Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Bad Boys of Summer

June brings the release of another great Bad Boys anthology; BAD BOYS OF SUMMER offers up the talents of Lori Foster, Erin McCarthy and Amy Garvey. While it's no secret that I've been a huge fan of Lori and Erin for several years, this was my first time to read Amy Garvey and I enjoyed her story very much. I hope you'll read my review and be persuaded to get your own copy; this is a fun book with a multitude of emotions.

Kensington Publishing Corp.
June, 2006

LUSCIOUS by Lori Foster. When Bethany Churchill moves in with her twin sister, Marci, the last thing she expects to find is a man who is interested in her. Not her gorgeous, self-assured, confident sister, but her. SWAT officer/landlord Lucius Ryder, also known as “Luscious” to the all-women tenants in his apartment building, wants Marci for the magic she can work with his newly acquired, badly abused dog. Marci has the gift of “reading” dogs, understanding what is troubling them and what makes them happy. Lucius wants Bethany strictly for himself and once he sets out to seduce her and prove to her how he feels, she is more confused than ever. Once you throw in the eclectic personalities of the women in the apartment building, Bethany’s lack of self-esteem, Lucius’s abundance of self-confidence and the dangers of his job, you have a well-rounded story with all of the feel-good qualities that Lori Foster is known for.

IT’S ABOUT TIME by Erin McCarthy. Prosecuting Attorney Trish Jones has been stood up. Again. After waiting for an hour for her date, she makes her way to Ryan’s Pub. There she runs into Caleb Vancouver who, with empty beer bottles covering the bar in front of him, appears to be successfully drowning his sorrows. It turns out that his ex-wife is getting married the next day and he’s trying not to think about it. Trish eventually gets him sobered up and they enjoy the rest of the evening in pleasant conversation. After last call Trish drives Caleb home, to her home, and they spend an incredible night together, followed by an incredible morning. When Caleb hears Trish make a flip comment about their relationship to her friends, he doesn’t understand why his feelings are hurt when he has only known her a scant number of hours. But he’s determined to turn those hurt feelings around and convince Trish that there is something unique between them that is worth pursuing. It promises to be fun, especially when Erin McCarthy is the one getting them together.

WISH YOU WERE HERE by Amy Garvey. Photographer Mackenzie Pruitt is excited to begin renovations to the beach house she has inherited from her deceased aunt. Her top priority is getting the ramshackle backyard shed spruced up to use as a cozy little photo studio. When carpenter Leo Dawson shows up to do the work, Mackenzie is certain that he is the most gorgeous man she has ever seen. These two are steam-worthy from the word go and begin a red-hot relationship almost immediately, but Leo is hiding a secret and there’s no way they can have a future together until he is willing to share his past with Mackenzie. Amy Garvey’s contribution to this anthology is a wonderfully romantic story that practically sizzles on the pages.

This book should be required summer reading; whether you toss it in your suitcase, read it in the car, or tuck it in your beach bag, you’ll be glad you did!



Stacy~ said...

I have this ARC in my tbr pile - don't ask me what I'm waiting for - but I think I'm gonna start it tonight. Awesome review Laurie :)

Judy F said...

It was a great book. I am in awe of your talent writing reviews.

Laurie D. said...

You guys are just too darned nice! I'm so glad you're my friends - thanks!!