Friday, August 17, 2012

Let me introduce Penny!

I think I've mentioned before that my friend and I take care of three cats that live at our work parking lot. We've had all three fixed and we feed them twice a day, every day, and have for about five years. They are street savvy and have several places to get out of the weather,  and we've provided a house filled with straw and Purr Pads for them to be protected from the cold. They let us pet them and are friendly, but don't welcome attempts at picking them up. It seems to be common knowledge that we take care of these kitties, and occasionally people will drop off other kittens. It's so aggravating that they're irresponsible enough to just dump these kittens in a busy parking lot for someone else to deal with. Over the years we have rescued (incl. spay/neuter)/adopted/found homes for close to 30 cats.

Penny is the most recent parking lot rescue. She is approximately ten weeks old and weighs 2.8 pounds, a real whopper! Lindsay moved into a condo with her boyfriend a little over a year ago and her cat, Pascale, went with her. Kelsey takes her cat, Phoebe (aka Fifi) back and forth to school with her (until she graduates in December). That leaves Tim and I with Simon the basset hound and cats, Sophie, Tony, and now Penny. Trust me, there's never a dull moment at our house, especially with a kitten in the mix. I'd forgotten how fun it can be having a kitten in the house.

Do any of you have pets? Please tell us about them! I've always been partial to cats myself, and have loved and lost several in my life - Spike, Zack, Jade, Kubby, Lottie, and an outside bruiser of a stray that we called Daddy Kitty. We've had two dogs before Simon, both basset hounds, Patches and Fred. After losing Fred we swore that we wouldn't have another dog. That lasted about three and a half years, until Simon came into our lives back in May. He's a good fit in our home and we're crazy about him.