Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Finally! Shiloh Walker's THROUGH THE VEIL releases today! I hope you'll take a sec to read the excerpt below and then rush to get your own copy! Here's a little blurb:

Found wandering in a field as a child, Lee Ross was given a name by the state and placed in a foster home–without anyone realizing she wasn't entirely human. All her life, she's tried to dismiss the odd dreams that have plagued her, dreams of monsters creeping through the night and a man, fighting demons by her side. But the bruises she wakes up with are all too real to ignore.
Then the man from dreams appears in the flesh. His name is Kalen and he insists that her destiny lies in his world, the world of her dreams. To save their people, he must convince Lee to give everything she knows, follow her heart and cross into the Under Realm, even though once she does, she'll never be able to return.

And now for an even bigger taste, here's a great excerpt:
You belong in our world…
She closed her eyes, pressing her hands to her face. Behind her eyelids, she saw a world that was overwhelmed by war, by chaos, pitted blackened areas that had once been cities, forests stripped of everything green and pure, a world so ugly and torn. Smoke filled the air and fires always burned. It was a terrifying, ugly image, as close to hell on earth as she could imagine. But like an afterimage…another world wavered, just beyond the reach of her sight, something green and lush and rich.
That was the world as it had once been. Before something, or someone, had torn open a hole that led straight to hell. Now it was a feeding and breeding ground for something evil, something vile.
Too real…too real…
Lee whimpered in her throat, wrapping her arms around her knees and resting her chin on her knees. You're going out of your mind…
That low, raspy voice, with its odd accent. Like Ireland, but heavier. Almost more ancient sounding. You belong in my world… it sounded like music to her ears, y b'lon in me world. Ye know it…ye always have.
His eyes were pools of molten silver, and just as hot. Damn it, there was no way she could have imagined a creature as fantastical as he was. Or as angry. The rage she sensed inside him was practically tangible. He seemed so real… Whimpering, she curled on her side in the bed and whispered, "What's going on with me?"
The entire dream, she remembered all of it. She had closed her eyes to go to sleep last night and a brief moment of nothingness…then she had opened her eyes, seeing a murky display of greenish purple lights just beyond the thick cover of clouds. A strange sense of purpose has filled her and she had moved through the bizarre landscape of empty rubble strewn streets, shells of building, trees that were twisted and stunted. Walking those roads had felt familiar, and she had seen faces that she had known.
The more she thought about the dream, the memories she seemed to find, like they had been buried just under the sand, and a wind had come, blowing the sand away and exposing the memories. Curling her hands into fists, she clenched her teeth against another onslaught of memories and rasped, "What is going on?"

Tempted? You should be! This is a great book - not a simple little flight of fancy, this one has loads of depth and great layering.
Thanks for checking it out!
Next up will be a few words about THE POWER OF LOVE and then a review of Karin Tabke's upcoming historical, MASTER OF SURRENDER!


Karin said...

Definitely tempted. The excerpt along with your review have made me anxious for a trip to the bookstore. :)

Dina said...

Tempted for sure!!