Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Festivals abound!


Do any of you enjoy going to fall festivals? We absolutely love them - artisan-made unique crafts, great food and gorgeous changing leaves - if only everyone else would stay home so they weren't so crowded! Last weekend we went to the Bob Evans Farm Festival in southern Ohio and had a great time. Decided that having been there three of the last four years, we probably won't go for a couple of years. This weekend we're heading north to Attica, Ohio to a festival that we've never been to, but it came highly recommended from a vendor at the Bob Evans fest. last weekend. If nothing else, we'll enjoy the road trip as it's supposed to be sunny with temps in the low 60s.
What are your plans for the weekend? My weekend is starting off with a visit to the bloodmobile for donation after work. My house needs some serious tending and I have several books for review that I'm very far behind on, so I'll be trying to do some cleaning up and catching up!
Have a great weekend!


Ammy Belle said...

Oh I am so jealous! I am stuck in the middle of city with essays and such. Maybe next year I can take advantage of Fall like I used to!

Have fun! :D

Judy F said...

I went to the sauerkraut festival last weekend. Just loved it though it was a tad bit too hot out.

Plans to clean all weekend. Wild me.

Estella said...

No festivals in our area.
Have a great weekend!

Joy said...

Sounds very good, great review too!
I haven't read this author before and will have to add her to my list.