Thursday, March 06, 2008


I receive emails daily about diet and exercise. At the present, they aren't doing me any good because I've slipped completely off the diet track. I'm so far off track that I can't even see the track. It's very discouraging and I'm totally disgusted with myself. One of the emails I received today was about metabolism. I'm not certain I even have metabolism. I think mine is in the negative numbers. Hey, maybe I'm a metabolic freak of nature that scientists would give their right arm to study! No, I think I'm just a glutton who loves to eat and can't control herself for more than a handful of days at a time!
Check out this website for great tips on everything healthy. I have been a frequent visitor there, although you wouldn't know it right now!
I do plan on getting back on track in the next couple of days. My life has been very stressful these past couple of weeks but things are finally looking up and I look forward to being back in full control very shortly.
Look for some fun reviews and chatter for Dianne Castell's upcoming Brava release, HOT AND BOTHERED, in the next few days. Next week there won't be a Think Thin Thursday post because Dianne will be guest blogging here on the 13th and 14th - a blog party with lots of fun discussion, games and prizes! I hope you'll stop back and check it out - and please tell your friends!

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Sasha White said...

Don't give up Laurie. So your off track. Tomorrow is a new day. If you're not happy with what you did today, or yesterday, then don't do it tomorrow.

I know it's easier said than done, but if you have the desire, you can do it!