Friday, February 27, 2009

New and upcoming from Karen Kelley - yes, there's a giveaway!

I recently read the January '09 release from Karen Kelley, MY FAVORITE PHANTOM. I can't tell you the last time I've had so much fun reading a book! Karen's wonderful sense of humor can't help but spill over into her writing, but never at the expense of her characters who are always intelligent and sensually passionate, making for an enjoyable reading experience every single time! Here's a little info about MY FAVORITE PHANTOM, a brief review, and some info about Karen's June '09 release, HOW TO SEDUCE A TEXAN.
When Professor Peyton Cache bought a big, gloomy, romantic Victorian house, he should have expected a ghost.
Kaci Melton needs to hide out for a while, and where better to disappear than a haunted house on one of her dad's ghost-hunting jobs?
Two problems: the professor is a tasty young guy with piecing blue eyes, six-pack abs, and a penchant for talking dirty. And the ghost scares the panties off her. Actually, given the professor, maybe that's not a problem...
And here's the link to a fun excerpt and ordering information.
My review:
Kaci Melton's father is a ghost hunter, but because he is hiding out from a loan shark, she has taken his most recent job. The only drawback is that Kaci is terrified of ghosts and Professor Peyton Cache has a very active one that he wants gone. When Peyton's resident ghost makes an appearance on the first night of Kaci's investigation and she scurries into his bed for safety, things immediately heat up between them. Trouble is, Peyton isn't the only one who finds Kaci adorable, and soon his ghost takes a fancy to her as well. Between the irresistible, dirty talking Peyton, his pesky, determined ghost, and a loan shark who is getting too close for comfort, Kaci is confused and more than a little harried.
Peyton is vying for a sizable grant and his opposition is a co-worker who is a scheming phony who criticizes Peyton's every move - with a fake British accent nonetheless. The obstacles in Peyton's way are beginning to loom rather large. He realizes Kaci's fears, the ghost amps up his activity out of an attraction to her, and he's very concerned about the dinner he's hosting for the grant committee. He doubts he can endear himself to his guests with a ghost in the house who has a penchant for tossing his underwear across the room. On top of all of that are the feelings that he's quickly developing for Kaci. Interestingly enough, those feelings are quickly taking precedence over everything else that is going on in his life.
If you're looking for a lighthearted read that doesn't skimp on sensuality, I highly recommend MY FAVORITE PHANTOM. Karen Kelley never disappoints, always giving readers quality romance that's fun without being ridiculous or silly.
And take a look at Karen's next release, available in June, 2009! Woo Doggies, does it ever look good!

Reporter Nikki “The Barracuda” Scott will sink her teeth into anything. So when her editor sends her to get the lowdown on bad boy football star Cal Braxton, Nikki’s game to rough it on his family ranch. She just isn’t prepared for exactly how rough. Still, the nasty outhouse, noisy animals, and resident ghost won’t put Nikki off...especially once she sets eyes (and hands, and mouth) on her subject. If there’s a juicy story here, Nikki intends to devour it…
So, the lady thinks she’s gonna get the scoop on him? Cal’s had his fill of scheming females—hell, his conniving ex-fiancee is the very reason he’s hiding out. Then again, if all journalists were as hot as Nikki, he might consider being more open with the press. Too bad she won’t be around for long. If the chores and “rustic” conditions don’t frighten Nikki off, her haunted accommodations surely will. Tough it turns out Nikki doesn't scare easily. Now Cal’s the one who’s scared—of falling hard...
And here's the link to a great excerpt and ordering information.
Now for the giveaway. I'm giving away my (autographed) arc of MY FAVORITE PHANTOM to one lucky reader. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment with at least three things you see at Karen's website - maybe an excerpt you love, a cover you think is super sexy, etc. - and come on everyone, please take the time to go check it out and don't simply copy someone else's response! I'll draw the winning name on Thursday, March 5th.
Thanks to Karen for allowing me to read and review this for you - my apologies for being so terribly late. Huge thanks to everyone for checking out Karen's books - you won't be disappointed in any of her work, I promise!


flchen1 said...

Hi, Laurie--Karen's new one sounds terrific! She's great with balancing warm, fun, funny, hot! Her website reflects this too--she's got a whole section devoted to sharing tips with other writers (some tongue in cheek), some terrific photos with other authors, and delicious covers and excerpts from existing and upcoming books (do all Texans look like that one? ;)) Thanks for reminding us to check her and it out, Laurie!

Jane said...

My favorite cover is "Southern Exposure." I love it when Karen mentions Karl on her blog. My favorite part of the excerpt of "My Favorite Phantom" is when Kaci keeps repeating a line from "Ghost Busters."

Amy S. said...

I noticed these on the coming soon page.

I love these covers.


Laurie said...

Bachelor Party was her first contracted book for Kensington Publishing.

Book that got her started on romances Rosemary Rodgers "Sweet Savage Love".

Her first real career was as an emergency room nurse.

Keep on writing! I loved Southern Comfort!

Karen B said...

1. Love her hat she wore at the B&R Tea in Dallas!
2. How To Be A Diva - they're a hoot!
3. Karen collects junk which she fondly calls antiques (don't we all?)

Judy F said...

I loved this book. I can't wait to read the next one. Karen's books are always a riot.

scottsgal said...

I've read 2 of her books so far and really enjoyed them. The cover to Temperature's Rising is really sexy, I liked reading her bio how she got her GED and nursing degree and found a a new site $1 books. Can't wait to read this new one.

Karin said...

Laurie, that was a very nice review. It definitely has me interesting in Karen Kelley's books. As for her website, she has some great excerpts up. The one for My Favorite Phantom grabbed my interest pretty quickly. I also enjoyed the excerpt for How to Seduce A Texan. Her tips page is really interesting. Another page I really liked was her Coming Soon page because it gave me a few more titles to keep my eye out for later this year.

Dena said...

Hi Laurie, Great review and info on Karen's books! I read a book by Karen in the Texas Bad Boys Anthology a few years ago and liked it a lot. I'm glad you reviewed her because it brought her back to my attention. I think her recent book covers are Hot showing the man's rippled torsos,yummy. I love reading about Texan men so I read the sneak peak for How to Seduce a Texan and it got me even more interested. Also I didn't know that Karen had a blog so I will be checking it out.

robynl said...

She has a very spoiled Pekinese. I love dogs and had a very spoiled Poodle once upon a time so I understand.

I really like the cover of The Power of Love as I am a butterfly collector as in fabric ones, metal ones, etc.

Her photo section is nice to see her at many venues and with other authors, etc.

Anonymous said...

I thought I posted already, but don't see it - so here goes.

I love the cover of How to Seduce a Texan. I have read most of her cosmic books and loved them. Also loved her series that included the cannoli. LOL. Hot, Hot!

On KK' site I saw:
That Cosmic Sex is now called Earth Guys are Easy

She did a book signing at BAM in Wichita Falls, TX for Southern Comfort

Years ago her husband mailed her manuscript to Kensington (Bachelor Party)

Pat L.

Anonymous said...

My apologies - the Cannoli book was by LESLIE Kelly. Am so sorry.

Pat L.

Barbara said...

1 Karen Will have 3 mass market rereleases back to back this summer. Close Encounters Of the Sexy Kind in June 09, Earth Guys Are Easy in July 09 and The Bad Boys Guide To The Galexy in August 09. The new covers are very appealing. Check them out.

2. Karen's husband helps with her publicity. Has done a very cool calendar the past couple of years.

3. Not sure if it's one her web site or not but I think "Southern Comfort" started out as an entry in one of the Lori Foster Brava contests.

Virginia said...

I loved Karen's tips, motivation being the key tip.

Also loved the excerpt to My Favorite Phanton and the one to I'm Your Santa.

The covers to all of her coming soon books are oh so sexy. I loved the bare chested men on the covers.

Lori T said...

1. I love the Coming Soon section...I really like knowing what is coming up and How To Seduce a Texan sounds great.

2. I really enjoyed the Photo Album section...great pictures.

3. Her tips section is really great and I am not even a writer.

I would love to be entered.

Susan said...

Hi Laurie,
I love the way Karen mixes in the humor and it actually adds to the story!

1. How To Seduce A Texan will be released in June and I can hardly wait.

2. Karen writes full-time, and collects junk which she fondly calls antiques.

3. Temperature's Rising new cover is my favorite.