Tuesday, August 03, 2010

DESPERATE DEEDS, new from Dee Davis!

Author Dee Davis has another new book on the shelves! DESPERATE DEEDS is available now, and I can't stress enough how much I enjoyed this series. Ms. Davis has excerpts on her website; I hope you'll check them out. I saw that a couple of reviewers felt that this book fell down on the job, not pulling it's weight as the third in the series. I couldn't disagree more. I think this series was painstakingly researched and superbly written and I was not disappointed in the least. If you've read any or all of the books in this series, please share your thoughts.
When Tyler meets Owen Wakefield, a handsome British operative, she seduces him with no intention of ever seeing him again. But then the sexy Brit is brought into A-Tac, and despite Tyler’s efforts to keep her distance, she finds herself falling for him. Trusting him.
Owen seems too good to be true—and he is. He’s hiding his true motives and identity, and no matter how he feels about Tyler, he can’t keep her secrets. One of A-Tac’s members has turned traitor and helped terrorists to hijack a shipment of nuclear weapons. As witnesses start dying and evidence starts disappearing, Owen and Tyler must race to find the mole—and prevent a final, cataclysmic act of destruction.

My Romance Junkies (4.5 blue ribbon) review:
Author Dee Davis has done some serious stirring of the romantic suspense pot with DESPERATE DEEDS – mixing a beautiful demolitions expert working under the guise of an ivy league English professor with a British agent whose smooth seductions are as impressive as his capability as an MI-5 agent.
When a mission goes suspiciously wrong, A-Tac demolitions expert Tyler Hanson decides to blow off steam with an evening fuel by alcohol and a heated one night stand with a gorgeous Brit. At the next A-Tac meeting, Tyler discovers that her one night stand is none other than British MI-5 agent, Owen Wakefield, and he’s been assigned to work with A-Tac. Even more disturbing, Tyler’s suspected of being responsible for the attack that left two soldiers dead and several highly sophisticated detonators missing. Her anger at being a suspect is short-lived as she deals with a budding relationship with Owen, her larger than life Army general father’s struggle with Alzheimer’s and one violent incident after another, including the deaths of some of the people closest to Tyler. It soon appears that there’s someone on the inside working against A-Tac.
Owen Wakefield finds himself in a difficult situation. Placed with the A-Tac team, he finds himself a stranger, but is quickly welcomed to assist in the investigation. On the other hand, his boss is pushing him to find evidence, by any means, that Tyler was personally involved with the missing weaponry. Confident that the evidence points to someone else, Owen’s determination to keep Tyler alive is first and foremost.
As with the previous books, A-Tac is made up of the highly intelligent CIA team of men and women who perform double duty as ivy league professors while their government jobs are intensely precise and extremely dangerous. It is obvious that Ms. Davis has done her research to bring readers characters with the knowledge and expertise to carry out both roles. This is the third book in what I have found to be an outstanding series, following DARK DECEPTIONS and DANGEROUS DESIRES. I was pleased that this third book didn’t lose momentum; the intrigue and suspense is just as strong. Tyler’s father’s Alzheimer’s adds a touch of painful reality, and previous characters are key to the story but allow the focus to remain on Tyler and Owen. I highly recommend DESPERATE DEEDS and hope that all readers who enjoy well-written romantic suspense will check out this series by Dee Davis.

Now, if I've done my job, you'll want to buzz over to Amazon and get your own copy! I recommend starting at the beginning of the series with DARK DECEPTIONS and DANGEROUS DESIRES, before reading DESPERATE DEEDS.
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