Thursday, April 20, 2006

We Be Blogging

I guess it's official - I'm a blogger. After having this spot reserved since October '05, I've gone and done it! I'm sure this won't be a place that people will flock to on a daily basis, but I hope that at least a handful will enjoy it! I have two online friends who support me greatly and I have to give them quick mention. Judy Flohr has become a cherished friend whose daily contact I would be lost without; she is always encouraging and positive, and her biting wit never fails to bring a smile. Stacy Ahlgren encouraged me to do a blog, probably because she knows mine could never live up to the radiant beauty of hers! Don't worry Stacy, you have nothing to worry about, this blog will remain plain and simple, just like me! Check out Stacy's blog - it's stunning!

I hope some of you will stop back - I will eventually be posting more book reviews and thoughts about some of my favorite authors, friends and causes - probably a word or two about some television shows that I enjoy will get squeezed in on occasion. Speaking of which, did anyone see Ace get voted off last night? I admit he wasn't the strongest singer in the competition, but man, I could watch him simply stand there and smile, all the while reminding myself that yes, I am old enough to be his mother. Sigh.


knoxvilleromancereader said...

Hey you glad you started blogging too!
Christy(also known as bkwrm26)

Jodi said...

Yeah Laurie!
I now have you bookmarked so I can check back often.
I like the "bubbles." They remind me of your bubbly personality. (Ok, no one ruin that image of her for me so I don't want to hear any remarks about it! LOL)

Cara North said...

Great site. hopefully I can figure out how to set mine up better but it is up.

Stacy~ said...

Yay Laurie, you made it! Believe me, once your vivid imagination gets rolling, you are going to have everyone visiting your blog! Heck, I couldn't wait to come visit. You're way more interesting than me, just don't rub it in LOL.

See ya sweetie :)

Laurie D. said...

Thanks everyone for checking me out and for your kind words!

Judy F said...

Thanks for the sweet words. You have helped me make it through a rough year. Great job on the blogging. Kudos

Cryna said...

Laurie - You have done a awesome job on your blog and I have now got it bookmarked so I can return easily.