Thursday, January 31, 2008

MELISSA SCHROEDER - the goodness continues!

(I apologize for the poor quality of the book cover pic I've put up - not sure what the issue is, but it really is beautiful! I might fiddle with it later when I have more time) I've chatted here about Melissa Schroeder before and have reviewed a couple of her books. I'm not doing an actual review this time because I'm way late with my review for Lisa Renee Jones, but I have to tell you about Melissa's historical, THE ACCIDENTAL COUNTESS. I started this book a couple of days ago and have been hard-pressed to put it down. I've even had my Palm out at my desk at work a couple of times, trying to sneak a couple of pages in. This book is a real gem, a beautiful story that puts me in mind of the works of Suzanne Enoch and Julia London. The attention to detail is exceptional and pulls you right into every scene. There is a second book in this series, titled LESSONS IN SEDUCTION that looks to be just as good; I plan on reading it as soon as I catch up on some promised reviews - I'm about five books out right now!
Melissa has a free story on her website, coinciding with the rerelease of one of the books in her "Harmless" (contemporary) series, A LITTLE HARMLESS PLEASURE - take a second and check it (and her other great releases) out.
Melissa is an author who is really going places - don't miss the opportunity to see why!


Melissa said...

Thanks so much, sweetie! You just made my day:)

flchen1 said...

Thanks for the info, Laurie--I keep hearing such good things! I'll have to go get Melissa's books!

Judy F said...

Sounds interesting Laurie.