Thursday, April 20, 2006

Take a Deep Breath, Alison Kent has a new release!

Another one of my favorite authors, Alison Kent, has a new book out titled DEEP BREATH. If you haven't already gotten this book all I can say is WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Anyone who loves action, romance, suspense, and a writing style that is unmatched by most, will enjoy the work of Alison Kent. Check out Alison's blog - there is always something unique and different going on.

My review for DEEP BREATH:
After Georgia McLain's father dies in prison, she practically dedicates her life to proving his innocence; she is determined to get her hands on the dossier of Gen. Arthur Duggin, certain that it will contain evidence necessary to clear her father's name. Her search for crucial information has taken her many places, most recently a jail cell. After her brother, Finn, bails her out of her most recent bind, they stop at a diner where their day goes from bad to worst when they find themselves in a middle of a deliberate hostage situation. The hostage taker, one Charlie Casto, is demanding that Georgia attend an auction of Gen Duggin's mementos and steal the dossier. Georgia must return to the diner with the dossier within three days in order for her brother and the other hostages to stay alive. The Smithson Group's Harry van Zandt happens to be in the diner and is ordered to go with Georgia to retrieve the dossier. What Casto and Georgia do not know is that Harry is after the elusive dossier as well. Georgia is an independent woman who is not pleased at having Harry forced upon her, even if he is the most gorgeous man she has ever laid eyes on. Harry, on the other hand, is quietly accepting of his role in attending the auction with Georgia, seeming almost eager to help her out. He soon realizes that Georgia is a very intelligent woman, with a biting wit and his interest in her quickly goes beyond the retrieval of the General's file. Georgia is thankful for Harry's help and over the course of their three days together, finds herself falling hard for this man who is unlike any other man she knows. The chemistry between Georgia and Harry is intensely passionate from the start, and their simply being together is enough to spark fiery emotion. Their intricate plan to get the General's file as well as the players involved are excellently and cleverly written. Alison Kent is quickly becoming the master at writing action-filled romance, or is that romance-filled action? Either way, she knows how to wrap suspense, action, and scorching romance into a tidy package, complete with characters that are always intelligent, loyal, and wonderfully capable of making you wish for more when you turn that last page.

Below is a link to DEEP BREATH at - do yourself a favor and order your own copy - then you'll be able to let out that deep breath with a big sigh of relief that you will soon have an excellent book in your hands!


Stacy~ said...

I love Alison's blog - she is so great about staying in touch with her readers and promoting other writers, and writing amazing stories as well.

Laurie D. said...

I am just crazy about Alison! She is so much fun and always informative - I love the edginess of her books and think that she just keeps getting better and better!