Friday, July 21, 2006

Lori Foster's latest - MURPHY'S LAW

Is this not a great cover? I think it is very clever and just plain cute. A great cover for a great book - who would expect anything less from Lori Foster? I anticipate new books from my favorite authors with each release, and I anticipate their covers almost as much. Some of the covers these days are simply beautiful and I'm sure they make a huge difference in how quickly a book makes it to the cash register in the bookstore - for a prospective reader, that is. My favorite authors, Ms. Foster being my absolute favorite, could sell their books covered with the Sunday comics and I would still buy them.
Murphy's Law follows Jude's Law, both have many of the same characters, but both stand on their own. I would recommend reading them in order simply for the sheer pleasure you'll receive! Check out Lori's website and see what she's up to - fortunately for her readers, she's always working on another fabulous story!
Below is my review for Murphy's Law; I hope it will entice you to purchase this book, scheduled for September, 2006 release.

Just when Ashley Miles has her life in control and headed in the right direction, she meets a man offering her the world; all he wants in return is her heart.
Ashley Miles has been on her own for so long that she doesn’t know what to make of the attention being paid to her by Quinton Murphy. Ashley is being threatened by a ruthless murderer who is out for revenge. When Quinton discovers this, his pursuit of Ashley intensifies and he is more determined than ever to have and protect her. The more Ashley discovers about Quinton, including a secret that he would prefer stay secret, the more difficult it becomes to resist his potent charm.
Quinton Murphy is rich beyond belief, a successful businessman, born with the proverbial silver spoon. He could have any woman he wants, any time he wants, and while Ashley isn’t the most sophisticated woman he has ever known, she’s the one that he finds adorable, the one he wants and the one he is determined to have. Convincing Ashley that a life with him doesn’t mean losing the independence that she has worked so hard to attain will take every bit of patience and persistence that Quinton can muster.
Ashley’s self-imposed solitude is heart-wrenching and her refusal to lean on anyone will have readers willing Quinton to be the one to reach her heart. Lori Foster once again gives readers a wonderfully romantic story - a touching tale of two people who couldn’t be more opposite, or more perfect for each other.

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Jennifer Y. said...

Sounds like a great book!

Stacy~ said...

Love your review Laurie, and your take on things. You have such a fun and interesting way of thinking - love it. If I hadn't aleady read this book, I know I would have snapped it up from this review :)

Judy F said...

Great review Laurie. The book is awesome. Another Foster keeper

Barb V. said...

Another geat review Laurie! Just enough "tease" to make readers want the book, without giveing too much away.