Thursday, July 03, 2008


I'd like to wish all of my American friends a very happy Fourth of July! To my Canadian friends, a belated happy Canada Day! Does anyone have anything special planned? We're going to my cousin's house for a cookout Friday evening and then might go watch our city's fireworks. Most likely my cousin's husband will have some good fireworks since he travels the country for his business - they live in the country, so it won't disturb neighbors if we make some noise! I'll be baking a honey bun cake, always a huge hit. Our city is having its parade on Saturday afternoon because all surrounding communities are having theirs tomorrow and they want them to be able to participate as well. This parade is being touted as the biggest parade in our city's history, so it should be a good one. I love seeing the bands (this will be Kelsey's first year in a long time to be a spectator since she's not marching), the kids on their decorated bikes, the fire trucks, the veterans in convertibles and the baton twirling groups! When I was in elementary school I was a twirler - man did I ever feel special when we marched in parades!
Let us know what you're doing to celebrate. Do you have any fun traditions?
Have fun, but please be careful if you're out on the road.


Karin Tabke said...

Happy Fourth to you too!

For me, I'll be writing, but taking a break for a family BBQ!

Dina said...

Happy 4th!!

I like to just try to enjoy the day off, remember those and spendtime with my daughter and grandkids.

Cryna said...

Happy 4th of July to you all.

No we had our big Canada celebrations on the 1st. And today here in Calgary the Calgary Stampede kicked off for the next 10 days with a big parade this morning and all kinds of events going on over the next week. Basically it is 10 days of Western partying - rodeos, chuckwagon races, grandstand shows, pancake breakfasts, entertainment and fireworks everynight at the Stampede Grounds - the whole City gets involved.

Hope you have a safe and nice weekend.

Judy F said...

Happy 4th everyone. I am just laying around and reading today. I so needed it.

Enjoy your day Laurie you deserve it

Susan said...

Happy Independence Day everyone! I'm just relaxing with a good book today.

flchen1 said...

Happy July 4th! We're going to have a relatively quiet day today--the boys got haircuts, and then we're just going to enjoy some family time! :)

Lori T said...

I hope that everyone had a great 4th!

I spent the day with my family including my parents, brother and his family, sister and her family. We had a BBQ and watched the fireworks together.