Monday, July 21, 2008

The controversy virus

I'm sick. Sick of politics, politicians, campaigns, you name it. I hate political talk, always have, always will. I appreciate and respect our right to vote and have a say in who our leaders will be and I don't begrudge anyone else the right to discuss politics, but I won't do it - except maybe to bitch about the bombardment of advertising spots on television and the money that is being wasted to make that advertising happen.
The money that is spent on elections breaks my heart. I think of how many hungry children could be fed with those millions of dollars, needy families assisted, or how many elderly could fill their prescriptions with just a drop of it.
My biggest complaint about politics lies in the arguments, accusations, and the insults - I just hate it. Talking someone else down in an effort to make yourself look better doesn't work for me. I still believe in "If you can't say anything nice . . ." - Well, at least for the most part - I say my fair share of not nice things as Judy and Stacy can attest - they both know I'm going straight to hell, but strangely neither seems to have a problem with it. I think they both feel that I'll be in good company. lol
The least bit of controversy makes me very uncomfortable. The late Tim Russert was a political genius and I admired his incredible knowledge of the process and the players, but I couldn't watch his show - or any other program where discussions might become heated.
I will continue to research both candidates on my own and will make what I feel is an informed decision come November, but in the meantime I'll be watching much less CNN or FOX news. I know what you're thinking, that I should just get my balls out, put them on and get over it. I guess I feel that my political and religious beliefs are personal to me and I don't want to share my opinions on them.
What about you? Do you like the political process? Are you closely following the campaign? I'm not asking for personal opinions about candidates or issues, I'd rather not go there - I'm just curious as to how many of you enjoy politics and political discussions. I have a boss who lives and breathes politics - from our local government all the way to the top. He loves to research it, talk it, argue it - needless to say, I avoid him as much as possible!
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Stacy~ said...

Laurie! My partner in hell! *g* You're still a 100 times nicer than me, so if you're going, I know I'll be right there beside ya.

I have never been interested in politics, much to my shame. I feel like I should be, considering how these things affect all of us, but it has never appealed to me. One thing I will say is that that mud-slinging is not what should be on the political agenda. Politicians spend more time attacking each other instead of proving they stand behind their promises, so no wonder there's such antipathy for the whole process.

So no, I'd rather live and breathe chocolate, thank you very much.

Karin Tabke said...

Laurie, I am right there with you! I have gotten to the point where I switch channels when the negativity starts.

Laurie said...

I don't like the negativity!! POLITICS & HONESTY do not go hand in hand any more if ever.

I loved Obama's straight from the heart advertisement.

I feel that every one should vote BUT I agree please look in to what that person stands for and what they will do once they are elected!

No more lies!! SHOULD be everyone's slogan!

Judy F said...

It seems like this election has been going on for years. Its getting on my last nerve. I don't like negative ads and ignore them. I do believe in voting but the process is all screwed up.

Be right with you in hell sister

Karin said...

I'm with you, Laurie, in not being a fan of politics. To me, they're a necessary evil, sadly. I don't mind researching them to understand that process. I encourage people to research the candidates and try to do so myself. But I absolutely HATE talking politics. Similar to you, I think religious and political affiliation are personal things.

Along with all that, I'm very anti-confrontational and really dislike the negativity surrounding a lot of the campaigning going on. I avoid any kind of conversation where it might get heated, and leave if that happens.

I'm very ready for November to be over.