Thursday, July 15, 2010

NAUTI AND WILD, coming soon from Jaci Burton and Lora Leigh

I was fortunate enough to win an ARC of NAUTI AND WILD from author Jaci Burton in a Twitter contest (thanks, Jaci!). NAUTI AND WILD is a two-story anthology with stories by Jaci Burton and Lora Leigh . Like most romance readers, I've read many of the books by both of these authors, always enjoy them very much, and have no reservations about recommending them to anyone who enjoys fast-paced, extremely heated romance.

John Walker, Jr. left his family’s Boston law firm to return to his father’s hometown of Somerset, Kentucky where he makes a houseboat home and runs with the well-known McKay boys (from previous “Nauti” stories). His leaving came on the heels of a broken engagement, with long-time family friend and his father’s goddaughter, Sierra Lucas, being instrumental in causing his breaking things off with his fiancĂ©e. A year later, there’s been a vicious attack on Sierra, leaving her battered and broken. When it’s determined that this was not a random or serial attack, John’s father decides that Sierra needs a safe place to stay until her attacker is found and she is secreted away to John’s houseboat in Kentucky. The heat and long-repressed attraction between John and Sierra is a tad predictable, but it’s satisfying, as is catching up with characters from previous “Nauti” books.
Loving romantic suspense, I like that Lora Leigh’s heroines are typically in need of an alpha man to protect them and keep them safe, but have recently felt that her stories are a tad repetitive. The hero is usually on the verge of going ballistic over someone mistreating/injuring/threatening the heroine, which makes me wish they would administer some gentle, lovingly tender ministrations rather than immediately (and often roughly) screwing the heroine’s brains out. That said, I keep buying and reading them, because there’s an abundance of good emotion and well-written family/friends dynamics going on!

Rick Benetti is beyond aggravated at the thought of “babysitting” Ava Vargas, daughter of a hard-nosed Senator, who has followed her best friend into the dark, dangerous world of the Hellraisers motorcycle gang. Ava is concerned as to why her shy, studious, lifelong friend has ditched grad school and turned to a life centered around drugs and wild, unpredictable behavior. She has no desire to follow her friend on her path to destruction as her father worries, but feels a determined desperation to get her friend back before it’s too late. Rick’s undercover job for the government as a Wild Rider has him returning to a life he left behind years before. This time though, he’s working to protect a beautiful, incredibly sensual young woman while keeping his finger on the criminal pulse of the gang. Equally troubling is the fact that his own cousin, who was like a brother to him while growing up, is one of the ringleaders of the gang. Rick and Ava are quickly and unexpectedly caught up in a passionately heated relationship but Rick, having never received or given love, doesn’t see a place for Ava in his future.
Jaci Burton's story has the most meat of the two, in my opinion. Rick and Ava are both highly intelligent and although their first attraction may have been sexual, it isn't long before they see much deeper into one another. Soon Rick's case is wrapped up and it's time for them to go their separate ways. Rick has put his past behind him his entire life, and despite feeling unfamiliar new emotions, he has no doubt that he'll be able to put Ava behind him. Unfortunately, his heart didn't get the message and the result is a savagely painful ache, the likes of which he's never experienced.

I hope you'll check out these authors' sites and works - be sure to pop over to Amazon and do some shopping!
Thanks for checking it out!


Stacy~ said...

Congrats on the book. It's been awhile since I read anything by Lora Leigh as I tend to think her books are too much of the same thing. I like some of Jaci's books, but the first Rider story didn't do it for me. But you made both of these sound intriguing. Hmmm...

Hope you enjoy the weekend, sweetie!

Judy F said...

Glad you won. I have this book on my list to get.

TGIF girlie