Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Every summer it seems as if we are inundated with excellent reading choices! I always debate with myself over which books to take with me on vacation, typically taking about four or five. Sadly, I usually don't even finish one book while I'm gone. We seem to keep unusually busy when we are relaxing on vacation! My hubby is one of those people who can't relax and is constantly on the go, keeping us all busy and on the run, all in the name of the family vacation. I have to go back to work after to slow down and catch my breath! Oh well, he means well and we love him!
This anthology, BAD BOYS SOUTHERN STYLE, is great fun and I would encourage everyone to have it at the top of your summer reading stack!! You all know how much I adore Jill Shalvis - her characters are always great fun - sometimes quirky, or strongly independent, or maybe slightly damaged, but they are always unknowingly in need of just the right partner, and Jill always comes through for them. JoAnn Ross and E.C. Sheedy are no slouches either! Their contributions are wonderful and serve to make this a well-rounded, enjoyable summer read!
Here is my review of BAD BOYS SOUTHERN STYLE:
LOVE POTION #9 by JoAnn Ross--Roxi Dupree, the owner of Hex Appeal in the heart of historic Savannah, reluctantly agrees to give Hollywood filmmaker Sloan Hawthorne a little history lesson about the main character in his latest movie. The two immediately realize that they have shared the same intimate dream. Their relationship needs no magic or witchcraft to force an attraction. Roxi is fiercely independent and is reluctant to share herself with Sloan. Sloan finds himself bewitched by Roxi and wants much more of her than her standard three date rule will allow. Convincing her that his feelings for her are very real may require more patience and effort than putting together a blockbuster hit.******* MIDNIGHT PLANE TO GEORGIA by E. C. Sheedy--Tracy Allson decides that helping her uncle run his B&B in Georgia will give her the break she needs before setting out on a fresh career path. Little does she know that she will end up hooking up with the gorgeous guy she locks eyes with across the crowded airport. When she arrives at the B&B, her uncle is gone, leaving the house in her hands, which also places Colson Jones in her care, seeing how a change in his travel plans has given him several free days and he decides to stay at the B&B. After the two work on sprucing up the dilapidated house, spending every moment - waking and otherwise - together, they effortlessly strike up an affair hotter than the Georgia sun. When Colson has to leave to continue on his business trip, he finds it's not business as usual trying to convince Tracy to take a chance on a future with him.******* FALL FROM GRACE by Jill Shalvis--Janie Mills starts a new life as a librarian in Grace, Georgia, after witnessing her brother murder her cousin over a bad drug deal one year ago. When PI Ryan Patrick shows up at the library at closing time, sneaking up behind her, the frightened Janie attacks him with a dictionary, fearful for her life. When the two stop scuffling, they hear a gunshot and find one of the town's most beloved men lying dead on the floor. After all of this excitement, Janie's apartment is found to have been ransacked, causing Ryan to take Janie to his island home. These two are immediately on the fast track to spontaneous combustion, completely helpless in their attraction for each other. Despite one surprise after another involving some of the most esteemed members of Grace, Ryan is hopeful that Janie will agree to begin her life anew one more time, this time with him being a permanent part of it.******* This is a wonderfully fun anthology. Being a huge fan of the south, I especially enjoyed the Georgia settings. I highly recommend including these bad boys in your beach bag - you won't be disappointed in this fun summer read!

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Barb V. said...

Great review Laurie. I have been anxiously awaiting this book, as Jill and Joanne are two favorites. After reading your review I'm even more eager to get my hands on this. Amazon says my copy is shipping soon. As for vacations, my DH has decided that a trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown would be just the ticket. Do I dare to listen to an audio book while I follow him around? Zero interest in this. But I did find out that there is a Grandma Moses exhibit at the Fenimore House, also in Cooperstown. He has agreed to visit this since we would already be there for his baseball tour. It's good to compromise.

Cryna said...

Great review Laurie. I think that I am going to have to put this on my ongoing to buy list. I have so many books I want to get and so many reasons I should quit buying books (especially if you see the boxes of them I have which I should read).....but I just keep adding to them........Oh well, I would be a good candidate for a "Book Anonymous Chapter" and a 12 step program or something.........Nah!! probably would have no effect........


Jill said...

Oh thanks for a great review!! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it!!

Judy F said...

Great Review. I loved this book too. Each story was awesome.

Stacy~ said...

Yet another title added to the tbb list....

Hi Laurie!

Laurie D. said...

Hey gals!
Barb, I think an audio book is just the ticket - although the Grandma Moses exhibit is a very nice compromise!
Cryna, you can never have too many books, sweetie, what are you thinking?? lol
Stacy, Judy and I have spoken - you will love this book - don't miss it!!
Jill, Great job as always! Thanks for sharing your writing skills with us!!

Joni said...

Oh WOW, I cannot wait to get this one getting to know Roxi, who was introduced to us as Emma Quinlan's friend in Bayou Bad Boys, a little more. She's very humorous and a bit bolder than Emma had been until Gabe back to town. Thanks for making this that much more eager to have as a keeper for me Laurie!


Anonymous said...

Laurie, thanks so much for the review of BAD BOYS SOUTHERN STYLE. I was thrilled to be in this anthology with Jill Shalvis and JoAnn Ross. It's always a treat to get the author copies and see the mix of stories. (Jill, you made me laugh out loud!) My kind of summer reading.
EC Sheedy