Saturday, September 05, 2009

Living in the kitchen?

It seems like I've spent much of this summer in my favorite place in the house - the kitchen! Since my last post about canning, I've done more canning, peach preserves, four berry jam and picked corn. Now I've never eaten pickled corn but Tim claims to like it, so I tried it. Evidently it needs to sit for a while to "work" - I have no idea how long, so I guess I'll have to be checking on that. Anyone have any thoughts on that? I'm hoping to can some tomatoes for Kelsey. She's the only one at our house that really eats tomatoes and I thought this way she could keep a couple of pint jars in her dorm room and have them when she wants. Lindsay is interested in making some salsa too, so we'll see if we can make that happen too. I love seeing canned goods on the counter - they look so pretty.

Speaking of pretty, take a look at Lindsay's birthday dessert. I've never tried cherry crisp before, although it was so incredibly simple that I shouldn't admit that. It turned out great and she said she now has a new favorite dessert. It disappeared pretty quickly - the difficulty I had was in believing that she's 24! Where did the time go?

I'll be making some zucchini bread, hopefully today. It seems like I've been making zucchini bread of some sort and/or banana bread all summer. It's easy to grab for breakfast or for a quick snack and packs nicely to take to work. I used to spread cream cheese between two pieces and put in Kelsey's lunch when she was tired of the usual sandwiches.
Have a great weekend, everyone! I hope you're all off work on Monday!


flchen1 said...

Those *are* gorgeous, Laurie! Yay for you! And a huge happy birthday to Lindsay! Hope her next year is absolutely amazing!

April said...

I hope you ate that birthday cobbler on the good china!!!! ;-)

Laurie D. said...

Thanks, Fedora - and thanks for the birthday wishes for Linny!

Sorry April, the china has been put away - but I promise not to wait so long before getting it out again! Truth be told, I think the majority of it was eaten out of the pan, standing at the counter - it was that good! Sadly, I made a cherry/rhubard cobbler today since we made one last cut of our rhubard - I didn't take into account that rhubarb is mostly water and the cobbler is a liquid mess! I'm thinking it will make good ice cream topping!

Laurie said...

It sure looks yummy!! Ice cream topping is a great idea. One day I was in a hurry, so I tried to use frozen sweet bread dough for a plum cake. I made it just like I would regular kneaded dough and let it rise the morning the dough looked great, baked it and it totally burst and caved in. It was all air. Never again!

Have a wonderful year Lindsay!