Friday, February 27, 2009


The winners of copies of A LONG, HARD RIDE by Alison Kent are MINDY and JANE! Congratulations, ladies! Please contact me at with your mailing information by Tuesday evening.
Thanks to everyone who entered the contest - I urge you all to go get a copy of A LONG, HARD RIDE. Alison couldn't write a bad book if she tried and I know you'll love it!
Don't miss the Karen Kelley giveaway below!
Have a terrific weekend,


Anonymous said...

wtg winners

flchen1 said...

Hooray, Mindy and Jane! Happy, happy reading! Thanks again, Alison and Laurie!

Judy F said...

congrats to the winners

have a great weekend all.

Karin said...

Congratulations, Mindy & Jane!

Jane said...

Thanks, Laurie and thanks for the congrats everyone.

Susan said...

Congratulations, Mindy & Jane! You can't go wrong with a book written by Alison Kent!