Monday, May 04, 2009


I've compiled a list of books that I think shouldn't be missed, or that I'm very much anticipating. Some of these are already available, some are releasing this week, some later this month, and some next month. I've read all of these authors, loved them, and I hope you'll check them - and then dish about what new or upcoming releases you're excited about.
NO LIMITS by Alison Kent (review below) Sheer excellence!
HARD AND FAST by Erin McCarthy (review below) Erin writes sexy and steamy as few can.
WITH A TWIST by Deirdre Martin (review below) Always fun and emotional.
UNDER FIRE by Jo Davis - my copy is on its way from Amazon and I can't wait to read it! This firefighter series is off to an excellent start!
CAPTIVE OF THE BEAST by Lisa Renee Jones - my copy is on its way from eHarlequin - I've ordered an extra copy and will be doing a giveaway, so check back for that!
TRUE LOVE AND OTHER DISASTERS by Rachel Gibson - I've never missed a single book by Rachel Gibson and never fail to fall in love with each one!
WILD HEAT by Bella Andre - this one is also winging its way from Amazon and is guaranteed to be full of sultry goodness!
RIDING ON INSTINCT by Jaci Burton - another one coming from Amazon. I've read several of Jaci Burton's books and always enjoy her work.
NAUTI INTENTIONS by Lora Leigh - I don't read any of Lora Leigh's paranormals, but do like her contemporaries a bunch.
HER MOTHER'S KILLER by Melissa Schroeder - I can't wait for this one. Melissa is one author that deserves to be read and loved by every romance reader out there - I'm confident she'll be widely known very soon.
HOW TO SEDUCE A TEXAN by Karen Kelley - I'm reading this one now, still on the first chapter though. Karen will be doing a guest blog here around the end of the month and there will be prizes, so keep an eye out. Anytime Karen's around, a good time is guaranteed!
MASTER OF CRAVING by Karin Tabke - coming later this month and I'm sooo looking forward to it! Maybe I'll be able to get Karin to hang out for a day to celebrate her latest "Master" book with us!
THE TYCOON'S REBEL BRIDE by Maya Banks - Follows THE TYCOON'S PREGNANT MISTRESS, which I absolutely adored. I can't wait for this one or the next one that comes out in October, I believe.

These definitely aren't all of the great books that are coming soon and I hope I haven't left anyone out. What are you reading now? Any great books that you'd like to recommend? We want to know!


Christa said...

Thanks for the remind about hard and fast and that I could download today.
In April I read books 1-6 in Lorelei James's Rough Rider series. I loved all 6 books and really looking forward to another May 15

Lisa F. said...

I've got some of these on my TBB list already and added some more. I also want to get Lucy Monroe's newest HP but I can't remember the title right now. Lauren Dane has relentless coming out also.

Karin Tabke said...

Laurie, I love hanging out here! Anytime, just let me know! and thnx for giving MASTER OF CRAVING a shout out!

Anonymous said...

Am currently reading Robin Kaye's Too Hot to Handle.

Pat L.

Judy F said...

Hey Laurie, I have a lot of those on my list to get.

I just finished Lucy Monroe's Watch Over Me. Very hot.

Am reading Its Hotter In Hawaii by HelenKay Dimon. Love her books

Barbara said...

Hi Laurie-

Great topic. I have five of those you listed on my list too. No Limits by Alison Kent, Hard And Fast by Erin McCarthy, Riding On Instinct by Jaci Burton, How To Seduce A Texen by Karen Kelley and Under Fire by Jo Davis.

I also got Nauti Intentions by Lora Leigh from my book club last Monday. Hope to read that one this weekend.

Others on my list coming out soon or recently released are Malice by Lisa Jackson. this one is next up on my book club auto ship list. It should be on it's way on the 15th. I love Lisa Jackson's work. She writes some really good villians and this one is about characters from perviouse books.

Till There Was You by Lynn Kurland. She writes such vivid and detailed books and is one of the best at writing time travels.

The Awakening by Kelly Armstrong. This one is the second in a YA paranotmal series by Kelly and I thought the first one was fabulous so I am hoping she will continue in the same mode.

Fade To Black by Leslie Parrish this is the first of a new series and comes out in June I think. FBI type themed romantic suspense. They sound wonderful and I am hoping this new venture goes well for Leslie who is better known as Leslie Kelly.

Fabulous Fifteen also a June releas I think by Janet Evanovich. Have to get my Stephanie Plum and company fix for the year.

Hot Pursuit by Suzanne Brockmann not out til the end of July I think but I eagerly await the next troubleshooters book and savor them all. Brockmann is so intense and gritty and always a pleasure to read.

Recently purchased items to be read soon are Crouching Vampire, hidden Fang by Katie McAllister. Sure to be a humerous paranormal.

Doomsday Can Wait second of a urban fantasy series by Lori Handland. 1st person story and the first one was very good. Looking for further adventures from the lead character.

One Deadly Sin by Annie Soloman sounds like a great romantic suspense book.

Eve Of Darkness the start of a new urban fantasy series from S J Day aka Sylvia Day. This one will have back to back releases thru July. So three books to enjoy.

Burning Alive by Shannon K Butcher. This one is the start of a new series for her. Paranormal themed which will also be a new genre. her previous book were romantic suspense but she is a wonderful writer and was in fact one of my great finds from last year.

Right now I am reading Vision In White by Nora Roberts. This will be a four book series about four friends that run a bridal themed business, VOWS. This story is about Mac the photographer and Carter the nerdy brother of a wedding cliant who had a crush on mac in high school. Roberts writes wonderful friend/family stories. this one just came out last week and when I saw it in the store I felt compelled to get it.

So that's it for me for

Sorry to have put up such a long post.