Monday, June 02, 2008

THROUGH THE VEIL, Shiloh Walker's latest release - available tomorrow!!

Shiloh Walker has a new book, THROUGH THE VEIL, releasing tomorrow, June 3rd. Shiloh was kind enough to ask me to do a review for her and while I was supposed to have posted this two weeks ago, I was simply buried under with graduation and other family stuff, so I'm extremely late and for that I apologize.

First off, isn't this a beautiful cover? A wonderful rendering of Lee, the tough yet feminine warrior who is the heroine in this wonderful book.
Shiloh Walker has the incredible ability to pull you into her stories to the point that you feel like a fly on the wall in every scene, experiencing the darkness, the despair, the joy, the pain - every emotion of her characters.
Here's a brief review:
Lee Ross is certain she's losing her mind. She lives a quiet life of a graphic designer. While her life may seem ordinary and uneventful, she wakes almost daily with memories of wildly bizarre dreams in which she battles hideous creatures in a war-torn land, alongside a silver-eyed man who is the stuff of dreams. As strange as all of this is, Lee could probably pass it off as an overactive imagination presenting itself in her dreams, but she awakes covered in bruises and inexplicable injuries, sometimes very serious injuries. Despite their seriousness, they heal almost miraculously. While Lee is understandably confused, there's a familiarity about this beautiful stranger, almost as if she knows him. When Lee finds herself in this darkly desolate world while she's wide awake for a change, armed with physical defenses that she never knew existed and odd people she doesn't know calling her Lelia, she is more confused than ever.
Kalen has never known where Lee goes when she leaves him. She has come and gone between their two worlds for years. Kalen's people and their very world are being destroyed and Lee is the key to their survival. He doesn't understand why she can't see or even feel their desperation. One thing Kalen does know is that he loves Lee; has loved her for what seems like a lifetime. All of his emotions when it comes to Lee are incredibly intense - anger at her repeatedly turning her back on their suffering people, and passion to hold her and never let her go.
This is an incredible love story. Not your typical "boy meets girl" romance - thank goodness! It's difficult to come up with the words to describe the deep emotions that Shiloh brings to the surface. Yes, she makes her characters suffer repeatedly, but it serves to make their story that much richer.
I highly recommend this book to all lovers of romance. It's darkly delicious and will appeal to everyone, especially those readers who enjoy rich romance with paranormal touches.
Thanks, Shi, for allowing me to review THROUGH THE VEIL for you - it was an absolute pleasure.
I'll be posting a great excerpt tomorrow!


Stacy~ said...

Great review, Laurie. LOVED this book.

Karin said...

Your review has definitely placed this book on my list of those I want to read.

Dina said...

Enjoyed your review.

shilohwalker said...

Laurie, glad you liked it! Thanks for the review.