Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ONE GOOD MAN, the latest from Alison Kent - I have two copies for giveaway!

Seeing how I'm home alone this evening, I had to draw my own winners. The winner of the autographed copy of ONE GOOD MAN is Maureen! The non-autographed winner is Laurie! Congrats, ladies! I know you've both been winners here before but I didn't keep your addresses - please email me with your mailing info at by Thursday. Thanks to all who left comments - I loved hearing your Alison faves!
I hope everyone has a terrific week!

I don't have to tell those of you who are frequent visitors how much I adore Alison Kent. I like to think that I'm her biggest fan, but realize that saying so might have the rest of you who also love her sticking your tongues out or making nasty hand gestures at me! I was thrilled to get a copy of Alison's latest release, ONE GOOD MAN, and am excited that she included an autographed copy for giveaway here! I'm going to give away a copy too (no, it won't be autographed), so everyone has two chances to win.
Here's a little chatter about ONE GOOD MAN, starting with the blurb:
Ten years ago Jamie Danby was the only survivor of a senseless killing spree. Because the killer was never found, Jamie has lived her life in hiding, waiting for the worst. Now she's in danger again and she's not sure she can handle it. Until one sexy, rugged, gorgeous man strides into her life, determined to protect her at any cost!
Kell Harding is a Texas Ranger—and how! They don't make 'em tougher. Jamie soon finds out that they don't make 'em hotter either!
But Kell plans only to keep Jamie safe—not keep her forever. As soon as his assignment is done, so is he.

At least, that's what he thinks….

Did you guys see the ABC news feature on recession reading? It was an interesting look at the increased sales of romance despite the economic decline - proof that literary escape is good for the soul, right? Anyway, part of that report includes the photo shoot for ONE GOOD MAN - how cool is that? Go here to take a look at it.
Want even more? Alison has a great excerpt on her site - check it out here

My review:
Jamie Danby has spent the past ten years looking over her shoulder. As the sole survivor of an attack that left five of her co-workers dead and their attacker never caught, she has much to fear. The the case is brought to light again and Texas Ranger Kellen Harding steps up the investigation, Jamie reluctantly agrees to undergo forensic hypnosis in a hopeful search for missing clues about the attack.
When the killer reappears and Jamie's life is once again in danger, she realizes that she has a formidable source of protection on her side this time in Kell. While they both understood the risks involved, neither of them were expecting to fall so quickly, or so hard, for each other. Kell is determined to simply walk away once the case has been put to rest, but that's no easy task when Jamie's holding on to his heart.
Does anyone remember a long, long time ago, when "filmed in living color" was how many television shows were announced? Shall I age myself even more by announcing that I was 14 before we had color television at home? My kids can't believe that. I digress, sorry. Alison writes in a sort of living color - she doesn't simply tell you a story, it's as if you open the book and she takes your hand, encouraging you to step into the story. Every sound, smell, texture, and emotion become almost tangible. Jamie's fear is real enough at times that you can feel it in your gut, and Kell's determination is realized with an almost spine-tingling desperation.
I highly recommend ONE GOOD MAN and hope that you'll all be encouraged to check it out!

Here's a link to Amazon - they are shipping ONE GOOD MAN now and you might find it on the shelves of your favorite bookseller - if not now, then very soon.

Up next for Alison is WITH EXTREME PLEASURE, releasing around Thanksgiving. This features Kingdom Trahan who was introduced in NO LIMITS - he's a uniquely interesting character from the bayou and I have a feeling his story will be sultry and steamy; maybe even a little dirty. King is a strong character in NO LIMITS with an easy, laid back style, and I can't wait to see what Alison has in store for him! WITH EXTREME PLEASURE IS available for pre-order at Amazon for just $10.29.

After three weeks in Manhattan, Kingdom Trahan is ready to get back to bayous, crawfish boils, and afternoons fishing on the Gulf. But before he can pull out of the parking garage, he meets a curvy detour. King noticed Cady Kowalski on the photo shoot he just endured—sexy and confident, with a waifish look that belies the way she corralled him into submission using only a can of hairspray. Yet Cady isn’t confident now. She’s bruised, edgy, and desperate to get out of town…
For years, Cady has been looking over her shoulder, wondering when the gang of drug-running criminals who killed her brother would make their move on her. She’s grown used to having no one to turn to, no one to trust. But King isn’t walking away—not even when their lives are threatened, again and again. Drawing Cady’s pursuers out of hiding is the only way to end this, and it’s also the most reckless thing they can do…short of diving into a red-hot affair from which there’s no turning back…

For a bigger nibble, there's a great excerpt here.

Now for the giveaway. I'll draw two names on Monday, 8/31 (Happy Birthday, Alison!) Interested? Leave a comment and you'll be entered. I always love to hear what other readers' favorite "Alison" book is, favorite series, favorite character, etc. My favorite remains The Beach Alibi with Kelly John and Emma - sigh - if only it could have been longer! But there's Leo and Macy to consider too, and oh, who could possibly forget Sebastian and Erin? Maybe you'd rather tell us what you've recently read, what you're reading now, or what book(s) you're looking forward to - and that's good!
Thanks everyone for stopping by and special thanks to you, Alison, for allowing me to review this one for you - and for the extra copy for giveaway!



Judy F said...

wow I am first.

You know being her biggest fan reminds me of the movie Misery...LOL

I love Alison's books, they are auto buys for me.

My favorite is The Sweetest Taboo

Don't enter me I just got it in the mail the other day. Can't wait to read it.

Anonymous said...

Judy - You are too funny.

Laurie - you have made Alison Kent an auto buy for me also. Just stay away from Misery-like fandom. :)

I got One Good Man in the mail with my September eharlequin order. I love getting books 3 weeks in advance. I don't know why that makes me so happy, I can't read them as fast as I get them.

Hope you are having a good day.

Hugs, Chris S.

sandi said...

Waah...I didn't even realize there was a new book out and now three people have it in their possession! I feel so terribly deprived!

You expect me to pick one favorite? Have you had a reality check lately? LOL!!!!

Happy Birthday to Alison if you're peeking in.

housemouse88 said...

Happy Birthday Alison! My favorite book so far has been No Limits. I can't wait for the new one to come out. Have a great day.

Sheena said...

Hmm...I can't pick a favorite book (enjoyed them all), but my favorite Alison Kent series is definitely the SG-5 series :)

Thanks for the giveaway!

chey said...

My favourite Alison Kent book is The sweetest taboo.

Anonymous said...

Happy Bday Alison. And my fav book is The Bane Affair and all in that series matter of fact.

Pat L.

booklover1335 said...

Hi Laurie,
Thanks so much for featuring Alison's books. She is one of my fav authors and her new releases are always must reads for me. Can't wait for With Extreme Pleasure.

I think my fav Alison novel is The Shaughnessey Accord, but really I love all of the SG-5 books!

flchen1 said...

Woohoo, Laurie! My favorite so far is the one I've finished most recently. Since I've been reading through her backlist, that means The Grinch Makes Good--it's a cute one! Definitely looking forward to Alison's latest two!

cas2ajs said...

I agree, I loved all of the SG-5 books, but my favorite was The Samms Agenda.
Happy Birthday, Alison!

Cheryl S.

Karen B said...

I can't pick a favorite!

Maureen said...

I think Deep Breath was my favorite.

Karin said...

While I really enjoyed The Beach Alibi, it is The Shaughnessey Accord that tops my list of favorite Alison Kent books.

I haven't really read anything by her that I didn't like and I'm really looking for to One Good Man and With Extreme Pleasure.

robynl said...

the SG5 series is my favorite so far;

Happy birthday Allison; have a great day when it arrives.
Please enter me.

Laurie said...

Enjoy your birthday Alison!! Eat lot's of cake & ice cream too!!

Wow, I've been reading Alison's books for a long time. Loved her Girl Gear series... Wicked Games is my favorite.

Also loved her SG-5 series. It's really hard to pick out just one of those.

Alison's writing covers scenarios that are edgy, exciting, interesting and so suspenseful that you keep coming back for more!

Judy F said...

Happy Bday Alison. Hope its a great day.

Susan said...

Picking one favorite of Alison's books is almost impossible! I have to go with The Bane Affair because it has the first book I read by Alison.

Laurie said...

Thank You Laurie!

I'm on my way to email you.

Joy said...

Whoa, that cover to the Kent books is pretty hot isn't it??