Friday, April 21, 2006

The Inking of Lindsay

My oldest daughter announced last weekend that she has an appointment today at 3:00 to get a tattoo. Now this is the same child that saw stars and became faint when she got the second hole pierced in her ear, and had to lie flat with a cold compress while giving blood. I wonder if the tattoo parlor has safety rails on their chairs? I did request that she go with a location on her body where it won't readily show. She has chosen her hip, and the tattoo? A small navy blue anchor. Don't ask. I have no clue why an anchor except that she saw a picture of one on a sailor in a book she got for Christmas - "The History of Tattoos" or something like that, and she liked it. I know what is coming next. My 15 year old daughter will now want a tattoo and I'll have to listen to her relentless moans and groans about it until the newness wears off. I pity my daughters' mother.

I am taking off this afternoon to go to lunch with a girlfriend from high school, then we are spending the rest of the day antique shopping. It promises to be a great time, even if thunderstorms are predicted.

I hope everyone has a terrific weekend. Be safe if you're on the road.


Kelley said...

I dont look forward to my little girl growing up and dealing with all that. My husband will have a harder time than me, I think.

Judy F said...

My niece Shelly got a tattoo I think when she was around 19. Its huge or I think it is. Its a heart with these twirly things coming off of it. its on the small of her back. Megan hasn't asked to get one but she did get her belly button pierced like her big sis. May the force be with you... Hugs

Stacy~ said...

I would get one if there was ever anything I wanted permanently on my body, but there isn't. I have one friend who adores Garfield so she got a Garfield tattoo. Another who loves Betty Boop (no tattoo for her though).

I think it's a decision that should wait til a person is older - at least with piercings they can grow back where you're stuck with a tattoo. Good luck...

Laurie D. said...

I have never been tempted to get a tattoo, but have always said that if I were to get one it would be a life-size ladybug. I figure that way if it hurts like hell, at least it won't take very long! Lindsay came home with her new tattoo (and her laundry) last night - she's a little tender today, but I have to admit that it is attractive, as far as tattoos go!

Cryna said...

I have never had the desire to get a I am even to scared to have my ears pierced.....guess that makes me a big chicken.

Glad that Lindsay's tattoo worked out well, and am sure it is attractive.


Michelle B said...

My parents went through the tattoo debate with my younger sister when she was 17. They eventually gave in because she was turning 18 in just a few months and she would have done it anyway (she had the money to pay for it). They wanted to make sure she went to a reputable, clean place. She ended up getting a second tattoo a few years later as well.

As for me, I liked the color and design of her second tattoo (it was turquoise!), but I don't like needles or pain so no tattoos for me. Good luck with your youngest, Laurie!