Monday, May 21, 2007

Cindy Gerard's INTO THE DARK

I recently read Cindy Gerard's ( upcoming release, INTO THE DARK, and suggest, no insist, that if you love romantic suspense as much as I do, you get your hands on this book and all previous books in the series - immediately! I started this series totally out of order, as I seem prone to do with most series. I feel that the books in The Bodyguards series are all stand-alone books, but your reading experience will be enriched muchly if you're aware of the prior happenings. You're going to want all of the others anyway, so you may as well get them all right off the bat!
I was very excited to have the opportunity to review this book for Cindy - and I gave it five blue ribbons - something I rarely do. I can count on one hand the times I've given a book five ribbons! This is my Romance Junkies review:

A woman seemingly made of the finest tempered steel and an intensely strong man with a soft spot only for her hit the road running in search of answers to secrets about her past, and find much, much more during the journey, in Cindy Gerard’s INTO THE DARK.

When Amy Walker is forced off the road by a huge SUV on her way home from work, adrenaline and sheer terror take over and she finds herself fighting for her life. When she takes the life of the assassin chasing her, she knows that a situation this serious will require the assistance of the man who rescued her from terrorist kidnappers several months prior, regardless of the fact that she doesn’t want to involve him. After spending a passionate night with Dallas, Amy has second thoughts and tries to sneak out so as to not get him tied up in her troubles. When that fails and he’s determined to help her, she tells him an incredible, almost unbelievable, story about her grandfather and the atrocious acts he has committed against Amy and her mother. Amy is determined to save her reporter friend Jenna, who is missing in Argentina, while settling the score with her grandfather, despite the heavy risk to their very lives.

There wasn’t anything that Dallas Garrett wouldn’t do for Amy Walker; he never stopped thinking of her after his team rescued her months before. She immediately and inexplicably disappeared after her rescue. When Amy shows up at his door during an icy rainstorm and collapses in his arms, it is obvious that danger has once again found her. Dallas is battling his own personal demons, but can’t refuse Amy anything. He thinks the story about her grandfather is pretty incredible, but so is the evidence that she has against him. Dallas agrees to help Amy find Jenna and shortly after they set out, he realizes that the risk and intrigue have only just begun. He only hopes that he can keep them alive long enough to convince Amy of how much he loves her.

Amy Walker has filled the minds of readers and Dallas Garrett alike, since she first appeared in INTO THE BRINK, earlier in this series. Readers have been waiting for her story and it was well worth the wait. Amy and Dallas are both deeply damaged and the strengths that they bring out in each other may be their only saving grace. Cindy Gerard has written a passionately sensual book; the love scenes in INTO THE DARK aren’t simply about sex. They are beautifully written and emotionally fulfilling. Some of the characters from previous books in this series make appearances and it is fun to catch up with them. A new, somewhat dark character plays a role that will leave readers wondering what, if anything, might be in store for him in the future. We can only hope!

This book is an excellent wrap-up to a stellar series and I would give it more than five ribbons if possible!

Thanks for stopping - I sincerely hope you'll check out this excellent series.


Stacy~ said...

Great review Laurie. I have 5 of her books and I think I'll need to get this one too :)

Judy F said...

wow Awesome review. I keep telling myself to get to these books.

Anonymous said...

Great review.

I love these books. can't wait for the last one.

Laurie D. said...

I loved each of these books too - this last one has a character whose story you're going to want to read - not sure whether that will go anywhere or not. I certainly hope so!

Thanks so much for stopping! I can't wait to see all of you next weekend!

Cindy Gerard said...

HI all
This is Cindy checking in to thank Laurie for the fabulous review of Into The Dark - Wow. I'm glad it struck all the right cords for you. Everyone has been waiting so long for this story and I lived in fear of letting them down. So far, other reviews have also been generous and I so appreciate that.
And for those of you who are wondering - YES, Gabe and Jenna's story will be next :o)
thanks again, Laurie and thanks to the rest of you who are reading the series.
Have a good one!!
Cindy Gerard

Laurie D. said...

Cindy! Thanks for stopping by! I am so relieved to hear that Gabe and Jenna's story will be told - they are so deserving of their own book! I'm already dreading the end of this wonderful series! I just know that INTO THE DARK is going to fly off the shelves!

I hope everyone is having a fun-filled holiday weekend! Don't forget the reason behind that extra day off work - remember our fallen heroes and if you have the opportunity, take in a Memorial Day service and thank the veterans in attendance.