Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas all over the place!

This past Friday, Lindsay and I went to a Christmas lunch at Dianne Castell's house with a group of friends who typically get together a couple of times a year. We had a wonderful spaghetti lunch and there were goodies and sweets enough to support a dentist and his family for a year. Yum! Here's a pic of everyone who was there (except Lindsay, who took the photo!):

L-R standing: Lori Foster, Carolyn Dietsch, moi, Becke Martin, Linda Keller, Marcie Robinson and our hostess, Dianne Castell. L-R seated: Judy Flohr, Toni Blake, Keri Stevens, Jules Bennett and Jennifer Stark
Lori has even put us all on YouTube with a fun little flip video. Linda Keller's opening mention of Duffy Brown is referring to Dianne's pseudonym for her new mystery series, so exciting! Lindsay did make her way into the video, she's in the yellow scarf and just happens to be getting ice out of an ice bucket that perfectly matches her scarf, ever fashion conscious!

Last night we went to my cousin's house for a Christmas dinner, a house full of family makes for warm, happy memories, doesn't it?

This evening we're going across the back yard to my brother's house to celebrate with them. My five year old great-niece, Hazel, lives in a pink and purple princess world and I can't wait for her to open her Pillow Pet purple unicorn! It's difficult to squeeze enough time in to get together with everyone's work schedules these days. I'm extra thankful that we're able to make it work! Shamefully though, I realized today that while I had gifts marked off my list for both of my nieces, one of them is in Fairbanks and I hadn't mailed hers off yet. It's boxed and ready to go to the post office in the morning - hope they can get it to her in time!
Christmas Eve evening will be spent with Tim's family which means even more hugs, bunches of great food and laughs. Tim's nephew and his wife have a new baby, so that will be make this celebration especially sweet!
As of this morning, the weatherman says we're definitely in the running for a white Christmas with the possibility of 3-5 inches. I think the several inches of snow we have on the ground is white enough already! One of us will go pick up my mom on Christmas and she'll spend the day with us. And then it will all be over and I'll be in my usual post-Christmas funk.
What are your Christmas plans? Have there been any gifts that you just can't find? People (like my hub) who are impossible to shop for? Don't you love buying for the little ones?
Remember, tomorrow evening I'll be drawing two names for boxes of books - scroll down a couple of posts to see details - and tell your friends!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend, everyone.


flchen1 said...

What a wonderful group of ladies and a terrific time, Laurie! We just enjoyed our Christmas service at church this morning, and will look forward to family time on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day--right now I'm still addressing cards and making/packing treats... We don't do too much shopping, but may need to do a little more to finish things off!

Hope you'll have a great rest of your weekend, Laurie!

Estella said...

The adults in my family don't exchange gifts. We just buy for the little ones--so no problem finding gifts.
Our family has a dinner on Christmas Day.

Judy F said...

It was so great seeing everyone and esp getting my Laurie hug. Gotta make those last.

I love shopping for Amya, she is almost 4 now and loves everything. LOl I got her a couple DVD's from Disney I know she will just love.

Merry Christmas.
Love ya.