Wednesday, February 08, 2012

CAUGHT IN THE SPOTLIGHT - new from Jules Bennett (w/a giveaway)

UPDATE! The giveaway winner is Cindi - congratulations, Cindi! I'll email you to get your book and bookstore choice.
Thanks to all who commented - I always love to hear what books everyone else is interested in. If you're not familiar with Jules Bennett - from one romance reader to another - I urge you to get your hands on her work ASAP!
Have a great weekend!

CAUGHT IN THE SPOTLIGHT, the latest Harlequin Desire release from author  Jules Bennett, is a beautifully written book. I admit that the Desire and Presents lines from Harlequin are a guilty pleasure of mine. What about you? Do you enjoy them? I don’t buy every single one, but tend to read them in clusters.  I’ll read several in a row, then turn back to the darker, edgier romantic suspense that I love so much before coming back for more!

Jules was kind enough to give me an early copy of CAUGHT IN THE SPOTLIGHT and once I started reading, I devoured it. I have a feeling that you will do the same thing!
My review:
Mia Spinelli loves her new position as PA to the famously well-known and much-loved actress Olivia Dane. Olivia is the sweetheart of Hollywood and Mia finds her a true pleasure to work for. Putting her former employer and the rumors that she was the lover behind his troubled marriage behind her, Mia is especially thankful for the opportunity to work for Olivia. Now Olivia’s son, Bronson, is another story. His obvious distrust because of her former employer, whom Bronson despises, is more than a little troublesome to Mia. There’s no denying the sparks between them though, and when Mia turns up pregnant, those sparks and every other emotion burn even hotter. And if things aren't complicated enough, Mia knows a secret about the Dane family that, if found out, would set all of Hollywood back on its heels.
Bronson doesn't trust Mia one iota, but can’t deny that she’s got him twisted into knots. His mother’s fondness of Mia doesn’t make things any easier. He doesn’t want to believe that the baby she’s carrying is his, but there is an air of caring and vulnerability about her that makes him question whether she would lie about something so serious.
Jules Bennett has a real flair for writing characters with style and class. Mia is adorable and watching the seemingly cold-hearted Bronson take a fall for her is a real treat. The glitz and glamour of Hollywood is a fabulous backdrop for this story. I strongly recommend CAUGHT IN THE SPOTLIGHT to all romance readers.
The giveaway? I’ll give one lucky reader a Kindle or Nook version of one book from Jules’s Desire backlist. Check out her website and leave a comment with a couple of titles that you’re interested in.  I’ll draw the winning name on Friday, February 17. You can either provide your email with your comment or check back to see if you’re the winner, it’s up to you – but if you don’t leave an email address, be sure to come back.
Thanks for checking out CAUGHT IN THE SPOTLIGHT and special thanks to Jules for allowing me to read and review this one for you!


CrystalGB said...

Jules' book sounds great. I like the cover. I would love to read For Business or Marriage? or From Boardroom to Wedding Bed?

Lisa F. said...

I've read all of Jules's books and loved them all!

Both lines are guilty pleasures of mine also. With a few exceptions, I wait and buy them from Fictionwise when they have a good coupon!

Judy F said...

I have read all of Jules desire books and loved them. Looking forward to the next one in the series.

Jules Bennett said...

Thanks, Laurie for reviewing CAUGHT IN THE SPOTLIGHT! I'm so happy you enjoyed it;)

And good luck to you all! I appreciate the nice words about my books:)

Cindi L said...

I have never read any of Jules Bennett's books but after reading Laurie's blog about Caught In The Spotlight it sounds like the type of book I would love to read. I love serial books and from what I read on Jules website this is the first book in a series about family members so I will definitely have to look for this book and add it to my library. Other books that I would be interested in reading are For Business or Marriage, Seducing the Enemy's Daughter, Home Again, and Love In Bloom. I'm always happy to hear about author's I've never read and am looking forward to reading a book by Jules Bennett in the very near future.

Barbara Smith said...

Looking forward to this new series from Jules!!! it sounds great! Very nice review Laurie>

Judy F said...

Congrats Cindi