Wednesday, April 25, 2007

THE ARRANGEMENT by Suzanne Forster

THE WINNER IS SELENA ILLYRIA! Selena, please email me with your address so I can provide it to Suzanne - because my personal email addy is through EarthLink and is very testy with incoming mail from unknown senders, I'll ask you to send it to my review email addy - . CONGRATULATIONS!

Note: If I don't hear from Selena by Wednesday at noon, I'll be drawing a second name.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to come over and enter this contest - and especially thanks to Suzanne for being so generous! I hope you'll all check out Suzanne's books - I promise you won't be disappointed in any of her work!


UPDATE: Because I will be out of town Friday afternoon through Saturday evening, I've decided to postpone the drawing for Suzanne's contest until Saturday evening around 9:00 p.m.

Author Suzanne Forster has a new release, THE ARRANGEMENT, available now! I can't imagine there being anyone who reads women's fiction who hasn't read at least one Suzanne Forster novel. I have read all but a couple, and my favorite remains her intense romantic suspense, WHILE SHE WAS SLEEPING.

Some marriages are just for show.

Some are hotbeds of forbidden desire.

And some are deadly.

Hers was all three...

Alison Fairmont Villard wakes in a hospital bed with a face she doesn't recognize and a husband she doesn't know. Andrew Villard, a self-made millionaire, has a bright future but a shadowy past. When he tells Alison the details of their life together, she has no choice but to believe him--and to accept the shocking proposal he offers.

It isn't just the partial amnesia that Alison suffers. She has her own terrifying secrets that can't be entrusted to anyone, especially Andrew. Even the police suspect he was behind Alison's near fatal accident aboard his yacht and were ready to charge him with murder before her body was found, battered on the razor-sharp coral reefs.

When the veil of amnesia lifts, it's too late. Alison is caught in a web of her own making. And now an FBI agent with a personal vendetta is about to blow the lid off her deadly marriage of convenience.

"An electrifying romantic suspense thriller that grips the audience ... and never lets up." The

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sasha White's LUSH

LUSH is Sasha White's latest release, an anthology of three provocative stories (and look at the beautiful cover they're wrapped up in!) that her readers will love! One of the stories, Passion Play, is written first person. I know I've talked a lot about first person the past couple of days, but considering how much I used to loathe them, I now find myself fascinated by the technique and just how great it can be when it's done by authors who know what they're doing!
Here is my Romance Junkies review for LUSH:
Sasha White’s LUSH is an anthology of three sensual stories each full of passion, heartache and hope.
When Teal Jamison decides to open an erotic art gallery, she hires handyman Zach Dillon to remodel it; however, she is not expecting to find herself up against an incredibly strong desire for him. She is even more baffled when her seduction attempts are initially rejected. Teal is a very determined woman and when she decides that Zach is the one she wants, nothing will stop her pursuit. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to convince Zach to enter into a short-term sexual affair with her.
Zach wants Teal as he’s wanted no other woman. He wants to show her that it is not necessary for her to always be in control and he wants to be the one who this strong-willed woman relinquishes her control to. He is troubled by the feelings that he’s developing for Teal and soon wants more than just a sexual affair.
Despite their agreement to keep their relationship purely sexual, Teal and Zach each struggle against their increasing emotions. Witnessing their discovery of newfound feelings and the uncertainty of weakening to the point of giving in to those feelings is a great pleasure.
When Mia is inadvertently shoved into Dominick Jamison in the park, landing flat on top of him, she later regrets having walked away from him, when it is obvious that there is a very base sexual attraction between them. When the two meet up again and that attraction is still present, they agree to a sex-only relationship. The tender affection that Dominick shows Mia is very confusing to her, since she has always been somewhat of an outcast in her family.
Dominick Jamison was recently a newspaper columnist, writing a highly popular men’s column. He quits the paper when his editor insists upon taking control of the articles Dominick has written and he directs his professional focus to writing freelance articles, while dreaming of writing the novel that has been tooling around in his head. When Mia runs into him, quite literally, he can’t stop thinking about her and when he sees her in a bar a few days later, he makes a move to meet her. Disbelieving the feelings that Mia evokes in him, Dominick finds himself wanting more than the arrangement they’ve agreed upon. Mia accepts him unconditionally and effortlessly gives him the confidence to begin his book.
Mia and Zach are written in first person with chapters alternating between their points of view. Sasha White has the art of writing first person down pat and the clever way she uses the viewpoints of both characters is an excellent touch.
Caitlin Ellis is a talented, successful masseuse, gifted with the ability to read people’s auras. She agrees to pose nude to model erotic jewelry for her friend, Mia, when she meets photographer Jack Lowell. She is immediately drawn to him, wanting to take away the emotional pain that is practically rolling off of him. After a beautiful, passion-filled night with Jack, Caitlyn feels that she might actually be reaching him; but then, he rejects her.
Jack Lowell gives off a darkness when Caitlyn first meets him. He is a hugely talented photojournalist, yet keeps himself holed up in his apartment, working as a simple photographer. Jack refuses to talk to Caitlyn about his past and what took place to make him a near recluse; he is more than willing to join in the sex she selflessly offers. Caitlyn is like a balm for his troubled soul and spirit; but, Jack isn’t willing to fully accept her healing touch.
This is the shortest of the three stories in this anthology; Ms. White doesn’t skimp on emotion. Jack is deeply tortured and Caitlyn’s natural instinct is to heal him. Excellently written and satisfyingly sensual, this story and its characters are a wonderful addition to this anthology.
It is easy to give this single-author anthology a very high recommendation. Sasha White’s readers are always guaranteed biting edge and fiercely strong characters that are unashamedly brazen in their sensuality and LUSH is no exception. Ms. White writes emotional conflict and angst as few authors can.
Be sure to stop by Sasha's website, there's always a lot going on!
As always, here's a link to Amazon in the event you're so stoked from my review that you have to grab a copy for yourself!
Thanks for stopping!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I have read all but one of LuAnn McLane's books - it turns out that the one I haven't read, DARK ROOTS AND COWBOY BOOTS, was her first first-person book. Her latest, DANCING SHOES AND HONKY TONK BLUES, is the second and I highly recommend it, especially if you're looking to try first-person writing. LuAnn's characters are always fun, respectful and passionate - Abby and Rio are no exception. DANCING SHOES will be out May 1st, from Signet Eclipse. This is my review:

When Abilene “Abby” Harper signs on as a contestant on the reality television show, Dancing with the Rednecks, it is mainly for a chance at the $50,000.00 prize. When she is paired with professional ballroom dancer Rio Martin, by far one of the most gorgeous men in the world, the two couldn’t be more opposite. Abby lives a simple life, waitressing at her mother’s diner, and she would love to be able to help her mother with some much needed renovations, and help her brother get the college education he deserves. Abby and Rio agree that the only heat between them should be on the dance floor, but as they spend several sultry hours together every day, mostly in each other’s arms and with neither of them involved with anyone, it’s only natural that an attraction would spark and test their resolve.
Rio Martin isn’t happy about being a contestant in the Comedy Channel’s dancing spoof, but after he meets Abby and sees her enthusiasm, he is determined to win. Rio takes his dancing very seriously, and will accept nothing less from Abby than her absolute best. Having been burned by another dancer, he is especially wary of getting involved with anyone and has resisted that temptation. Abby Harper, however, is a cool drink of water whose southern hospitality is just a little too tempting for Rio to resist.

Abby and Rio are polar opposites, but share an intense passion as well as the utmost respect for one another, which seems to make their differences insignificant. Abby’s stubborn determination is matched by Rio’s willingness to work hard in order to win this competition. This latest offering from LuAnn McLane is written in first person; her second book in this style, and is excellently written. I am highly impressed with Abby and Rio’s story, and I know that readers will settle into this book very comfortably, feeling as if Abby is telling you her story. I swear that I could hear Abby’s southern accent and Rio’s sexy, smooth accent! Don’t miss DANCING SHOES AND HONKY TONK BLUES, it is great fun and I can confidently guarantee that you’ll love it.

Thanks for checking out my review; I hope you'll click this link, taking you to Amazon so you can order your own copy!



Having a daughter away at college, I can't begin to find the words to express my feelings on the recent tragedy in Virginia, except to say that (please) let's all keep the families and friends of the victims, the surviving but injured victims, and all of the faculty, staff and students whose lives have been touched, in our thoughts and prayers. I would add that we shouldn't forget the family of the shooter; my heart aches for them as well.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Great fun + great friends = a great time!!

We had so much fun last night, it should have been illegal! Despite a crappy day - cold rain/snow mix and very windy, it turned out to be a wonderful evening with loads of laughs. I think I cried off most of my makeup from laughing so hard. Kathleen Madigan did a little meet and greet after her show, to meet fans and autograph her CDs (yes, I bought one) - Carla and I were able to get our picture with her! Too bad we couldn't have taken pics first, before my concealer was laughed/cried off!
If you ever have the opportunity to see her, I suggest you do so! It's a good deal for the money - about $20 for tickets, and a little more for dinner and drinks.
Our rainy snow has stopped and we're partly sunny today, although still a little cool and windy. I've got a pot of chili on the stove, probably the last time I'll make it for a while now that it's warming up.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Going to see Kathleen!!

Any Kathleen Madigan fans here? I think she's one of the funniest people alive and love to watch her, whether on television or in person. My friend Carla and I have gone to see her annually for the past five years when she comes to The Funny Bone in Columbus - this year's trip will take place this coming Saturday and we can't wait! Lindsay is finally old enough to get in and she's coming home from school Saturday morning to go with us. The comedians that open for Kathleen are a guaranteed good time too. I think my only complaint would be that they seat at least four of you at a "table" the size of a dinnerplate. We often do the pre-show dinner and geez, it's close quarters.
We're all looking forward to our girls night out - there's nothing better than an evening spent belly laughing with people you love!
I hope everyone has a fun-filled weekend - what's on your agenda?

Monday, April 09, 2007

My Space

I have a My Space page; have had for some time now. Here's a link if you're curious - - I did it at the request of a dear friend who needed a visible form of loving support during an ugly custody battle within her family. She even set most of it up for me. My daughters couldn't believe it when I told them I had a My Space page - my youngest thought that was just a little too cool for her square peg of a mother. I don't blog there as I had already established a blog here. Not that my blog is incredibly thought-provoking, world-changing, or setting any land speed records, but I do have a handful of regular visitors and would prefer to not bother with changing blog addys. I suppose if I didn't have anything going on in my life I could keep two blogs, but because I'm typically up to my eyeballs with life itself, that's not going to happen.
The thing that I don't understand is why anyone would want to be my friend. I'm so incredibly vanilla, as ordinary as ordinary can get. I suppose that authors want to get the word out about contests, websites, etc. in order to cast light on their books, so they are eager to "friend" everybody. Now that I can understand and appreciate - I am always happy to hear about new books and new (to me) authors.
The requests that always leave me grinning, if not actually laughing out loud, are the ones for nudist groups, porn sites, long-legged women, and the most recent one I received, from a guy whose interest seems to be in the advancement of bare breasted women. These people obviously haven't seen me or they would be ripping those invitations right back out of my cyber hands. They simply can't know the havoc that gravity, childbearing, surgeries and fun living have wreaked upon this body! I am coming up on 6o friends, which is just crazy. I turn away those who are simply too bizarre, and have even deleted one person after a virtual onslaught of jokes and rambling stories.
Do you think that some people see My Space as a sort of popularity contest? Whoever has the most "friends" wins?
I hope everyone has a great week - I'm going to buzz over real quick and see if I have any new friend requests . . .

Laurie :)

Friday, April 06, 2007

See how they grow . . .

I don't know where the time has gone since my girls were the two little munchkins in this picture. They've grown up in the blink of an eye, it seems. This picture of Lindsay was taken about three years ago; Kelsey's was taken back in the fall. They look pretty much the same, except Kelsey has a massive headful of curls that don't show in this picture w/straightened hair.

Both have boyfriends, very nice guys that we have no complaints about, even if their dad does like to grumble and groan a tad. No one will ever be good enough for his little girls.
Lindsay and her guy are coming home from OU to spend Easter weekend with us, so that will be nice. A little odd having another male in the house besides Tim and Fred (the dog), but so good to have everybody home.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, maybe some of you will even have warm temps! We're looking at 30s for the next several days. Please be careful if you're out on the road.
Happy Easter!