A soldier in the war between Good and Evil, Max is one of the oldest demons, stained by centuries of darkness, fighting to keep others safe without hope for himself.
Betrayal and loss haunt both of them, keeping them from finding peace. And yet, to save an entire town, Max and Sarah must do the impossible: let go of the past, and find a future with each other.

Love is their only weapon. Nowhere is the battleground.
This is their last chance.

My review:
Sarah Meyers, successful investigator of paranormal events, has been called to Nowhere, Texas by the Sheriff to investigate frighteningly bizarre paranormal activities. Sarah and her team arrive in Nowhere and the activities continue, escalating in severity with each occurrence. Sarah's parents were killed by a friend who had been possessed by a demon and she's been on a mission against demons since. When she meets Max for the first time, she doesn't understand why she feels an immediate and trusting attraction to Max, but given the circumstances they're faced with, it's a relief to have him by her side. Just when things go from bad to worse in this quiet little town, Sarah puts her complete trust in Max, only to find he isn't who she thinks he is.

Max is one of the Knights of White, an elite group of soldiers who fearlessly battle the Darkland Beasts, while fighting to quiet the beasts that are a part of each and every one of them. When Max kills a human in the course of saving the life of the mate of a fellow Knight, he knows that punishment will quickly be meted out and that it would be severe. Imagine his surprise when he finds himself in the middle of Nowhere, Texas to fight a demon the likes of which he's never seen. Punishment takes on an entirely new meaning when Max has to keep his hands off of Sarah, the beautiful woman that he has been teamed up with, especially after he comes to the conclusion that she just might be his mate. When Max and Sarah finally give in to the irresistible heat between them, she glimpses the true beast within him. Max is left with no choice but to share the story behind his very being, but knowing how reluctant Sarah is to trust, he fears it may be too much for her to handle.

Max is without a doubt one of the most damaged characters I've ever read. Of course, Sarah doesn't come into this story with a clean slate either, she has wounds of her own that need a patiently gentle touch. When the two come together, rather than being overwhelmed with issues, each serves as a balm to the other's tortured soul, healing while bringing unexpected emotions to the surface. Lisa Renee Jones has been blessed with a never ending imagination; her creativity in writing this series is outstanding. The two previous books in this series, THE BEAST WITHIN and THE BEAST OF DESIRE are equally wonderful and serve well to set up the story. While I think readers could read BEAST OF DARKNESS without having read the prior works, my personal opinion is that they would be better served to read them in order.

Please check out BEAST OF DARKNESS - I'm confident that you won't regret it! But don't wait too long as series romances have a limited shelf life.
Now, for the contest. Lisa (being one of the most generous authors I've ever known -seriously) has provided me with several books and other goodies for give away here. I'm putting them together as two prizes: Each prize will contain one copy of HARD AND FAST, one copy of BEAST OF DESIRE and a copy of BEAST OF DARKNESS, together with some other author goodies. I typically run very simple contests but you'll have to do a little bit of work this time. Just a tidge, I promise. Each entry has to provide the titles of four of Lisa's books, previous or upcoming releases, it doesn't matter (but not the three I've named here, please) - post here to enter. Feel free to chat about any of Lisa's books that you've read or look forward to reading. I'll lend a hand - go to Lisa's website and take a look around. I'll draw the names of two winners (US/Canada addresses only, please) on Friday evening (6/27).

Thank you Lisa for asking me to review BEAST OF DARKNESS - and for your incredible generosity to the readers here.


Sunday, June 22, 2008


of a copy of AT RISK by Alison Kent is Laurie! Congratulations! Email me at with your mailing information. If I don't hear from Laurie by Wednesday evening (6/25) I'll draw a new name.
For all who didn't win - you can buy this book at WalMart for under $5 - so what are you waiting for? Go buy a copy! I plan to do giveaways for the remaining WalMart re-releases in this series, so keep an eye out for those in the future.
Be sure to check out Alison's website - she has lots going on in 2008 and you won't want to miss any of it!
Thanks to everyone who entered the contest!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

AT RISK - (Sort of) new from Alison Kent! I have a copy to give away!

Alison Kent's SG-5 series is being reissued, available only at WalMart retail stores. The first, AT RISK, is a re-release of THE BANE AFFAIR. To celebrate what is, in my opinion, one of the best series ever, I'm offering a copy of AT RISK for giveaway. Read on!
Bad boys. Good spies. Unforgettable lovers.
One of the Smithson Group’s elite force, Christian Bane is also the walking wounded, haunted by his past. Something about being betrayed by a woman then left to die in a Thai prison by the notorious crime syndicate Spectra IT gives a guy demons. But Christian has his orders: Pose as Spectra boss Peter Deacon. Going deep undercover as the slick womanizer will be tough for Christian. Getting cozy with a beautiful suspect, Natasha Gaudet, to get information won’t be. But the closer he gets to Natasha, the harder it gets to deceive her. Now, with Spectra closing in, Christian's best chance for survival is to confront his demons and trust the only one he can . . . Natasha.

My (Sensual Romance Reviews) review of The Bane Affair from September '04:
"Romantic suspense with intense, intelligent characters."
Christian Bane, an agent with the Smithson Group, impersonates Peter Deacon in order to infiltrate the inner workings of Dr. Wickham Bow's computer laboratory and to free kidnapped computer science guru Woodrow Jinks. Included under this investigation is Natasha Gaudet, Dr. Bow's goddaughter who acts as his personal assistant. The facts become increasingly unclear once Christian discovers that Dr. Jinks is the invited guest of Dr. Bow and that his residency at Dr. Bow's home is completely voluntary. Christian begins to doubt Natasha's involvement with her godfather's operation almost immediately.
Natasha is drawn to Peter Deacon and his undeniable maleness from their first meeting. She tries to resist his charming persuasiveness although he seems determined to possess her completely. Christian was emotionally and physically damaged, having survived an unimaginable betrayal at the hands of the very syndicate that the Smithson Group had set out to take apart -- The same group that Dr. Bow was now connected with. Christian finds it increasingly difficult to deceive Natasha about his identity. His desire for her is real enough without pretending to be the self-centered, womanizing Peter Deacon.
When Natasha discovers the betrayal of the man closest to her and the lies of another whom she was falling in love with, she discovers unknown strength to overcome the crushing pain. Ms. Kent makes the reader question whether Natasha will find it within herself to forgive Christian and whether Christian can put past cruelties behind him and allow himself to experience a loving relationship. Can they both survive the crazed intentions of the monster of a man who is determined to destroy them?
I cannot give this book a high enough recommendation for both old and new Alison Kent fans. The attention to detail is outstanding and the manner in which Alison Kent describes sights, sounds, tastes and smells draws you right into the story. She always evokes a full range of emotions; her love scenes are no holds barred with a straightforward sensuousness that is always a pleasure to read. If you enjoy a book that is rich with intense, intelligent characters, intrigue and up to the minute technology, then this book is just the ticket. I greatly anticipate the upcoming four books in this series. Undoubtedly, this is Alison Kent at her very best.
Wow - you know what? I still feel as strongly about Alison Kent's work now as I did then! The contest? I have one copy of AT RISK - I'll draw a name from all who post here and indicate that they are interested in winning (US/Canada addresses only, please). Feel free to add some chatter about Alison's books - your fave, most anticipated, etc. I'll draw a winner sometime in the evening on Sunday (6/22). The only bad thing about this copy is that the employee responsible for the book aisle at "my" WalMart chose to place the price tag directly over the face of the guy on the cover - I'll let the winner remove/not remove the tag as they choose - I don't want to be responsible for damaging that face!
As always, thanks for stopping by - and good luck, all!

Monday, June 16, 2008

THE POWER OF LOVE - a contest

THE POWER OF LOVE is a collection of love stories written without compensation, all proceeds going to charity.
Thirteen authors donated a great deal of time, effort and talent in the making of this book. They are: Lori Foster, Erin McCarthy, Toni Blake, Dianne Castell, Karen Kelley, Rosemary Laurey, Janice Maynard, LuAnn McLane, Lucy Monroe, Patricia Sargeant, Kay Stockham and J.C. Wilder - maybe you'll take a minute to check out their other work.
When I was at the Lori Foster/Dianne Castell get together in Cincinnati the weekend before last, I bought a copy of THE POWER OF LOVE and had it signed by all of the authors who were at the event - it's autographed by all but three of the contributing authors. If you're interested in this book, leave a comment here. Send a friend and if they mention your name they'll be entered and you'll get another entry for each friend who mentions you. I'll draw a winning name in one week - next Monday evening. The winner will have three days to contact me at, after which time I'll draw another name. U.S./Canada addresses only, please.
As always, thanks for stopping!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

MASTER OF SURRENDER - coming soon from Karin Tabke

Karin Tabke has a new release available! She was kind enough to send me an ARC of MASTER OF SURRENDER for review. As hard as it is to believe, this is Karin's first historical. Known for her steamy law enforcement contemporaries, she's going to take the historical romance community by storm with this one.

The year is 1066. William, bastard Duke of Normandy, has claimed the English throne by right of conquest. To quell the Saxon unrest, William sends out his most trusted knights to secure the land. One of those knights is his cousin, Sir Rohan de Luc, known far and wide for his bloody deeds as The Black Sword. . .
Bold and courageous, Saxon maiden Isabel of Alethorpe is the only one left to protect the people of the manor and its lands. When Rohan de Luc seizes Alethorpe, he offers to spare the life of Isabel's young squire in exchange for her willing gift of the charms of her body. Betrothed to another, she vows to that while he may take her maidenhead, her heart will remain her own. But even as her lips say no, Isabel's traitorous body is awakened to desire by the seductive attentions of this potent invader. Can she remain true to her own people, or will Sir Rohan's skilled touch capture her unwilling heart as surely as his prowess with his sword captured her father's lands?

Click here for an excerpt that will tempt and tease.
My review:
In 1066, Rohan de Luc is given the Saxon-owned keep, Alethorpe, by William the Conquerer. When Rohan arrives to take control, his strongest foe is the beautiful Lady Isabel, daughter of the previous owner who along with his son were murdered during a brutal battle. Isabel stands up for her people fearlessly, despite the incredible size and number of the powerful Normans. Isabel tries her hardest to be strong against Rohan's determined attempts at seduction. No easy task when she finds herself undeniably attracted to him. Rohan remains firm in his desire to conquer Isabel, while repeatedly finding himself deeply admiring her fortitude. When the two finally begin to see eye to eye and become increasingly intimate, they're met with another evil in the form of Rohan's heartless brother, who is set on Rohan's total destruction. Isabel's people are surprised at Rohan's fair treatment of them and his intention to provide for and protect them. Eventually Isabel can no longer fight her love for Rohan, only to learn that he is the one who killed her father. Suddenly overwhelmed by the heartache of the past few weeks, Isabel practically loses the will to live.
This book, while downright gruesome at times, is an excellently written historical (medieval) and I give it the highest of recommendations. Rohan and Isabel butt heads constantly, but their disagreements never come across as juvenile or immature. and don't grate on the nerves. Their passion for one another, despite their differences, is strong and true. Rohan's respect for Isabel's innocence and her desire to maintain it is realistic and not the least bit ridiculous or silly.
Can't resist? Click here to order your own copy.
I would point out that Karin has a new contemporary, JADED, and I hope you'll take a minute to take a look. It is available for purchase now.
Thank you, Karin, for requesting that I review MASTER OF SURRENDER - I truly appreciate the opportunity.
Thanks, everyone, for checking this excellent book out!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

GRADUATION '08 - part two

Daughter #1 + Graduation #2 = An incredibly proud, crying Mom!
Lindsay graduated from Ohio University this afternoon with a Bachelor's Degree from the College of Arts and Sciences. We couldn't be more proud. I was actually very proud of myself for keeping it together - until we saw Lindsay outside after commencement, and then I turned into a blubbering mess. There were 1,700 graduates at the afternoon commencement, close to that many at the morning ceremony, two ceremonies yesterday and at least two last weekend - that makes for a lot of kids looking for jobs, doesn't it? Lunch after at Miller's Chicken - a little hole in the wall restaurant in Athens that has some of the best fried chicken in the world - made for a perfect day. Lindsay will be home for the summer while deciding what's next.
I hope everyone has a great weekend and that Father's Day, for those of you with someone who celebrates it, is relaxing and special. We don't have any special plans for Father's Day, except that dinner will be Tim's request of spaghetti, salad, garlic bread and white cake with lemon frosting. His gift this year is a set of blown glass, glow in the dark mushrooms for the flower bed. He's the gardener at our house and we thought he would think they were fun. I've always joked that Lindsay can't leave our county without coming home with a new pair of shoes - Tim can't leave home without coming home with a plant or a flower. Hey, he could have worse habits, right? I'm not complaining.
Susan, the winner of Shiloh's book, has claimed her prize. I'll be making an announcement for the POWER OF LOVE contest soon, maybe even tomorrow. Also, my review of Karin Tabke's excellent historical should be posted tomorrow. Following that will be a review for BEAST OF DARKNESS by Lisa Renee Jones which will include a contest for multiple copies of BEAST OF DESIRE, the first book in this wonderful series.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


AND THE WINNER IS . . . SUSAN!! Congratulations! Please email me at with your mailing information and I'll get your book out early next week. If I don't hear from Susan by Wednesday evening, I'll draw another name. Please check back because I'll have a review up in the next couple of days for Karin Tabke's MASTER OF SURRENDER (I'm still sighing over this one) and my next contest will be for a copy of THE POWER OF LOVE, autographed by all but three of the authors!

We're off to southern Ohio tomorrow for Lindsay's graduation from Ohio University - I'm certain I'll be a human sprinkler by 2:30.


I'm pleased to have Shiloh Walker as a guest blogger today! Her latest release, THROUGH THE VEIL , is finally available! Keep reading and you'll find a fun interview with Lee/Lelia, Shi's heroine in THROUGH THE VEIL.
Shiloh and I will be popping in and out today, so free free to ask questions, chat about her books, or if you haven't read any of her work yet (and that's ok!), which books on her booklist do you find the most intriguing?
Let's read Shiloh's interview with Lee:
Shiloh: I’m running out of clever ideas. Well, for promo…different ways to talk about my book, Through the Veil
But I did an interview with Kalen, so figured hey…we need to do one for Lee, too.
Lee Ross/Lelia Rass
Lee-A graphic designer with serious sleep issues. She dreams of wars, monsters, and a sexy silver-eyed solider. She often questions her sanity.
Lelia-Warrior. With. She dreams of peace for her world. She always questions her sanity.
One woman. Two lives. Sanity isn’t the issue.
*G* Confused? Don’t feel bad. Lee’s confused me from the get-go.
Lee: Gee, thanks.
Shiloh: (smiles.) You’re welcome!
Lee: So exactly what am I doing here again?
Shiloh: Just answering questions.
Lee: (smirking) Questions like…lemme guess, does Kalen wear boxers or briefs?
Shiloh: (laughs) Nah. I already know that answer. No, lets skip the boxers or briefs question. I think the readers want to know more about these dreams you’ve had all your life.
Lee: So would all the specialists I went to. I don’t know, they are still really hard to explain. I never had normal dreams. Or at least not that I can remember. Even now that I understand what’s going on, the dreams don’t always make sense—I can’t always tell what was real, what wasn’t.
Shiloh: Do you ever wish that none of them were real? That this was just a fantasy you concocted?
Lee: No. (smiles and shakes her head.) If this was just a fantasy, I wouldn’t have Kalen.
Shiloh: And he’s worth everything you went for?
Lee: (grins) Yes. Every last thing.
Shiloh: Even the losses?
Lee: Yes.
Shiloh: So I guess that means you wouldn’t go back home, even if you could?
Lee: What do you think?
Shiloh: I think I’m glad for that, because otherwise, there wouldn’t have been much point to telling your story.
Lee: (laughs and rolls her eyes) I’m glad I could help ya out with that, then.
Shiloh: What’s life like now? Do you think you’ll ever have anything close to your old life?
Lee: (manages a wry smile) I don’t know. And I’m okay with that. Coming to grips with all of this, figuring out what’s been going on even when I tried to hide from it…well, this is my life. It always has been. Sometimes it seems like my so-called old life was nothing but a sham.
Shiloh: Why is Kalen so special to you? I mean, what makes him worth everything you went through?
Lee: Because he’s mine. He was always meant to be—and I’m his.
Shiloh: I asked Kalen this and he wouldn’t answer me. Don’t suppose you’d tell us anything about Morne, would you?
Lee: (squirming, she looks away) Why do you got to go and ask about him? (She starts to speak…stops with a sigh. Pushes her hand through her hair and tries again) Morne is…well, he’s Morne. He’s not all that easy to explain or answer questions about. He’s scary as hell. He’s…
Shiloh: Morne?
Lee: Yeah. (She laughs and shakes her head) People want to know about him, they just to need to meet him and decide for themselves.
Shiloh: You had to face some hard truths over the past few weeks—has it gotten any easier to deal with?
Lee: (snorting) Is it supposed to?
Shiloh: You’ve had some time to adjust to the things you can do. Are you any more comfortable with it?
Lee: (she blinks and gives me a look like I’m an idiot) Comfortable? Hell…what do YOU think? Would you be comfortable if you knew…uh…wait, I really shouldn’t talk about that yet, huh? Some people wouldn’t understand it.
Shiloh: (grinning) Good point. Besides if we tell everybody what’s going on, they may not read the book. They don’t read the book, I might not write another and then you may not meet a couple of people I’ve been thinking about.
Lee: What are you talking about?
Shiloh: (smiling brightly as I change the subject) Okay, people. That’s all we’ve got for today—
Lee: Oh, no you don’t. Who in the hell are you talking about?
Shiloh: For those that pick up Through the Veil, I hope you let me know what you think…
Lee: Damn it, Shiloh! You can’t—

Oooo, now tell me you're not itching to get your hands on this book after reading that - great interview, Shi!!
Now, for the contest - I bought a copy of THROUGH THE VEIL at the Lori Foster/Dianne Castell Reader/Author get together in Cincinnati this past weekend and had Shi autograph it for giveaway here. I'll pick a winner from the names of those who post here (U.S./Canada addresses only, please) on Friday evening 6/13.
Thanks for stopping!

Monday, June 09, 2008


Well, another get together is officially in the books. Talk about a great time! Despite the noise of close to 300 women in one room and hustle-bustle that was almost manic at times, it was relaxing and fun. I have to admit however, that there were a couple of times that I had to escape to my room for some "alone" time - not for very long, but I need to get away all by myself on occasion when I'm around such a large crowd. It was good to see friends that I only see at this event as well as those that I'm fortunate enough to see a handful of times throughout the year.
I *finally* got to meet Lucy Monroe, a long-time, all-time favorite author! Lucy is adorable and I could have hugged her all weekend but I didn't want her to think I was some kind of perv. I also met Susanna Carr, whose characters always make me smile, and Michelle Buonfiglio from's Romance B(u)y the Book - Michelle and I had an interesting discussion about blog etiquette, romances we've enjoyed and those we would recommend. She's an absolute treasure and I enjoyed talking books with her. After waiting years to meet Megan Hart, getting to see her at the RT book signing and then again this past weekend was especially nice. Megan is a breath of fresh air, genuinely nice and without airs.
A mind-boggling $526. was raised for shopping and shipping for the troops - this might not sound like much but trust me, I can do some serious shopping with this much money and will have plenty left to ship what I buy as well as the trunk load of stuff I brought home. Romance readers never fail to show what's in their hearts when it comes to our servicemen and women. Speaking of servicemen, Kelsey's boyfriend David left this morning for 20 (or so) weeks of basic training in Missouri. They spent a good chunk of the day together yesterday, doing nothing but fun stuff, eating his favorite foods, followed by pizza with his family and a movie with his little sister. From what I understand, following this 20 weeks he'll be free to pursue his (paid for) college education while serving monthly Guard weekends and some summer duty. His actual "active" duty will come after college. I'm hopeful that will buy some time for us to get out of the current situations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Maybe you'll remember him in your prayers?
Part of Saturday's entertainment was the raffling of "the baskets" - baskets, boxes, bags, etc. of varying sizes, shapes and content were raffled off with proceeds going to the various charities.
I've said it before and I'll say it again - poor Pat Sajak, having to settle for Vanna all these years. Come to think of it though, LadyB/Beth, who runs the basket raffle, could easily be hostess on her own, leaving both Pat and Vanna in the unemployment line. I save my change year-round for this event, cashing it in for raffle money at my bank's change counter. I'm certain this is how die-hard gamblers must feel as they try to come up with every cent they can to play with. Those Bingo ladies have nothing on me - except maybe an ink dauber and a cigarette dangling from their bottom lip. I was the lucky winner of two baskets this year - one from author Lena Matthews with a purse-type basket filled with bath/body type stuff to keep me soft and smelling good for a year or more - it's very attractive. The second was Michelle Breaux's contribution - a wicker basket/box filled with her stunning photography on note cards, postcards, stickers, a calendar and a little digital photo keychain that I can't wait to play with!
On Saturday evening everyone was on their own. Some groups stayed in their rooms and played games, some went shopping and others went to the movie.
A group of us (Susanna Carr, Carolyn Dietsch, Michelle Buonfiglio, me, Lisa Freeman, Niny Negron, ???? (sorry, I forget her name, but she had on a sweet diamond ring that I'll not be forgetting for a long time), Jennifer Allison, Judy Flohr, Chris Slaughter, Stacy Ahlgren, Barb Smith and Michelle Breaux) went to Max & Erma's (my fav!) for dinner, to Barnes & Noble after that and then back to the hotel for a drink. One woman meandered back to the romance section at B&N (where we lined the aisles, pointing out authors and books we've read, covers we like and laughing at some ridiculous titles) - anyway, this woman mentions that she has a gift card and is interested in some romance but isn't familiar with romance authors. The poor thing, she didn't realize that those words were all it took for her to become prey. I don't know what she ended up buying, but have a feeling she most likely exceeded the limits of her gift card!
I had to leave before breakfast Sunday morning because following the two hour drive home, Tim and I hopped right back in the car for another hour and a half or so to go to his niece's high school graduation. I hated to miss another hour or two with all of these wonderfully special women, but family comes first.
I hope I've covered everything. I would encourage anyone who has entertained thoughts about attending this event to DO IT! It's inexpensive - at $35. and a cushy hotel room for $99./night, it's a steal. There were a few men there, mostly author hubbies I believe, maybe/mostly there for muscling boxes of books and promo goodies around. My hubby would rather be waxed than attend something like this. I can imagine the "WTF?" look I'd get if I even asked!
I have to thank Lisa and Judy for posting their pics online so I could borrow them - my camera was in my purse for the majority of the weekend.
Coming soon will be a review for Karin Tabke's MASTER OF SURRENDER - I'm still reading, but can say right now that it's stellar! If I didn't know the author, my guess would have been Julie Garwood. This certainly doesn't read like the very first historical (medieval) of an author whose previous releases have all been contemporary. It will come with an incredibly high recommendation.
Thanks for stopping!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Cincinnati, here I come!

I'll be heading to Cincinnati tomorrow afternoon for Lori Foster and Dianne Castell's annual Reader/Author get together. This is the fourth one and I've been fortunate to be able to attend all of them so far. Cincinnati is only about two hours away for me so I don't have terribly far to go. So many of my favorite people will be there and in the case of many of them, it's the only time I get to see them although we chat online frequently. There would be a mighty big void in my life without some of these women and I can't wait to see them.
The list of authors attending this year is staggering. I have to admit that there are many on the list that I've never heard of and several I've never read. But then there are those that I have read, those that I never miss reading, and some that I consider very good friends.
I hope everyone has a great weekend. I hope to get back on track with Think Thin Thursdays next week.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Lori Foster and eleven other well-known, much-loved romance authors have joined together in the making of THE POWER OF LOVE a beautiful anthology, written with a majority of the proceeds benefiting the Battered Women's Shelter of Cincinnati. That these women would volunteer their time and talent comes as no surprise. I've seen their generosity first-hand on more than one occasion when I've put out requests for donations of books and other author goodies for various troop projects. They never fail to be extremely generous.
These stories are all about women who have overcome pain and heartache and dare to love again. Realistic in that lasting love doesn't always come the first time around and that the best things in life are worth waiting for. These are feel-good stories that are guaranteed to touch your heart.
Obviously, these are novellas, given the number of authors involved, but I would stress that each is a satisfying story and none are rushed or skimpy.
I hope you'll check out this wonderful book - think of the women and children you'll be supporting. Consider buying a copy for the special women in your life too!

Finally! Shiloh Walker's THROUGH THE VEIL releases today! I hope you'll take a sec to read the excerpt below and then rush to get your own copy! Here's a little blurb:

Found wandering in a field as a child, Lee Ross was given a name by the state and placed in a foster home–without anyone realizing she wasn't entirely human. All her life, she's tried to dismiss the odd dreams that have plagued her, dreams of monsters creeping through the night and a man, fighting demons by her side. But the bruises she wakes up with are all too real to ignore.
Then the man from dreams appears in the flesh. His name is Kalen and he insists that her destiny lies in his world, the world of her dreams. To save their people, he must convince Lee to give everything she knows, follow her heart and cross into the Under Realm, even though once she does, she'll never be able to return.

And now for an even bigger taste, here's a great excerpt:
You belong in our world…
She closed her eyes, pressing her hands to her face. Behind her eyelids, she saw a world that was overwhelmed by war, by chaos, pitted blackened areas that had once been cities, forests stripped of everything green and pure, a world so ugly and torn. Smoke filled the air and fires always burned. It was a terrifying, ugly image, as close to hell on earth as she could imagine. But like an afterimage…another world wavered, just beyond the reach of her sight, something green and lush and rich.
That was the world as it had once been. Before something, or someone, had torn open a hole that led straight to hell. Now it was a feeding and breeding ground for something evil, something vile.
Too real…too real…
Lee whimpered in her throat, wrapping her arms around her knees and resting her chin on her knees. You're going out of your mind…
That low, raspy voice, with its odd accent. Like Ireland, but heavier. Almost more ancient sounding. You belong in my world… it sounded like music to her ears, y b'lon in me world. Ye know it…ye always have.
His eyes were pools of molten silver, and just as hot. Damn it, there was no way she could have imagined a creature as fantastical as he was. Or as angry. The rage she sensed inside him was practically tangible. He seemed so real… Whimpering, she curled on her side in the bed and whispered, "What's going on with me?"
The entire dream, she remembered all of it. She had closed her eyes to go to sleep last night and a brief moment of nothingness…then she had opened her eyes, seeing a murky display of greenish purple lights just beyond the thick cover of clouds. A strange sense of purpose has filled her and she had moved through the bizarre landscape of empty rubble strewn streets, shells of building, trees that were twisted and stunted. Walking those roads had felt familiar, and she had seen faces that she had known.
The more she thought about the dream, the memories she seemed to find, like they had been buried just under the sand, and a wind had come, blowing the sand away and exposing the memories. Curling her hands into fists, she clenched her teeth against another onslaught of memories and rasped, "What is going on?"

Tempted? You should be! This is a great book - not a simple little flight of fancy, this one has loads of depth and great layering.
Thanks for checking it out!
Next up will be a few words about THE POWER OF LOVE and then a review of Karin Tabke's upcoming historical, MASTER OF SURRENDER!

Monday, June 02, 2008

THROUGH THE VEIL, Shiloh Walker's latest release - available tomorrow!!

Shiloh Walker has a new book, THROUGH THE VEIL, releasing tomorrow, June 3rd. Shiloh was kind enough to ask me to do a review for her and while I was supposed to have posted this two weeks ago, I was simply buried under with graduation and other family stuff, so I'm extremely late and for that I apologize.

First off, isn't this a beautiful cover? A wonderful rendering of Lee, the tough yet feminine warrior who is the heroine in this wonderful book.
Shiloh Walker has the incredible ability to pull you into her stories to the point that you feel like a fly on the wall in every scene, experiencing the darkness, the despair, the joy, the pain - every emotion of her characters.
Here's a brief review:
Lee Ross is certain she's losing her mind. She lives a quiet life of a graphic designer. While her life may seem ordinary and uneventful, she wakes almost daily with memories of wildly bizarre dreams in which she battles hideous creatures in a war-torn land, alongside a silver-eyed man who is the stuff of dreams. As strange as all of this is, Lee could probably pass it off as an overactive imagination presenting itself in her dreams, but she awakes covered in bruises and inexplicable injuries, sometimes very serious injuries. Despite their seriousness, they heal almost miraculously. While Lee is understandably confused, there's a familiarity about this beautiful stranger, almost as if she knows him. When Lee finds herself in this darkly desolate world while she's wide awake for a change, armed with physical defenses that she never knew existed and odd people she doesn't know calling her Lelia, she is more confused than ever.
Kalen has never known where Lee goes when she leaves him. She has come and gone between their two worlds for years. Kalen's people and their very world are being destroyed and Lee is the key to their survival. He doesn't understand why she can't see or even feel their desperation. One thing Kalen does know is that he loves Lee; has loved her for what seems like a lifetime. All of his emotions when it comes to Lee are incredibly intense - anger at her repeatedly turning her back on their suffering people, and passion to hold her and never let her go.
This is an incredible love story. Not your typical "boy meets girl" romance - thank goodness! It's difficult to come up with the words to describe the deep emotions that Shiloh brings to the surface. Yes, she makes her characters suffer repeatedly, but it serves to make their story that much richer.
I highly recommend this book to all lovers of romance. It's darkly delicious and will appeal to everyone, especially those readers who enjoy rich romance with paranormal touches.
Thanks, Shi, for allowing me to review THROUGH THE VEIL for you - it was an absolute pleasure.
I'll be posting a great excerpt tomorrow!

Graduation Day

Despite strong thunderstorms that rolled through our area around 4 am, the skies cleared by 9:00 and Kelsey's commencement was held outside. It turned out to be a gorgeous day, as was Sunday when we had our open house.
I am admittedly a huge marshmallow, but I was strong and didn't cry too much! That could partly be because I was exhausted from preparing for the open house! Lindsay graduates in two weeks and there's a chance I'll be a blubbering mess for that one!
I hope to post a brief review this evening for Shiloh's THROUGH THE VEIL - tomorrow I'll have a great excerpt! Lots of great stuff going on for this wonderful book. Shiloh will then be guest blogging here in the next week and a half or so and we'll have her interview of her heroine in TTV, Lee Ross.
I'll also be posting comments about THE POWER OF LOVE - there will be a contest for an autographed copy of this one too!
Speaking of the power of love, Tim and I celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary today - woohoo! I remind him that it's been 29 "glorious" years, something he always forgets to mention when someone asks him how long we've been married!
Be sure to stop back!