Saturday, July 01, 2006

More about Jo Leigh's CLOSER

Jo Leigh was kind enough to send me a copy of her latest Blaze, CLOSER, in return for running a contest for readers of my blog (see below). I received it in the mail yesterday, started it last night and finished it this afternoon. It is an excellent romantic suspense and I highly recommend it.
I was a subscriber to the Blaze series for years and anticipated my Reader Service delivery each and every month. About three years ago I stopped that subscription, finding some of the storylines to be silly fluff; I continued to buy my favorite Blaze authors on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I love romance and I enjoy plenty of hot sex in my romance, but I want the characters to at least like each other or have some sort of attraction to lead up to the sex act. I still buy my favorite authors and recently have been reading those Blaze authors who are less familiar to me. I have been pleasantly surprised at how this line appears to once again be consistently good.
Romantic suspense/action is my favorite sub genre and CLOSER delivers an abundance of spine-tingling suspense and red-hot passion, wrapped up nice and neat in a bow of undeniable attraction that you just know will lead to a delicious romance. Christie Pratchett’s life has practically been pulled out from under her by a stalker whose relentless pursuit has caused her to lose her job, her friends, and terrorizes her enough to hold her prisoner in her own home. Out of sheer desperation, Christie calls a number left by her late brother, and his friend Boone Ferguson enters her home and her life. Boone is determined to find Christie’s stalker and eliminate the fear that has taken over her life. Boone’s appearance also brings the characters of Seth and Kate to light, and they will be featured in Jo Leigh’s upcoming Blaze, RELENTLESS, scheduled for release in November, 2006. There is a twist at the end of this book that I didn’t expect, and I anticipate where it will take up in Ms. Leigh’s next book.
This book is on your bookseller’s shelves now; if you enjoy the Blaze line, be sure to get your hands on it - quickly. If you haven’t read a Blaze recently, I hope you’ll choose CLOSER to reintroduce yourself to the line, you won’t be disappointed.
Laurie :)


Judy F said...

sounds like a great read. Awesome review

Cryna said...

Laurie you did another great review, and it sounds like a terrific book..........

Stacy~ said...

It does sound great, Laurie. I agree with your comments about some of the Blazes being silly fluff. All Sex, No Substance. Yeah, I like the hot stuff too, but if that's all there is, then it loses its appeal real fast.

What'cha reading now?

Laurie D. said...

Thanks for checking it out, guys! It really was good and I recommend it, especially if you like a little suspense with your romance.
Stacy, I'm reading Erin's High Stakes right now for review, to be followed by Texas Bad Boys and Pure Sex, also for review. I also have Cherry Adair's Edge of Danger - can't wait to read it, she's a long-time fav, but I'm trying to save it to take on vacation next weekend! I recently read A Hard Man to Love by Kathleen Lawless for RJ review; it was very good. Based on a previous book of hers, I thought it might be a more erotica than romance - I was wrong - it is a very touching romance - there's lots of hot sex, yes, but the emotions are very well written.

I hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July! Please be safe.