Friday, November 28, 2008


Some of you are likely aware that romance author Jo Leigh lost her husband Dotes to cancer earlier this year. Their love story came in two parts, the second resulting in a marriage that was definitely the stuff of romantic dreams. Lacking health insurance, Jo is solely responsible for some hefty medical expenses and the romance community has come together on her behalf putting up books, critiques, mentoring opportunities and bunches of other great stuff up for auction.

Jo is a talented writer, offers instruction to up and coming authors, and is basically a kind soul. When I was putting together a troop project a while back, she sent a box of goodies the likes of which I'd never seen before and haven't seen since. I came home from work and saw this huge box on my front porch - I thought maybe my husband had ordered a new washer or dryer without telling me. I could barely drag it into the house by myself and reaching the bottom was no easy task. To say that I was deeply touched is an understatement.

I hope you'll all check out the auction and keep checking back as I feel certain more items will be added as word of the auction spreads. And if you're able, please provide the link to the auction on any loops you're on or blogs you post to.

Thanks so much!


Stacy~ said...

Thanx for the reminder Laurie. I'll put this up at my blog too.

Karin said...

Laurie, this is such a great thing. I'm still trying to decide what to bid on.