Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer in Ohio, aka Hotter than Hades

What do you think of when you study this picture? I think of how it feels when I step outside. It's hot as hell in Ohio right now. I know it's hot other places too, but I'm in Ohio so I know that's where it's the most miserable. ha!

Is it hot where you are? How are you staying cool? I love going to the pool but haven't been yet this year. We've already had a little vacation to Gatlinburg - where it was 99 degrees, just as miserable as being at home. The farm markets are really starting to get an abundance of produce now - we buy zucchini, yellow squash and candy onions, slice them thick and grill them - so very good w/just a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Sometimes we'll sprinkle some freshly grated parmesan cheese on top too, yum!

I'm working on a review for the third book in the Dee Davis series - I don't know if anyone has picked up the first two in the series yet, but I absolutely suggest that you do.

One book that I'm practicaly antsy about is Erin McCarthy's HOT FINISH - the other two books in the series were great fun and I loved them, but Ryder and Suzanne's story is going to be fabuloso, I just know it! Some of my friends have advance copies and I'm trying very hard to tone down the green!

Let us know what's going on with you - please! I want to know what you're doing this summer, what you're reading, what you're cooking, etc.



Mollie said...

You're in Ohio too?! I'm in the Columbus area. It's soo hot and the air conditioner at work goes haywire on a daily basis. Sometimes it's freezing sometimes it's stiflingly hot. Sigh.

Laurie D. said...

Hey Mollie!
I'm just north of Columbus. Our AC has been running non-stop and it's driving me crazy! I'm so ready for a day or two where we can open the house up. I typically wear jackets or light sweaters to work b/c the AC is pretty chilly - makes me look pretty silly when I leave at 5:00 and it's blazing hot.

I hope you have a great weekend - stay cool!

Judy F said...

I think I have whined to you daily about how hot it is in Cinti. It makes me sick to deal with it. I wear a light sweater at work for most of the day too. This heat just sucks all the energy out of a person.

Melanie said...

Ok folks I am in Vegas, home of the lovely 120 degrees. Good thing everywhere you go has AC or misters. We just try to avoid being outside, if possible.
Attended my first convention this year - RomCon - so much fun, they are working out the dates for next year in Denver again, once they have them I am scheduling my vacation.
After years of my sil hounding me to blog with her I have finally decided to start, so we are working on our new site and will hopefully have that up and running soon, good thing is we got so many books at RomCon that we will be having lots of giveaways, they have already started at her site now
We also went on our Disney trip and spent a day whale watching, saw a pod of almost 300 dolphins and 2 blue whales it was pretty awesome, best part was the joy on my nephews face, we don't get to see that very often.
Hope you are all having a good summer!

Virginia said...

Yep its hotter the Hell here too. AC going full blast and electric bill is sky rocketing. Its very hard to get the work outside done you need to do. Like mowing the lawn. Our deck needs to be finished but its to hot to do it. So staying in an trying to stay cool only going out when I have to.

Lisa F. said...

It's just as hot in GA! Our heat index has been around 105 this past week, and my last electric bill was $350. My tomato plants have stopped producing because of the heat.

I'm reading Simply Irresistable by Jill Shalvis, and an ebook that is more about the sex than a story. Bad choice so I won't even name the book.