Friday, May 05, 2006

Mammo Update

Had my special views mammo this a.m., the radiologist read it while I waited and then sent me up for an ultrasound. Said the ultrasound confirms that there is something there, but he suspects it's just a cyst. I'll go back for a recheck in six months. Very stressful morning.

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers, they are very much appreciated!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend; I'm just about to take off for OU. Be safe.



Stacy~ said...

I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, and hoping that the test results come back favorable. Hugs to you, my friend.

Michelle B said...

I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers as well Laurie! Have a blast at Mom's weekend:)


Judy F said...

Hope you have a great time with Linney. Can't wait to see her new do. Will keep you in my prayers. Miss you much

Laurie D. said...

Thank you all so very much - I truly appreciate the prayers and warm thoughts. I'm positive it will be nothing, but still can't help that little bit of wondering in the back of my mind. I am so sore from this last round of tests - black and blue actually - I'm just glad they're over, at least for six months.

I had a great time at Mom's weekend, but geez I'm tired! We logged a lot of miles this weekend, on foot and in the car!

BTW Judy, I love Linny's hair, but she's not especially crazy about it. She chose the style from some Mandy Moore online photos, I think it's cute. She doesn't appreciate having to style it every single day as opposed to throwing it into a ponytail before leaving for class. It's hard being beautiful!

Big hugs to you all.

Cryna said...

Laurie, I am sorry to be chiming in late, but I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I can imagine how sore you must be, and how it lays in the back of your mind and is stressful.

Glad you had a good weekend. Your picture you posted looks good. Thank you my friend for sharing.


Jill said...

gotta love those special views mammos ... anyway, thinking of you.

Laurie D. said...

Thanks for the warm thoughts! I'm practicing the power of positive thinking and trying not to worry about it.

Big hugs,