Thursday, April 16, 2009

What was in your Easter basket?

The one way that my daughters are least like me is that they don't much of a sweet tooth. I don't have just one sweet tooth - I have an entire mouthful. When the holidays roll around that are celebrated with gifts of chocolates and sweets, like Valentine's Day and Easter, I give my girls a couple of sweet treats that they especially like, such as Cadbury eggs, Cadbury caramel eggs (my personal fave) and Peeps, and toss in some money - what's not to love about a little cash, right? This year they also each had a bag of Sweet Butter Cornbread croutons. They both devour these straight from the bag for a snack, so I figured why not give them each a bag in their Easter baskets? They were thrilled - and I got major points for creativity!

What did your Easter basket hold this year?


Barbara said...


The crutons were a very creative addition to your girls baskets.

My favorite Easter candy would be either Reece Peanut Butter eggs or the Lindet truffel eggs. Although the second is more of a treat as it is a candy I don't tend to buy or think of all the time.

Lisa F. said...

Laurie, I've never seen these croutons in the store. It's not something I normally purchase but I think I'll have to look for these.

Estella said...

My basket contained shower gel, body lotion, pens, pencils, shopping list tablet, note cards, a small clipboard,butterfly shaped eraser, and acouple of small bags of candy.
I have never seen the croutons in the store, either.

Judy F said...

sniff no basket for me. What did I do to the Easter bunny. LOL