Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winners will be named Monday evening

I'll announce the winners of the copy of SLOW HEAT and the mug from the Komen store on Monday evening.
Look for a new review for Jules Bennett's upcoming Silhouette Desire, SEDUCING THE ENEMY'S DAUGHTER, in the next couple of days. This is an especially good book and I'm excited that Jules will be guesting here very soon!
I hope you're all having a great weekend! I'm just happy to have gone four days without any snow!
My mom will be having an outpatient surgery this Monday morning to remove the wires they used to put her kneecap back together. One of them has somehow turned and is poking through the skin. Yes, it's just as awful as it sounds and has been causing her considerable discomfort. Poor Weezy. We're having an 80th birthday party for her next Saturday and look forward to her having a special day with family and friends.
Be sure to come back Monday to see who my winners are!


Laurie said...

I hope that all goes smoothly with your mom's day surgery!!
Have a lot of fun next weekend at her 8oth birthday party!!

I've been lucky because my mom (85) has had a few falls: hurt her ankle badly twice and her upper arm once.... but no breaks!!

My F-I-L will be 80 in April. He too has health issues but so far so good.

Barbara said...

Hope your mom does well in the surgery. The wire poking through her skin does indeed soung uncomfortable to say the least.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Judy F said...

gOOD luck to your mom tomorrow. I will be saying extra prays for her. That wire has had me so worried. I hope all goes well.

My mom fell twice in the recent snow storms luckily nothing was broken. We have convinced her that getting the paper in isn't that important.

Pat L. said...

Good luck with your mom's surgery. My mom will be 90 in a few weeks.