Wednesday, May 06, 2009

2009 Reader and Author Get Together

It’s that time again – Lori Foster and Dianne Castell are having their Reader and Author Get Together in the Cincinnati area the weekend of June 5-7. The registration fee is minimal for the entire weekend at $50. This includes a pizza dinner on Friday night, continental-type breakfast Saturday morning, lunch and dinner on Saturday. You’re on your own for Sunday morning breakfast, and can join friends at the hotel restaurant, which is always very good, or go to one of the area restaurants. Several of the authors have sign-up sheets available for readers to join them for Sunday breakfast. The Marriott (which is absolutely gorgeous) has a special rate of $105/night for the weekend.
There will be a used book trade (tickets in exchange for turned in books which are then used to shop for the traded books of others), a book fair and signing, dozens of raffle baskets, and I will once again be taking tangible and monetary (for shopping and shipping) collections for the troops. I will have a raffle for prizes for two lucky troop donors. I know you probably are tired of hearing this, but we have shipped over 900 pounds to the troops over the past five years, thanks to the generosity of those in the romance community - what a great feeling!
Several charities (listed at the link above) will benefit from the raffles and a portion of the book fair proceeds.
There are 90+ authors signed up, and while I’ll admit that I’m not familiar with many of them, there will be several well-known and much-loved authors in attendance. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable and there is an abundance of time to meet and visit with authors and to catch up with your friends. Some of my favorite people in the world are women that I only see once at year at this event; I can’t wait to see them again!
If you’re interested, please note that time is running out for registration – May 19 is the last day to register. Click on the link above for registration information, events planned for the weekend, and to see which of your favorite authors will be in attendance.
Feel free to email me directly at should you have questions. Any authors who cannot attend but would like to have your promo items included in attendee goodie bags, please feel free to contact me about taking them for you.
I hope you'll consider attending!


Patty L. said...

Unfortunatley this years get together is out of my budget. I went a couple of years ago and had a great time and last year I was supposed to go and my travel partner cancelled on me at the last minute and I couldn't swing my hotel all by myself.

I am going to really miss this event. Everyone is so nice and it really would make a big difference in my ambition and motivation to finish my current wip. LOL

Lisa F. said...

I'm looking forward to the weekend! See ya real soon...

Barbara said...

Counting the days this year. Really looking forward to a great time as always. Only a month away.

Lori Foster said...

Thanks Laurie!
Dianne and I have said it numerous times, but there's no way we could do this without our fabulous volunteers! You ladies are GREAT!

I have SUCH a good time that whole weekend, which was the original intent, of course - for everyone to have a blast. Success! :-)

I'ml ooking forward to it, and working my tush off finalizing a gazillion and one things. LOL

Hugs to all!


flchen1 said...

*sniff* I won't be making it, but have a terrific time!!