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INSTANT TEMPTATION from Jill Shalvis - with a giveaway!

The winner of INSTANT TEMPTATION IS: MICHELLE B!! Congratulations, Michelle! Please contact me at with your mailing info so I can pass it on to Jill! If I don't hear from Michelle by Saturday, I'll draw another name. Thanks so much to everyone for stopping by and taking time to comment - and special thanks to Jill for offering a copy of INSTANT TEMPTATION for the wonderful readers here!

The last book in the "Wilder" series by Jill Shalvis, INSTANT TEMPTATION, will be releasing in just a few days and boy, oh boy, are her readers going to fall even more in love with T.J. Wilder! Talk about the perfect hero! We've witnessed insults mixed with sparks between T.J. and the adorable Harley Stephens in the previous two books and as romance readers, realized that those were a sore attempt to hide the underlying attraction on the part of both of them! INSTANT TEMPTATION sadly brings this series to an end, but what a satisfying end it is!

T.J. Wilder is the perfect package of breathtaking adventure and raw sex appeal. Even better, he’s about to reconnect with the one woman he’s never been able to forget…
Get Your Pulse Racing
To Harley, the landscape around Wishful, California, is exhilarating, untamed, and more than a little dangerous. The same could be said for T.J. Wilder, who’s invited himself along on her trek to study a rare coyote. Harley’s career is riding on this trip, and she doesn’t need a stubborn, incredibly sexy distraction. But T.J. is a professional guide who knows when to stay back and when to provide invaluable expertise–just like he’s done since they were in high school. And Harley, as usual, is torn between throttling him and giving in to the raw attraction that’s been smoldering all these years.
T.J. knows how proud and capable Harley is, but he’s damned sure not letting her put herself at risk when there are illegal hunters in the area. She needs him, with the same soul-stirring urgency that he’s always craved her. And here, in this beautiful place days from civilization, he’ll finally have a chance to prove it–over and over again. . .

Click here to go to Jill's website for a excerpt.
My review:
Harley Stephens has known and loved T.J. Wilder for a very long time. Finally getting her degree, she’s excited at the prospect of an internship that could lead to her dream job. It hasn’t been easy for Harley, always being the responsible one in a carefree, irresponsible family. Her limited funds have gone beyond limited to non-existent, and she works hard at two jobs to help keep her parents afloat and her sister in school. Harley’s aware of the risks associated with going out into the wild alone on this job, but wants to get away from Wishful, more particularly T.J. Wilder, badly enough to take the chance. Harley has kept a rather intimate secret from T.J. for years, and given her attraction to him, finds it too painful to continue being around him every single day.
T.J. realizes that Harley acts differently around him, always cool and standoffish, than she does with his brothers, but he doesn’t know why. He knows she is struggling financially because she’s constantly helping her family, but his offers of a job with Wilder Adventures are repeatedly refused. T.J. has his own issues stemming from a violently abusive childhood, and he’s known for going off on his own, preferring the quiet simplicity of nature to the company of most people. T.J. is hesitant to let Harley go out alone but knowing she’ll refuse any offers of assistance, he surprises her by showing up on her research project. The story heats up from there as their relationship intensifies. Emotions are soon brought to surface and T.J. and Harley are faced with decisions that will either bring them together for a bright future or tear them apart.
Jill Shalvis never fails to give readers uniquely comfortable characters that easily wrap themselves around your heart. Harley and T.J. are no exception. Readers have been waiting for their story for some time now, seeing it coming in the previous books in the series. The characters from the previous books play an integral part in INSTANT TEMPTATION and catching up with them was especially nice, but they stay on the sidelines enough to allow T.J. and Harley to successfully have the story to themselves. Harley is proudly independent, and T.J.’s insistence on taking care of her leaves her confused because while she knows she’s more than capable of looking out for herself, it’s nice to have someone to lean on for a change. T.J. is the stuff of every woman’s dreams – hardworking, successful, family-oriented, and willing to put his needs second. I give INSTANT TEMPTATION a high recommendation to all romance readers.
Here's a link to Amazon so you can get your own copy!

Jill is graciously giving one lucky reader here the chance at a copy of INSTANT TEMPTATION. To enter, just leave a comment saying "I want it!" - or anything else you want! Feel free to talk about Jill's books, her blog, the usual stuff, or tell us what you're currently reading! I'll draw a winner on Wednesday, March 31.
I hope everyone has a great weekend. Be on the lookout for my review of Kay Stockham's SHE'S THE ONE in the next couple of days!
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A "new to me" author, LaConnie Taylor-Jones - and a two-book giveaway!

AND THE WINNER IS: Lady_Graeye - Congratulations! I know you're going to be thrilled with LaConnie's books! Please contact me at with your mailing information by Sunday, March 28th. If I don't hear from Lady_Graeye by Sunday, I'll draw another name, so stay tuned! Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by and for your wonderful comments - I truly appreciate it! And big thanks to LaConnie for her beautiful romances - you've absolutely gained an adoring fan with me!

I have only recently discovered author LaConnie Taylor-Jones, and I'm so thrilled that I did! When I read the blurb and excerpt for her latest release, IF I WERE YOUR WOMAN, I was very interested. Upon discovering that this was the third in a series, I decided to start off with the first two books in the "Baptiste family" series and ordered them immediately - I've come into so many series late, starting a book or two into it, and wanted to start at the beginning this time. First up was WHEN I'M WITH YOU and the second was WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN. You'll find excerpts and ordering information for this three-book series on Ms. Taylor-Jones's website.

Tinsel Town is about to learn a few lessons from a Southern doctor with the courage to win the heart of a man who swore no woman ever would.
If it doesn’t have a scientific basis, Dr. Laney Olivia Houston doesn’t believe in it and that includes love at first sight. One encounter is all takes with Raphael Baptiste for her to realize her life is changed forever.
Jazz musician, Raphael Baptiste is no stranger to women or their beds. When an illness strikes, his life is thrown into turmoil. Can a quiet Southern belle look beyond his past and capture his heart?

Marcel Baptiste is a wealthy entrepreneur and philanthropist. He meets Caitlyn Thompson, the head of a struggling youth center, when she appeals to his philanthropic foundation for funding. Marcel is smitten and begins wooing her, but she is a hard sell: she has relocated to Oakland after being beaten and raped by Cole, her controlling ex, and is very gun-shy when it comes to men. As Marcel falls more deeply under her spell, he decides that merely loving her isn’t enough: he must also help her vanquish the ghosts of her past.

Nursing administrator Victoria Bennett has soured on love. She has sworn off men; they bring too much drama and too much pain into her life. That is, until she meets pediatrician A. J. Baptiste, a single parent who is determined to woo her. A. J. will stop at nothing to have her, and Victoria finds her resolve put to the test…but is this a fight she really wants to win?

I give this series a very high recommendation and hope you'll check it out. The characters are beautifully written, and the heroes are respectful, with morals and heartwarming family values. Ms. Taylor-Jones's heroines are confident and proud, capable of taking care of themselves, but intelligent enough to know that there's no shame in letting a man look out for you. That said, I have to add that while the characters are kind and considerate, there's no lack of steamy passion, and those of you who appreciate an abundance of heat won't be disappointed.
Have any of you read Ms. Taylor-Jones? If not, I'd like to remedy that - every romance reader out there should be reading her work! I've decided to make a personal introduction by offering one copy each of WHEN I'M WITH YOU and WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN to one lucky reader here. (Please note that these are not autographed copies.) Like always, simply leave a comment to get your name in the draw. Tell a friend who mentions your name in their comment and I'll throw your name in an extra time for mention. I'll draw a winner on Wednesday, March 24.
Be on the lookout for reviews for Jill Shalvis's INSTANT TEMPTATION, Kay Stockham's SHE'S THE ONE (there will be giveaways) and the sweetest of the sweet, Patricia Sargeant, will be guesting here in the next couple of weeks to celebrate the release of her upcoming release, HEATED RIVALRY!
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HelenKay Dimon leaves readers breathless! I have a copy of LEAVE ME BREATHLESS for giveaway!

AND THE WINNER IS - Lynn R! Congratulations, Lynn! Please contact me with your mailing info at by Sunday, 3/21. If I don't hear from Lynn by Sunday evening, I'll pull another name, so be sure to check back.
Thanks to everyone for your comments and one more time I'd like to send out a big thank you to HelenKay!

I'm betting that few authors have been as busy as HelenKay Dimon lately. Three new releases between February and June, 2010 mean she was a mighty busy woman in 2009, I'm guessing. I hope you'll all take a moment to check out the chatter below to see what HelenKay's been working on and then be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win an autographed copy of LEAVE ME BREATHLESS.
According to Judge Bennett Walker, trying to kill him is a dumb idea. They might make him wear a big black nightgown to work, but it covers a lot of muscles, and he’s definitely packing beneath it. He’s also an ex-prosecutor and an ex-GI Joe. So when his brother brings in Callie Robbins to protect him, Ben has a few issues. First, he doesn’t need a bodyguard. Second, she’s a 130-pound girl—more smoking hot than smoking gun. And third, what if his body wants her guarding the night shift?
Callie has no problem brushing aside Ben’s disbelief. She left the FBI to escape the boys’ club, but she can be deeper undercover and twice as lethal as any beefy John Doe. As for whether someone’s after Bennett or not, the death threats and car bombs look pretty convincing to Callie. Of course, she might get distracted, sitting inches from the sexiest judge in DC for ten hours a day. Keeping him safe is no picnic. Keeping it professional—that might be impossible.

My review:
Bennett Walker isn’t your typical judge. He’s gorgeous, tough, and former military – no hiding behind the robe for him. Callie Robbins is equally gorgeous and equally tough, former FBI – hired to keep the good judge safe and sound. Sparks are guaranteed to fly!

Callie Robbins took the assignment to guard her boss’s brother, the Honorable Bennett Walker, after threats against him have begun to escalate. She didn’t expect him to be pleased about the situation, but she could never have anticipated the instant attraction sizzling between them. Callie had a bad experience with her superior at the FBI and while most women would have been professionally weakened by the experience, it only served to make Callie stronger and more determined than ever to do her job to the best of her ability. Ben Walker proves to be a challenge from the start. He may not want Callie as his “bodyguard” but he can think of several other things he’d like to do with her.
Bennett Walker is taking the threats against him very seriously, regardless of how nonchalant he’s acting around his brother. Dark secrets have hung heavily on them both for years and they owe their every strength and success to their past. Callie is a bit of a wise-ass and Ben, rather than being turned off by it, finds her sarcasm and eagerness to banter with him surprisingly stimulating. Almost as soon as Ben gets used to having Callie around as his protector, the threats expand to encompass Callie and his concerns about his own safety are forgotten.
HelenKay Dimon always delivers hard-hitting emotion. Not necessarily in your face, crying for attention, but more understated in layers that make themselves known little by little. There’s a story within a story in this book, with the romance of Ben’s brother, Mark, and their long-time friend and fellow judge, Emma. I chose not to mention it because it deserves more than a mere mention. Frankly, it almost deserves a review of its own, it’s just that good. Obviously, the secondary characters in this book play a very important part in the telling of Callie and Ben’s story. LEAVE ME BREATHLESS covers every base and will satisfy every romance reader’s need for intrigue, danger, suspense, romance and sizzle, and I highly recommend it.
I know you're going to want a copy - click on over to Amazon to make it happen! At the time of this post, you can practically steal it for $10.08/Kindle version $8.96, so hurry!

Also new from HelenKay - her first Harlequin Intrigue - congratulations, HelenKay! Yep, I've read it and it has my highest recommendation. How many of you read series romance? I love them! I call them "check out books" because I rarely go past the bookstand in my grocery store (it's on the way to the checkout counter) without stopping to take a peek, which usually results in at least one going into my shopping basket. I have to admit to buying fewer books at the grocery these days though. Tim gave me an iPod Touch for Christmas and with the Kindle for iPod app, I get most of my books downloaded directly to the iPod. It's almost criminal, how easy they make it for me to spend money on books!
A little about UNDER THE GUN:
A good agent never lets the job become personal…
Who wanted her dead? That's what Claire Samson wanted to know. On the run and alone, there was only one man she trusted to find her. Recovery agent Luke Hathaway was the best at locating and saving, and she needed the best if she wanted to live. But the handsome agent who promised salvation had some conditions of his own. If he were to help, she needed to stick close by his side. Very close. And the only thing more dangerous than her current situation was the way Luke made her feel. From the protective look in his green eyes, she could tell he felt the same. But every second that brought them closer together was also ticking toward an explosive confrontation that might tear them apart…

Another link to Amazon for your ordering pleasure!

While you're here, you might as well have a look at the cover for HelenKay's NIGHT MOVES, coming in June, '10 - I know I'm not the only one who's excited about it! Oh, ok, I'll make it easy for you yet again - click here to go shopping at Amazon. I don't have any more info for NIGHT MOVES (the cover just went up on HelenKay's blog yesterday) - but keep checking her site for more details.

HelenKay is offering an autographed copy of LEAVE ME BREATHLESS to one lucky reader! Want in the draw? Of course you do! Just leave a comment - you know how this works, let's chat it up about HelenKay's work, characters, covers, blog, etc., ok? I'll draw a winner on Wednesday, March 17, 2010 (evening), so don't drink so much green beer that you forget to check back!
That concludes my "It's all about HelenKay" post - I hope you've enjoyed your visit!
Thanks for stopping! Big thanks to HelenKay for the copy of LEAVE ME BREATHLESS, and equally big congratulations on all of your exciting releases!
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I believe I've talked about author Jo Davis before, here and possibly at Romancing the Blog, but I wanted to give a shout about the third/most recent release in her "Station Five" series - HIDDEN FIRE. I've just posted a Romance Junkies review for this book and wanted to share it with you. Ms. Davis has a new series as well, The Shado Agency (from NAL Heat), and while I haven't read the first in that series, I SPY A WICKED SIN, you can bet that I'll be getting my hands on it soon - it looks great! More about that once I actually have it in my hands. When I first saw the cover for I SPY... I emailed my pal AlisonKent to tell her that "the rest of " her cover for NO LIMITS was being used - interesting how cover models often do "double duty"! In the meantime, here's some chatter and my review for HIDDEN FIRE:
The scorching hot firemen of Station Five are known for cranking up the heat. Sexy rogue Julian Salvatore is no exception…
He’s more than earned his reputation as a ladies’ man, but chasing women has also been a way to outrun a terrible secret from his past. Then he meets defense attorney Grace McKenna, a beautiful ice queen who’s more than willing to give Julian her body, even if he can’t seem to melt her heart.
In the blazing heat of their passion, Grace and Julian start to let down their guard—just as a series of grisly murders rocks Nashville and Julian is targeted by the killer. As the firefighter comes face to face with his demons, he and Grace must race to uncover the terrible truth—or become the next victims
Click here for an excerpt!

My Romance Junkies (4.5 blue ribbon) review:
HIDDEN FIRE, the third book in the Firefighters of Station Five series by Jo Davis, gives readers a heated look behind the scenes of the firehouse and the courthouse with firefighter Julian Salvatore and defense attorney Grace McKenna.

Grace McKenna has avoided the advances of firefighter Julian Salvatore because of his reputation as a shameless ladies man. She doesn’t understand Julian’s extreme, almost desperate, concern over her latest client when he sees them together. Julian works with Grace’s brother-in-law, Howard, and while she’s hesitantly interested in spending more time with him, she finds herself incredibly attracted to his irresistible charm. But there are layers to Julian that he’s kept hidden until Grace is drawn into his violent past.
Julian has been doggedly pursuing Grace for some time and can scarcely believe when she agrees to a date. What Grace doesn’t know is that his feelings for her run much deeper than simple lust. Julian has issues from his youth that he would just as soon keep to himself, but threats to Grace require their revelation. Recent, disturbingly violent, kidnappings and murders appear to be connected to Grace’s new client and the terror from Julian’s past. It isn’t long before Julian and Grace, together with many of his co-workers, are caught up in a shocking investigation.
HIDDEN FIRE is a wonderful example of romantic suspense. Readers will find themselves cheering for the relationship between Julian and Grace to work. Secondary characters from previous books in this series are smoothly and successfully woven into the story and it was extremely satisfying to catch up with them. Jo Davis has many fans of her work, this series in particular, and they will be thrilled to know that the next book in the series, LINE OF FIRE, will be releasing in May, 2010.
Want a copy of HIDDEN FIRE? Pop over to Amazon to toss a copy in your cart!

I hope you'll take a minute or two and check out this excerpt for LINE OF FIRE!

Again, I'm making it easy for you to slip over to Amazon to preorder your copy OF LINE OF FIRE!

I'm especially excited for RIDE THE FIRE (Dec '10) which is Sean Tanner's story - Sean is the Captain of Station Five, and Ms. Davis has tortured the poor guy endlessly. lol I so can't wait for him to get his HEA!

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Welcome, Jules Bennett!

Please help me welcome Jules Bennett! Jules is guesting today to celebrate the release of her latest book and is prepared to answer all of your reader questions, so put your thinking caps on! Scroll down to see my review and ordering information from a couple of days ago. Jules is offering an autographed copy of her new Silhouette Desire, SEDUCING THE ENEMY'S DAUGHTER, to one lucky commenter. I'm celebrating with some prizes too. Because we're all romantics at heart, my prizes are from the American Heart Association's Go Red store and include two "Go Red" totes, a "Go Red" lighted compact and several "Go Red" pens - in addition, I have a handful of Jules' pens and bookmarks. I'll combine mine to make two prizes: one w/a tote, compact, pens and bookmarks and one w/a tote, pens and bookmarks. I'll also pull a few names for pens and bookmarks. Names will be drawn and announced at the end of the day. I hope you'll take time to pop over to Jules' website to learn more about her and her work - but for now, let's have those questions! Can't think of a question? No problem, just leave a comment and you'll be entered.

Thanks for being here today, Jules!

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Jules Bennett is a fresh, (fairly) new author face with loads of writing talent. Besides being an author, she's a businesswoman, wife and mother - and cute as a button, to boot! Jules was sweet enough to send me an early copy of SEDUCING THE ENEMY'S DAUGHTER and I'm pleased that she's going to be a guest here on Thursday! Be sure to stop back and get your questions ready for Jules - there will be prizes!

Brady Stone had just learned the new manager of the property he wanted was a woman… and quite desirable. Charming Samantha Donovan into giving away corporate secrets would be even sweeter considering she was the enemy’s daughter.
The business magnate had been planning his revenge for years. Now the only thing standing between Brady and victory was a beautiful, innocent pawn. His head told him to forget about any possible future with Samantha. But his heart knew that in destroying the Donovan empire he would be ruining his last chance at happiness.
My review:
Businessman Brady Stone has had the luxury resort of Lani Kaimana in his sights with an intensity that borders on obsession. Stanley Donovan forced Brady's dying father to sell the resort to him and Brady is bent on regaining possession of the property, hopefully destroying Stanley in the process. Surprised that resort manager "Sam" Donovan is Stanley's beautiful daughter, Samantha, Brady quickly decides that seduction will help get him close enough to obtain inside information. He certainly didn't plan on the emotions stirred by his relationship with Sam, and soon he's left questioning his objectives as well as his priorities.
It seems to Samantha Donovan that she has spent her entire life trying to please her father, seemingly an impossible task. Intent on making the Lani Kaimana resort a success, she's determined to remain focused and professional, regardless of how charming Brady Stone is. The attention he's lavishing on her is irresistibly flattering and it isn't long before she's weakening. Sam's blossoming relationship with Brady goes far to soothe the pain of her failing relationship with her father. Unexpected, exhiliarating news has her on top of the world until truths are revealed that bring her joy crashing down.
Jules Bennett has done a beautiful job in bringing readers Sam and Brady's story. Sam's pain over her relationship with her father is very well written. She is almost stiff with determined professionalism in her efforts to make a success of the resort; her softening under Brady's attentions is especially nice. Brady's persistence for revenge loses steam as his relationship with Sam gains momentum. At the same time he realizes just what is important in life, it becomes clear that his hunger for retaliation has gone too far and he has most likely lost Sam completely. Emotions are handled nicely and I think romance readers will be satisfied with SEDUCING THE ENEMY'S DAUGHTER, Jules Bennett's first contribution to the Silhouette Desire line.

Want a copy? Buzz on over to Amazon for easy pre-ordering!

Up next from Jules is another Silhouette Desire, FOR BUSINESS ... OR MARRIAGE? The story of Brady Stone's brother, Cade. It will be released in April - I can't wait!

She’d always been in love with her boss. Secretly. And it had almost killed Abby Morrison each time magnificent multimillionaire Cade Stone began dating another woman. And now… he wanted her to plan his wedding!
Abby knew Cade was making a mistake— marrying for business reasons a woman equally uninterested in love. For too long she’d been the mousy little secretary. But now she refused to keep quiet. So she had one month to plan Cade’s wedding? That gave her one month to change his mind.
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