Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Weigh in" on Paula Deen's Type 2 Diabetes announcement

A blog post appearing on Twitter this afternoon has prompted me to post on this topic as well.  I loved Paula Deen to bits when she first came on the "cooking" scene. We've even been to her restaurant a couple of times and I wanted so badly to someday get to go to her live audience show. She began to lose appeal once she attained fame and fortune and became shrouded in a falseness that I did/do not enjoy. Her belly laughs became cackles and calling her guests, including her sons by their names or son every single time she speaks to them was also grating.
Now I have another, more serious, reason to dislike her. She was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes three years ago. Three years. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike her for this - I too have Type 2 Diabetes, diagnosed about 7 or 8 years ago. What I absolutely hate is that she waits this long to make the announcement while she gets her ducks in a row (she phrased it another way, I can't recall exactly, same diff), in other words, while she's making book deals, new television show/tour deals, and pharmaceutical company representation deals, all the while continuing to (mostly) push unhealthy cooking (there have been occasional healthy changes made to some of her recipes). I realize that most people watching realize that you have to eat that way in moderation and that common sense tells you that you cannot eat like that day in and day out.  But there are some people out there NOT intelligent or informed enough to not assume that because this is what Paula does, they'll do it to - at the risk of their health. Was this delay fair to them?  No, it wasn't.
While I'm all about celebrities and television personalities having their privacy, she has made multi-millions of dollars off her fans and I personally feel that she owed it to them to be upfront a little earlier on.
What do you think? Am I being bitchy and small?


Laurie G said...

I agree with you that she waited too long to tell everyone about her health related issues especially as she is such a cooking icon and people like and respect her opinions.

I recently saw a show where her son Bobby is making her recipes healthier. How convenient for them to time it just as she makes her announcement about her being a diabetic.

Lisa Freeman said...

I've watched Bobby's show a couple of times - pretty interesting.

I believe she should have told us earlier but it doesn't upset me. I guess I'm one of the ones smart enough to know I can't eat like that daily and still be healthy!