Thursday, August 28, 2008

MY PREROGATIVE, Sasha White's latest - check out the contest!

Wow! This was my reaction upon finishing Sasha White's MY PREROGATIVE. Sasha is very much aware that I’m not quite on board with BDSM, but she seems to appreciate that I’m able to look beyond the physical and see the glimpses that she never fails to provide, deep into the hearts and souls of her often-tortured characters. My only complaint about this book? Sasha’s heroine (as I pointed out to her a while ago) shares the name of my 18 year old daughter. Yes, her very sexually active and sexually adventuresome heroine’s name is Kelsey. I swear it’s enough to give a mother a nervous tick.

A blurb:
She does what she likes……and what she likes is absolutely wicked.
Kelsey Howard is happy with the single life. She has great friends, a fun job tending bar, and a nice apartment. Not to mention the freedom to enjoy a few wild sex games with strangers—the riskier the better. But what she’s really looking for in the darkness is love.
Then Kelsey realizes she’s got an anonymous stranger watching her every move—and every move she makes is arousing them both. In fact, not only is she not scared, she thinks she may have finally found her soul mate. Especially when she meets the mischievous mystery man in the flesh. That’s when the fun and games really start, and Kelsey realizes just how far she’s prepared to go for love.

Check out Sasha’s website for excerpts!

My review:
Kelsey Howard has a straightforward, unashamed appreciation for sex. She also feels a never ending desire to please her mother, to help her perfect sister plan her wedding, and to keep in touch with friends who seem satisfied with not keeping in touch. Kelsey enjoys sex with others or by herself, lights off or on, drapes pulled or open, but it isn’t until she realizes she has a voyeur that things become especially interesting. When she and Harlan, the nameless, faceless man whose window faces hers, actually meet and form what begins to look like an actual relationship, Kelsey is more confused than ever.
Harlan is an artist who is on the cusp of being discovered. His work is dark and intense, just like Kelsey, so it’s only natural that he begins to paint her. He watches her from the darkness of his window but soon makes himself known and carefully pursues her, refusing to give in to what she thinks she needs from him. He wants to treasure and protect her, and take away the often-haunted look that he sees in her eyes.
This book is exactly what readers expect from Sasha White with in-your-face sexuality and shameless acts of every shape and form. Kelsey likes everyone to think she knows exactly what she wants and that her brazen actions prove it, while the truth is that she’s in a painfully desperate search for something but she doesn't know what. Harlan immediately sees this - I think this man is the most patient, understanding hero ever. He knows exactly what Kelsey wants, needs and craves and while he wants her to belong to him, he doesn’t want it to be in surrender of herself. You see, Harlan can see who Kelsey really is and he’s willing to wait for her to see it too. Kelsey is a very interesting character. There were times I wanted to cry for her, cheer for her and even a couple of times that I just plain didn’t like her.
I encourage everyone who enjoys romance - no, I challenge everyone who enjoys romance, to read this book. There was one sex scene in particular that I didn’t care for, but not so much that I couldn’t get past it. The incredible emotion and self-discovery in this book is worth any discomfort you may feel at raw and edgy sex. You don’t have to be a fan of BDSM to appreciate the heartfelt emotion of Sasha’s work. While Kelsey has relationship issues with several people in her life, so much so that readers may begin to wonder if all of the pieces will ever fall into place for her, the ending is amazingly satisfying and quite frankly, it left me breathless.
Sasha recently told me that she might someday write a book just for me - one that isn’t quite as on-edge sexually - I’m not certain I want that on my shoulders as I think her readers would be after my head. I don’t relish the thought of them hunting me down en masse!
Now for the good stuff! Sasha is very generously putting a copy of MY PREROGATIVE up for grabs – right here! Leave a comment and you’ll be entered in the draw. A little chatter about Sasha’s books is encouraged! Share with us what you enjoy about her work, or maybe your favorite of her books, favorite scene, character, etc. I’ll draw the winning name on Wednesday, September 3.
Thank you, Sasha, for allowing me to review MY PREROGATIVE for you!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


First, I apologize for being late in pulling a winning name. I completely forgot last night and have been gone most of the day. The winner is JANE! Congratulations! Jane, please email you mailing info to me by Monday evening, 8/25.
I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I have several more contests coming up, so please be sure and stop back!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sasha White tagged me on this one - probably not the best move she's ever made! Have I ever mentioned how I am NOT a movie fan? I went to the movie theater this past Friday to see Mamma Mia, the last movie I saw in a theater prior to that was The Family Stone, about three (?) years ago and the last movie I saw before that? I'm embarrassed to admit that it was Stuart Little when my 18 year old daughter was about 8 - I'm guessing. I watch some movies at home on DVD - Love Actually, Miss Congeniality, The Sand Lot, Hope Floats, You've Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle. My participation in this meme is sure to be a disappointment - especially considering I've never even heard of the majority of these titles! Here goes - - -
Copy the list below. Mark in bold the movie titles for which you read the book. Italicize what you’ve watched. Tag 5 people to perpetuate the meme.
(You may of course play along anyway.)

1. Jurassic Park
2. War of the Worlds
3. The Lost World: Jurassic Park
4. I, Robot
5. Contact
6. Congo
7. Cocoon
8. The Stepford Wives
9. The Time Machine
10. Starship Troopers
11. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
12. K-PAX
13. 2010
14. The Running Man
15. Sphere
16. The Mothman Prophecies
17. Dreamcatcher
18. Blade Runner
19. Dune
20. The Island of Dr. Moreau
21. Invasion of the Body Snatchers
22. The Iron Giant(The Iron Man)
23. Battlefield Earth
24. The Incredible Shrinking Woman
25. Fire in the Sky
26. Altered States
27. Timeline
28. The Postman
29. Freejack(Immortality, Inc.)
30. Solaris
31. Memoirs of an Invisible Man
32. The Thing(Who Goes There?)
33. The Thirteenth Floor
34. Lifeforce(Space Vampires)
35. Deadly Friend
36. The Puppet Masters
37. 1984
38. A Scanner Darkly
39. Creator
40. Monkey Shines
41. Solo(Weapon)
42. The Handmaid’s Tale
43. Communion
44. Carnosaur
45. From Beyond
46. Nightflyers
47. Watchers
48. Body Snatchers

It's pitiful, I know!

I’m tagging Stacy, Cindy, Jill, Alison and HelenKay - although I'm fairly certain that Jill and Alison are in writing lockdown and probably won't see this.

C’mon ladies!


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Alison Kent's DEEP TROUBLE - get a copy here!

Alison Kent has an August release, DEEP TROUBLE, available now at WalMart. This one combines one of my absolute Alison Kent faves THE BEACH ALIBI, with THE MCKENZIE ARTIFACT. Excerpts are available on Alison's website - check them out, and if you're interested in a copy, post a comment here before Friday evening (August 22) when I'll draw a winning name.

Feel free to chat about Alison's books or just say you're interested - either will get your name in the hat!

Look for more contests, I'll be announcing at least one more this week.

Have a great week!


Monday, August 11, 2008

TO SEDUCE A BRIDE by Nicole Jordan

Nicole Jordan most likely comes to mind for many of you when you think of historical romance. I was fortunate enough to snag TO SEDUCE A BRIDE for Romance Junkies review and am pleased to share that review with you!

A blurb:
Seduction has never been more enticing than in this third novel of Nicole Jordan's enthralling trilogy, The Courtship Wars.
Spirited beauty Lilian Loring believes that love is too risky a venture and marriage is best avoided entirely — even if her unwanted suitor comes as deliciously packaged as Heath Griffin, the Marquess of Claybourne. The charismatic rogue has never had a woman discourage his advances. But after a show of resolve, Lily melts under Heath's sensuous kisses. Indeed, perhaps that is why she decides to hide out in the last place a gentleman would look for a lady: a house of scandalous repute.
In bold pursuit, Heath discovers his enchanting spitfire cheerfully instructing the demimonde in the art of deportment and manners. Now the thrill of the chase is exceeded only by his powerful need to possess Lily as his bride. For Heath, victory in their game of passion means nothing less than winning Lily's elusive heart….

My (4 blue ribbons) review:
Nicole Jordan’s TO SEDUCE A BRIDE gives readers the unforgettable story of a Marquess who is determined to win the heart of a young woman known for her stubborn independence – a spirited chase is guaranteed!

Lily Loring has sworn off marriage, even having witnessed her sisters’ bliss after falling in love and marrying. The youngest of three sisters, she is the most deeply affected by their father’s infidelities and their parents’ miserable marriage. She wants no part of having a man own her in the name of marriage, despite what society dictates as being proper. When Lily realizes that she has caught the eye of Heath Griffin, Marquess of Claybourne, she secretly flees to a boardinghouse run by her scandalous friend, Fanny. What she doesn’t expect is Heath’s immediate pursuit or his determination to court her, not at all put off by her position of teaching proper behavior to the demimonde.
Heath knows the minute he finds Lily Loring in the barn after her sister’s wedding, more than a little foxed on champagne and talking to kittens, that she is different. Lily, with her brilliant mind, her unashamed willingness to use it and her propensity for saying precisely what is on her mind, is stimulating and intriguing and has him more interested than he has ever been in any other woman. When Heath learns of Lily’s determination to remain unmarried, he sets out to change her mind with tender, passionate persuasion. Painful discouragement eventually begins to take the place of hopeful anticipation when it appears that Lily’s stubborn defenses just might be impenetrable.
Nicole Jordan can take readers back in time as few authors can. Characters and settings come to life with lively conversations and lush descriptions. Heath’s patient pursuit of the headstrong Lily leads them on a passion-filled road to romance, fueled by his desire to settle for nothing less than Lily’s heart. While Heath is frustrated by her resistance, it was so well written that her continued hesitation isn’t monotonous or tiresome to the reader. I’ve long thought that Ms. Jordan sets the bar when it comes to historical romance and I maintain that opinion after reading this most recent series by her. I give this book the highest of recommendations for all readers who appreciate excellent historical romance.
You can also find Nicole (and several other extremely talented authors) at The Goddess Blogs - there's always something fun going on over there, so be sure to check it out!
Thanks for stopping!

BELLA ANDRE - a new (to me) author!

I recently saw the cover for GAME FOR ANYTHING by Bella Andre and was instantly intrigued! I may claim that I'm much too sophisticated to be interested in a book simply because it has a hot cover but truth be told, I'm not. I didn't buy it though, because my book buying funds are in a bit of a pinch right now and I wasn't familiar with Ms. Andre - I'm simply not in a position to risk $14. on an unknown (to me) author.
My dear friend Judy soon after that mentioned this book, posting the cover on a reader loop we're both on, and gave in to temptation and bought it. I have the book on loan from her and read it in over the weekend. Yes, I'm behind on reviews and was only going to read the first couple of pages when I opened the book, but I found myself drawn in and had to read to the end.
This is one excellent book! I scurried over to Ms. Andre's website this morning and was tickled to find that she has several previous releases (leaving me to wonder how on Earth had I missed her), and upcoming releases that include another football hero book and a wildfire firefighter series.
The characters in GAME FOR ANYTHING are so very likable, and while the premise is nothing new - high school jock takes virginity of beautiful brainiac, crushes her fragile heart, the two are later reacquainted and she vows revenge - I'm pretty sure it hasn't been done this well. These characters each have issues and emotional baggage, the extent of which the other is unaware of. I highly recommend this book, especially if you enjoy romance with sports figures. There isn't an overwhelming amount of football or locker room talk - just enough to bring the story to life - so don't be put off by the football subject if football isn't your thing.
So tell me, have you read Bella Andre? If so, which of her books? I was tickled to see that GAME FOR SEDUCTION, the next book in this "Bad Boys of Football" series, comes out in early September - I can't wait! I'll definitely be getting my hands on a copy! I hope you'll check her out!
(And special thanks to Judy for loaning me the book - the best way to discover a new author is from the recommendation of others, don't you think?)
Have a great week!

Friday, August 08, 2008


I think I mentioned the stray mother cat who brought her six kittens to our house? She showed up on our porch one night, obviously pregnant and looking like a skeleton. Of course we fed her and then she returned the next morning, all slim and trim. We bought canned food and gave it to her twice a day w/dry food in between. She has remained skinny as a rail (little wonder, feeding six babies), but her coat is glossy and she looks much healthier. It took six weeks, but over a 24 hour period from Monday morning through Tuesday morning, she brought them all to our house. They're living in our garage for the time being. My main concern is getting the mother fixed ASAP, but because we didn't know where the kittens were for six weeks and because she is still nursing, we've had to wait. She's working on weaning them, only nursing a couple of times a day, so I'm hoping in the next week to get her to the vet. The babies look big in this photo, but they're scarcely a handful. The mother is a small cat.
I'm on the waiting list at our Humane Society to turn the kittens in, but because they're a no-kill shelter, it takes a while. In the meantime, I'm hoping to find homes for them. They're all adorable, of course, and a couple have actually started to warm up to us. The others are still a little on the wild side. I plan on borrowing a big cage from the H.S. so we can begin to socialize them and make them good little house kitties!
So if you're in the Ohio area and are interested in one of the most beautiful, precious little kitties God ever put on the planet, please email me - I deliver!!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Jill Shalvis contest winner

is acdaisy95! Way to go! Contact me at with your mailing information by Thursday, please! Thanks to all who played - stop back in a couple of days for yet another contest and (hopefully) those reviews I've been promising for Nicole Jordan and an upcoming LuAnn McLane.
I've been sidetracked by a stray mother cat who decided to bring her six six-week old kittens to our garage. I think I'll make it a requirement that all contest winners take a kitten too! Just kidding. If anyone is interested in one, I'm willing to drive as far as the Ohio border - in any direction - to deliver!
Have a great day!

Friday, August 01, 2008


Allrighty, I never heard from Sarita so I've drawn a new name - DINA is now the winner of Alison Kent's IN DANGER. Dina, please email me with your mailing information at and I'll get it out to you early next week. If I don't hear from Dina by Tuesday, I'll pull another name!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I went to dinner and shopping with my daughters after work tonight. Kelsey now has most everything she needs to head off to Kent State on the 19th - there is so much neat dorm stuff out there (Target is fabulous!) We'll be making a couple of trips to WalMart too, I'm sure, but we put a serious dent in our list tonight.