Friday, November 20, 2009

WEEKEND PLANS? - and other miscellany!

Do any of you have exciting plans this weekend? I really don't, and that's just fine with me. I've come to appreciate those quiet, relaxing weekends. They pass so quickly when we're busy, busy, busy!
Did any of you happen to hear me on the Today Show with Dr. Nancy Snyderman on Thursday morning? I had posted a question about the swine flu vaccine/diabetes via a question link on MSNBC Health several weeks ago and when I didn't get an email back, I forgot about it. I was shocked to receive a phone call on Wednesday from a Today Show staffer indicating that they liked my question and wanted to invite me to pose it to Dr. Nancy in a segment on diabetes on Thursday's show. It was a very interesting experience and everyone was incredibly nice. Here's a link to the segment. The sound gets very "echo-y" at the end of my question - that's on their end, not mine!
You all know how much I love/adore/worship Alison Kent, right? I recently posted a review for her upcoming (11/24) release, WITH EXTREME PLEASURE. I imagine you're all familiar with Amazon's Kindle for PC - a free, downloadable program for your computer - you can get it here. Amazon has an amazing offer for Kindle for PC readers right now - you can get WITH EXTREME PLEASURE for FREE! After you've downloaded your KFPC, go here for Ms. Kent's little sugar plum! Once you've read and loved it, go get your hands on her back list, you won't regret it! There are several other books available for the Kindle for PC, including several classics, and while admittedly, reading an entire book on the computer isn't ideal, these days free is free and I'm willing to read in small doses.
A good deal of Ohio residents will be glued to their televisions tomorrow afternoon to watch the OSU/Michigan football game - traditionally the last game of the year for OSU and a long-standing rivalry. The week preceding this game is known as "Michigan Week" around here. At my office today we had our "Beat Michigan" potluck and most of us wore our scarlet and gray. I love potlucks in the office - for the most part. I'm sure there have been a couple where I was aggravated by someone. No names.
One year ago yesterday we lost our basset Fred. We still miss him, but the pain of his loss has been replaced by fond memories that make us smile in remembrance. And no, we have no intentions of getting another dog - Freddie was irreplaceable. We have four felines in residence here right now, meaning no room at the Damron inn.
Tim and I are planning a little road trip to the Hocking Hills area of southern Ohio on Sunday afternoon. Just a little drive with a stop at an antique mall or two!
Lots of reviews upcoming - for books by Dianne Castell (with a fun contest!), Karen Kelley, Shannon K. Butcher, Karen Rose Smith, and Jill Shalvis.
I hope everyone has a terrific weekend!


Judy F said...

Wow its been a year since you lost Fred. I know it still has a special place in your heart. hugs.

I wish I had a better computer for those free downloads but my oldie just can't handle it.

I am getting ready to clean then its off to work at the mall tonight.

Tomorrow is grocery and then watching the Bengals.

April said...

"I love potlucks in the office - for the most part. I'm sure there have been a couple where I was aggravated by someone. No names."

Ha!! You don't NEED to post any names. We all know the answer. ;-)

Joy said...

Hi Laurie
Check out my blog I have an award up for you ;)

Laurie D. said...

Sorry the Bengals went down in defeat today, Judy. We were rooting for them!

April, the "No names" was just for you! There've been a couple of people over the years whose names could be inserted in the blank, but more recently just one!

Thank you, Joy for the blog award -you're such a doll!

We ended up staying home today and getting our Christmas lights put up outside since it was warm - in the 50s. Tim got some new ones for around the door and the front window - our house is lit up brighter than a runway. The neighbors will probably be getting their slingshots out! Clark Griswold, anyone? lol

Barbara said...


I really wanted to get With Extreme Pleasure but since my computer is running so poorly decided to pass. I will be looking for the print version though.

It's great that you have such wonderful memories of Fred. The cats probably think they run the household now too.

Laurie said...

My dial-up failed me too, so I was unable to get Alison's book while it was free. DISAPPOINTED!!