Monday, March 25, 2013

And the winner is ....

Barb V!  Barb, please email me at with your email info and whether you prefer a Kindle or Nook version of UNDENIABLE.

Thanks to all who commented!  I hope you'll check out Alison Kent's work - she has several books releasing this year, including a new "Hope Springs" series that I'll be talking about soon.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

UNBREAKABLE, the latest in Alison Kent's DALTON GANG series

Alison Kent has a lot of irons in the fire these days and I have to admit that it makes me one happy girl! Her Dalton Gang series started with UNDENIABLE and was followed up by UNBREAKABLE. I already had the Kindle version of UNBREAKABLE when Romance Junkies put it on their review list, so of course I immediately volunteered to review it!
I can't stress enough what a fabulous, outstandingly kickass author I think Alison Kent is. I've loved her voice from the very beginning and never fail to feel the emotions of her characters deep down. Yes, I know I'm pouring it on rather thick, but I'm entitled to my opnion, right? If I were telling you this in person, I would be gesturing wildly and ending with my hands pressed into my chest. Okay, enough....

Here's about UNBREAKABLE:
The notorious Dalton Gang once ran wild through their home town of Crow Hill, Texas. Now they own the run-down Dalton Ranch—and they work hard to keep it up. But when the right women come along, they still know how to play hard too…
Casper Jayne turned his back on Crow Hill nearly 20 years ago for a career in the professional bull riding circuit. Now he’s back—and Faith Mitchell is having a tough time thinking about anything else. She’s had a crush on him since high school, when he was part of her brother’s gang—and off limits. Since then, Faith has learned not to take risks. And Casper’s reckless, hard-living ways are causing her to think twice about trying to make the fantasies she has for this powerfully physical man come true.
Casper said he’d wait for a sign—but Faith is determined not to give him the satisfaction. Then an unexpected encounter finally penetrates her reserve, and the two of them ignite an intense passion. Faith finds herself holding on for a wild ride that breaks all the rules. But when the hot affair burns out of control, Faith will have to learn to take the reins…

My (5 Blue Ribbon) Romance Junkies review:
Alison Kent’s name on the cover of a book always serves as a guarantee of goodness for any romance reader. She has gone above and beyond once again with UNBREAKABLE and the DALTON GANG series.

Casper Jayne is one of the “Dalton Gang” that was introduced to readers in Alison Kent’s October 2012 release, UNDENIABLE. Casper survived a severely neglectful childhood. The only things that helped make it a tad brighter would be his friends Dax Campbell and Boone Mitchell, and Tess and Dave Dalton, the Crow Hill, Texas ranching couple that nurtured and helped guide the boys. Casper knew his life would have been significantly different, and not in a good way, without them. When the Daltons are both deceased, “the boys” find that they’ve left their struggling ranch to them. With none of them tied down to anything or anyone, they decide to try to make a go of it.

When Casper’s mother unexpectedly gives him her pitifully rundown monstrosity of a house, he decides to make the necessary repairs, despite knowing that razing the hulking mess makes far more sense. Full of frightening childhood memories, one would wonder why Casper would want to step foot inside the house, let alone invest time and money to restore it.

When Casper shows up at the bank where Faith Mitchell works looking for money, he doesn’t have high hopes that the sister of one of his best friends will come through for him. Indeed, she turned him down for money from the bank immediately. Faith has had a crush on Casper since they were kids and seeing him again has her wanting. Her brother, Boone, practically put a sign around her neck to warn Dax and Casper off his sister. Now adults, Casper and Faith are free to see where their undeniable attraction goes. It leads them straight to a blistering affair. Faith has a boatload of money from an undisclosed source that she’s willing to loan to Casper, but he’s stubbornly reluctant to partner with her. Once he relents the two begin to explore an even deeper relationship.

Faith has a big heart and is saved from being too sweet by a bit of attitude and her ability to keep up with Casper’s touch of wildness. Underneath Casper’s wildness is a man who is caring and whose emotions run deep. Secondary characters, one in particular, add some of the most heartwarming scenes, show what a good man Casper is, and are crucial to the story.

This book isn’t all love and sweetness. Casper and Faith both have had ugliness in their lives and secrets from their pasts. Casper can be brutally blunt at times and while Faith sometimes feels the sharpness of his honesty, she knows that deep down he’s so much more than a wicked mouth.
Alison Kent can write relationships and honest emotion like no other author. She delves right in to the painful realities that sometimes arise between family and friends. This book has my highest recommendation, especially if you’re a reader who appreciates characters who are a little broken, but fiercely loyal, and a story that will catch you right in the chest. I’m eagerly awaiting the next book in the series, UNFORGETTABLE, which will release in October 2013.

I'll give a Kindle or Nook copy of UNDENIABLE to one commenter here. All you have to do is leave a comment, but of course I'd love it if you would share your favorite Alison Kent book, character, cover, whatever you wish. I'll pull the winning name on Sunday, March 24 (or thereabouts, you know I'm typically a day or so late). If you want to put your email address in your comment, it will be easy to let you know you've won, otherwise you need to be sure to check back. (If you've already read UNDENIABLE, I'll buy you a copy of UNBREAKABLE.)

Thanks for checking out UNBREAKABLE!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

ANYTHING FOR YOU, new from author Jessica Scott

About the book:
Sergeant First Class Shane Garrison has spent a year recovering from his combat injuries. A year spent in the arms of the woman of his dreams. But loving Jen comes with a price: every time he touches her, he faces the uncertain fear that loving her might mean losing her forever.
Jen is a breast cancer survivor and with Shane, she’s found a man who loves her despite her scars. But her scars may be too much for their love to survive.
As their love grows, so does the risk to Jen’s life. And Shane must make the toughest decision any man can make to save the woman he loves.

Author Jessica Scott has followed up her romance, BECAUSE OF YOU with a novella that continues the story of Shane Garrison and Jen St. James. BECAUSE OF YOU is a wonderfully romantic book and you really should (in my opinion) read it before reading ANYTHING FOR YOU.

Shane and Jen fall in love,  albeit reluctantly, and while their road to romance may have been a little bumpy, downright rocky at times, they persevered and love conquered all.

Or so they thought. This is where ANYTHING FOR YOU comes into play. Now that Shane and Jen have planned for a future together, he wants to know that their future is as solid as possible. Jen's recent battle with an aggressive form of breast cancer resulted in the removal of a breast. Her only having one breast doesn't bother Shane in the least. The idea that this particular form of cancer has a great possibility of returning during pregnancy scares him to death, especially because he knows that Jen wants a family once they're married.

Shane doesn't trust conventional methods of contraception and wants to take steps to be certain that Jen won't get pregnant. Because she's been though so much already, he has decided to have the procedure done himself. He worries about what Jen's reaction will be. Will she agree with him and be supportive? Will she be angry and think his fears are ridiculous and he's too weak to risk the ups and downs of marriage?

Jessica Scott is a wonderful storyteller and if you haven't read her work, you should - and soon!  She's military herself, ladies, and she knows what she's writing about. Her characters aren't larger than life or perfect by any means. They're just like our family, friends and neighbors and their flaws make them that much more realistic and lovable. Secondary characters are a priceless addition to the stories she tells and aren't there simply as filler.

I truly hope you'll check out her website and her books!

I will give one reader here a Kindle or Nook copy of BECAUSE OF YOU to get you started. Just leave a comment saying you're interested and you'll be in the draw. I'll choose a winner on Saturday - be sure to check back because as you know, I sometimes forget to draw for a day or two!  (If you want to leave your email addy with your comments, I'll email you if you're the winner and you won't need to check back.)