Tuesday, February 05, 2008

HARD TO HANDLE - It's here !!

This is a repost of a November review for Lori Foster's HARD TO HANDLE, which released TODAY - woohoo! Don't miss out on this great book!

I think that everyone knows that Lori Foster is a good pal and I love her to pieces, so I’m not going to gush and get all messy in this post – however, I would like to chat about her upcoming book, HARD TO HANDLE, scheduled for release February 5, 2008. This book continues Lori’s popular SBC fight series.

HARD TO HANDLE is the story of Harley Handleman, yet another gorgeously beefy SBC fighter who has taken some time off from fighting to strengthen himself mentally and physically after three failed title attempts and the untimely death of his mother. Harley rents an isolated cabin from Anastasia Bradley, but has never really paid much attention to his landlady. That is, until he sees her out of the bulky coats and heavy clothing that she usually dons, and then every inch of him stands up and takes notice. Stasia knows of Harley’s wild ways with women and although she finds him very attractive, being the wise woman she is, refuses to be taken in by his charm. When Stasia is the victim of an unknown attacker, Harley is determined to keep her safe, but he refuses to get close enough to let her get a read on him.

Anastasia is a professional life coach, guiding her clients through difficult situations and helping them discover the best direction for their future. She finds Harley in serious need of guidance and understanding and offers assistance, but he dismisses her, unwilling to share that part of his life. When threats are made against Stasia, she reluctantly accepts Harley’s offer of protection, but only to a degree that allows her to maintain independence and control. Harley’s Uncle Satch, his manager and the person closest to him, requests her help and she reluctantly agrees, not realizing that she has been misled. It’s a given that Harley and Stasia will become intimate, but immediately after they do so, a serious misunderstanding erupts, dividing them. Stasia then realizes that she’s in love with Harley. The trouble is, she knows that he has no interest in sharing his feelings, or his life, with anyone else.

Lori Foster fans practically hyperventilate over any upcoming release; this one will have them grabbing for paper sacks. This series has been incredibly popular, whether readers are ultimate fighting fans or not. I think it’s Lori’s eager to please “I know what you want” heroes, and her no nonsense “But I don’t need you” heroines. It’s a potent combination that readers simply can’t seem to get enough of. Harley and Stasia are excellently written, and visits from characters of the previous books are great fun. The side romance of the ever popular Barber is heady stuff – an especially sweet little bonus. Lori’s regular readers most likely already have this book on order or in their hot little hands, but in the event you haven’t – what are you waiting for?
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Jane said...

That was a great review. I have hate to admit it but I haven't heard of the SBC series. I will have to check them out.

Stacy~ said...

Oh you lucky bum you! LOL. I'm really looking forward to this one - the series gets better and better.

Lori said...

Wow, thanks Laurie! Very detailed review. :-)
I'm blushing, but also smiling!


Jennifer Y. said...

I can't wait for this one!

flchen1 said...

Sounds good, Laurie--thanks! I've loved Lori's books :)

Judy F said...

wow Laurie. Just WOW. I can't wait to read this.