Friday, November 14, 2008


Ok, this is a little naughty, but funny.

A little girl is in line to see Santa. When it's her turn, she climbs up on Santa's lap. Santa asks, "What would you like Santa to bring you for Christmas?"
The little girl replies, "I want a Barbie and a G.I. Joe."
Santa looks at the little girl for a moment and says, "I thought Barbie comes with Ken."
"No," said the little girl. "She comes with G.I. Joe, she fakes it with Ken."

No wonder Barbie's always smiling, huh? I hope everyone has a great weekend! I'll be putting some holiday boxes together for the troops, a sure sign that Christmas is coming! I'll also be doing some review reading - Alison Kent's MAXIMUM EXPOSURE, followed by Sasha White's PRIMAL MALE.


Karin said...


I love that, Laurie. It's so unexpected but so funny.

Karin Tabke said...

good one,laurie!

Stacy~ said...

LOL you bad girl you. Just one of the reasons I like you so much *g*