Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stacy interviewed me, go have a look-see!

One of the sweetest people I know I met via Lori Foster's Bookjunkies group several years ago -Stacy, aka Trelaina, and I love her to pieces. She for some reason wanted to interview me and while I'm nowhere near as exciting, hip or fun as the other bloggers she's interviewed, my interview is up today, so please take a look and then make all of the appropriate noises that indicate interest, intrigue, approval. Rumblings of pity can be kept to yourself, please!
Thanks, Stacy - I adore you and love you bunches and bunches! This will take you to Stacy's Place: http://trelainastarblazer.blogspot.com/

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Lisa F. said...

Laurie, I didn't know you had a secret desire to write. I bet you would be great at it. Good luck if you ever decide to put your thoughts to paper, and if you need a research partner I'll volunteer to travel with you.