Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Deirdre Martin's WITH A TWIST

Deirdre Martin has a new book, WITH A TWIST, scheduled to release next week (May 4) - if you don't have this one already ordered or in your online cart, what are you waiting for? I've loved Deirdre Martin's work from the very beginning and was very pleased to have the opportunity to review WITH A TWIST on behalf of Romance Junkies.

He's a tall order. She's a hot dish.
But are they ready for the main course?

Natalie Bocuse dreams of managing a chic Manhattan restaurant. In the meantime she's waitressing at her sister's French bistro in Brooklyn.
Among the regulars is Quinn O'Brien, not only the best reporter in New York but the most handsome. He'll do anything for a story, even break hearts, though Natalie swears hers will stay untouched.
When Quinn offers Natalie a waitressing job at his parents' Irish Pub in Manhattan, she can't refuse. She'll be a step closer to her dream and temptingly close to Quinn. But then Quinn's new editor-in-chief steps through the pub's doors and wants to order what's on Natalie's menu. Now Quinn will do anything to stop the presses. Pursuing the greatest story of his life, his own love story, Quinn's going to need his luck of the Irish to win Natalie's heart—or else it's c'est la vie...

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My (4 Blue Ribbon) Romance Junkies review:
She’s a beautiful French woman who dreams of managing an upscale restaurant in New York City. He’s the best reporter in New York City whose only dream has been scooping the next big story. Until, that is, he meets Natalie, after which the only story he wants to write involves Natalie, him, and happily ever after.
Natalie Bocuse loves her sister, Vivi, but rather than waiting tables in her sister’s quaint bistro, she dreams of managing a classy, chic Manhattan restaurant. When newspaper reporter Quinn O’Brien offers her a position waiting tables in his family’s Irish pub, it isn’t the position she envisions for herself, but it is in the city, so she’ll be one step closer. As Natalie gets to know (and love) Quinn, his family, and the quirky assortment of regulars at the pub, she soon realizes that class and sophistication come in all shapes and sizes and aren’t limited to upscale, pricey eateries.
Quinn has admired Natalie at her sister’s bistro and regularly eats there just to be near her, despite her snooty attitude and frequent insults. When he learns that she has moved to the city and is looking for a job, he is quick to recommend her for the waitress position at his parents’ pub. He tries to fit himself into Natalie’s mold of the perfect man, but he’s finding it an extremely uncomfortable fit. Quinn simply isn’t cut out for fancy, expensive restaurants and the opera, not to mention the pinch he’s feeling in his wallet. It isn’t long before the uptight Natalie has relaxed and is enjoying herself with their zany customers, and surprisingly, trying very hard to make a positive impression on his family.
Natalie and Quinn are excellently written as total opposites who are helpless against the attraction between them. As their relationship intensifies and becomes more serious, Natalie is very concerned. She has made serious adjustments in her attitude and expectations, and while she knows that Quinn cares deeply for her, she’s beginning to question whether she will ever come first before the next story. Add touches of intrigue and suspense, secondary characters whose own backgrounds and lives are a priceless complement to Natalie and Quinn’s story, and WITH A TWIST is a first-class contemporary romance; I give it a very high recommendation.
Hopefully you're good and tempted, so here's a quick link to Amazon so you can get your own copy of WITH A TWIST!
Thanks for checking it out!


flchen1 said...

Ooh, cool! Thanks for the heads-up, Laurie! Is this part of her series, or is it a stand-alone?

Judy F said...

I love her books. I enjoyed Vivi's story in Just A Taste. I can't wait to read this one.

Anonymous said...

I love her and this series.

Pat L.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the story. I remember both of these characters from Just A Taste and wondered when their story would be told. I will have to make the trek to the bookstore this weekend. There is so many books that I want. LOL


Susan said...

I love Deirdre Martin's books! I have this one on my wish list.

Laurie said...

I loved Fair Play & Power Play! I will look for this one!!