Friday, February 06, 2009

Janice Maynard's HOT MAIL

I've read every book by Janice Maynard and loved them all, but I truly think she’s written my favorite with HOT MAIL. Janice is sweeter than a box of Valentine candy and will be here on Tuesday, February 10 as a guest blogger! I hope you'll all stop by and say hello. We’ll post an excerpt on Tuesday to tempt you, but in the meantime I’ve posted a review below. Oh, and did I mention there will be prizes? I'll be offering up some little goodies from the Go Red (for women's heart health) store - a make-up bag, some Go Red pens and some red dress pins.
A blurb:
Jane has wanted Ethan for years but has never found a way to tell him. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, she decides to seduce him by sending anonymous erotic valentines every Friday until the big day. Then she’ll finally reveal her true feelings— and wildest desires.
But when her stationery store is vandalized, it’s Ethan who comes to her rescue—and the sparks start flying way ahead of schedule. Now Jane and her erotic alter ego are competing for Ethan’s affections— and the results couldn’t be hotter.

My review:
Jane and Ethan have known each other for more than half their lives; Jane has loved Ethan for several of those those years. They were best friends until Ethan secretly became engaged to someone else, and although that engagement was soon broken, Jane's tender heart and their friendship were both crushed. Jane finally decides that she’s waited long enough to make her feelings known and begins anonymously sending sexy valentines to Ethan. He is immediately intrigued by the suggestive poems, but when Jane’s paper/stationery shop becomes the target of a vandal, Ethan, as assistant police chief, focuses all of his attention on Jane and her safety. When the vandalism continues and the threat appears to be escalating, Ethan insists on sticking close, but Jane wants him for more than just her protector. It isn’t long before the two become involved, and Jane thinks her wishes may finally be coming true. Until, that is, Ethan's reaction to the naughty valentines isn't quite what Jane was hoping for.
Ethan, being your typical male, never quite understood what happened between him and Jane. All he knows is that he has desperately missed her friendship and even more so, her companionship. When he thinks that Jane is in danger, he becomes nearly obsessed with keeping her safe and soon realizes that his feelings for Jane run much deeper than he ever realized and his intentions quickly turn romantic. Ethan has decided that he wants a future with Jane, but the intrigue of the seductress sending him secret valentines is a frequent niggle in the back of his mind.
Jane and Ethan are both very likable characters. Janice Maynard has written them in such a way that they seem incredibly real and instantly familiar. There’s a good mix of sweet and sexy in HOT MAIL, typical of all of Janice’s books, and secondary romance of Ethan's sister is an equally sweet bonus. I give this book the highest of recommendations to all contemporary romance lovers. Not as blatantly erotic as Janice’s “Elizabeth Scott” works, HOT MAIL is plenty satisfying.Pop on over to Amazon for more information - and to order copies for yourself and a friend. I personally think this would make a great little Valentine's Day gift for a best friend - just look at that beautiful cover!

Janice, thank you so much for allowing me to read and review HOT MAIL for you – Jane and Ethan quickly became my favorites of all of your characters!


flchen1 said...

I've enjoyed the stuff I've read by Janice, too, Laurie! This latest sounds very fun!

Anonymous said...

sounds great cnat wiat

Judy F said...

I loved this book. I agree Laurie they are my favorites too. Kudos Janice