Monday, April 17, 2006

New Lori Foster - available now!

I have to make my very first "author" post about Lori Foster ( Lori has effortlessly worked her way into my heart and I consider her a very dear friend. Her latest release, WHEN GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO BAD BOYS, includes her story, "Playing Doctor." Below is my review of this book as well as a link to Amazon where you can get your very own copy!

PLAYING DOCTOR by Lori Foster - When Dr. Axel Dean sees Libby Preston working for the caterer at a hospital dinner party, he sets out to have her. Libby is equally interested in Axel, and holds nothing back when they meet in a secluded section of the garden; until Axel finds out that she is totally inexperienced and halts the action so suddenly he practically left skid marks. Libby is furious. When they meet again, Axel discovers that Libby has every intention of finding a lover and decides that he wants her first lover to be him. Little does he know that an inexperienced, younger woman could touch him so deeply. Libby was forced to be independent at an early age and allowing someone to love her and take care of her is something new to her; convincing Libby that she needs him may prove difficult. Axel and Libby are adorable characters, and his tenderness towards her, given her inexperience, is especially moving. LADY OF THE LAKE by Erin McCarthy - Violet Caruthers thought being accidentally dumped overboard from her boyfriend's boat was bad; things went from bad to worse when neither he nor any of his friends even realized that she was missing. Thankfully, Dylan Diaz comes along in his boat and saves her life. Despite their limited time together, Dylan wants nothing more than to make love to Violet. He thinks that her so-called boyfriend is an idiot for not appreciating her or recognizing the wonderful woman she is. Violet agrees to sleep with Dylan, but she has her own reasons; she doesn't think that she needs Dylan to have a continuing part in her life to be happy. Dylan wants a lifetime with Violet, but it isn't going to be easy convincing her that his feelings for her are true. Readers will be cheering for Violet and Dylan from the time he pulls her out of the water. HARDHATS AND SILK STOCKINGS by HelenKay Dimon - Contractor Hannah Bridges is a woman working in a man's world; having to remain hardnosed so no one will try to take advantage of her femininity. Whit Thomas wants Hannah so badly but anytime he attempts to get close to her, sparks practically fly off of the insults she hurls at him. When Whit can't take anymore, he tricks her into spending time with him, determined to prove to her that there is great chemistry between them. Unfortunately his trickery results in a hurtful misunderstanding and there is even more distance between him and Hannah than before. Hannah and Whit may be total opposites, but they are cleverly and satisfactorily brought together in this wonderful story. This is a wonderful anthology that provides a range of entertainment, from romance that is lighthearted and fun to passions that are scorching, yet tender.


Lori Foster said...

Hey Laurie!
What an awesome blog you have going. I like it! And I'm so flattered at the compliments. Thank you! You're a very dear friend to me too. :-D
Have fun!


Judy F said...

Hey I finally made it here. I want to esp thank Lori for introducing me to you. You have made a huge impact on me. Love you best.

Judy F

Cryna said...

What a neat review I am going to have to go out and get a copy of this because you have so twigged my interest.