Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Alison Kent's IN DANGER - there's a contest!

Alison Kent has a new release, a re-release actually, IN DANGER - available now at your local WalMart. IN DANGER is a combination of THE SHAUGHNESSY ACCORD and THE SAMMS AGENDA, the second and third releases in the SMITHSON GROUP 5 series. Below are reviews I wrote as a reviewer for Sensual Romance Reviews when these two first released. Check them out and then read below for contest info.

The Shaughnessey Accord is Book 2 in Alison Kent's latest series about the spies extraordinaire of the Smithson Group.
Tripp Shaughnessey and the other SG-5 team members were secretly monitoring Glory Brighton's Spuds & Subs Sandwich Shop in an attempt to take down the Spectra agent who was, unbeknownst to Glory, running an illegal stone operation with Marian Diamonds, out of her shop. Glory was taking inventory in her storeroom, thinking how she would like nothing more than to have a little taste of Tripp, when he comes into the storeroom and acts on his own desires for Glory. Just as Tripp finds that his desires are matched by those of Glory, Spectra thugs come into her shop and take her customers hostage. Glory sees Tripp's true identity as he and his fellow SG team members, identities concealed, quickly and easily take down the bad guys and then just as quickly and easily disappear. After they had time to further explore their feelings, Tripp and Glory both knew that these feelings could not be ignored and they could not imagine being without one another.
This book has characters typical of Alison Kent. Tripp Shaughnessey is witty and charming, intelligent and daring, and humble enough to admit that he is a better man with Glory in his life. Glory is a real bright spot. She is kind and gentle, but has plenty of moxie when necessary. Together they are combustible. Each book in this series can stand alone, but I recommend reading in order for the fullest enjoyment. This book has my very highest recommendation.

"More action, intrigue, and love from the adventuresome Smithson Group."
Katrina Flurry was a beautiful woman, no denying it. That beauty attracted the attentions of Spectra's Peter Deacon who enjoyed having Katrina on his arm, a place she enjoyed being as it gave her the high society chatter she needed for her column, Cosmopolitan Arm Candy.
Since Deacon is sitting in prison after being taken down by Smithson Group's Christian Bane, keen interest in Katrina had been picked up by a Spectra hitman. Enter Julian Samms, also of Smithson Group, to keep Katrina alive. The two of them flee to a safe house to await word that the assassin is no longer a threat. Between the emotional rush of fleeing a ruthless killer and their mutual attraction to each other, it was inevitable that sex between these two would happen quickly and that it would be explosive. Katrina turns out to be much more than just a pretty piece of fluff as Julian had first thought. The killer eventually catches up with them, kidnapping Katrina, and Julian is forced to face emotions that he had long felt he was unworthy of because of a tragic incident in his past.
Alison Kent has quite a run going with the action and intrigue of the men from Smithson Group and, of course, the women who love them. The Samms Agenda is no exception. These adventuresome spies are a pleasure to read about, each and every one; I am sure the only disappointment will be that their stories aren't longer.

Ok, who's interested in a copy of IN DANGER? I see lots of hands going up! I'm going to run this one for a week - I'll draw a name on Tuesday, July 29 from everyone who posts here (US/Canada addresses only, please). I have to admit that I haven't been able to get my hands on a copy of IN DANGER yet. I've checked my local WalMart three times in the past week and have even gone to a neighboring county . . . in search of . . . and have come up empty handed. One way or another I will get a copy, hopefully by next Tuesday.
Have you read Alison Kent before? Do you have a favorite book? Maybe you're super excited about her future releases? Please tell us! Or if you prefer, just say you're interested in this one - either way, I'll enter your name in the draw!
Have a great day!


CrystalGB said...

I love Alison's books. I have read several of her Blazes and some of the Smithson Group 5 series.

Jane said...

My favorite book by Alison is "Larger Than Life." I'm looking forward to reading "In Danger."

Susan said...

I have loved every book I have read by Alison. You can't be serious when you wrote "a favorite book"! They all are my favorite. LOL

robynl said...

I've read some of her Smithson Group 5 series and loved them.

Please enter me for In Danger.

Sarita said...

I have never had the pleasure of reading her books but I have heard great things about her writing and I cannot wait to try one.
Hugs, Sarita

Cryna said...

Anything that I have read from Alison has been a great read. She has a lot of interesting releases coming up.

Thanks, Laurie for running your contests.

limecello said...

I don't know if I've ever read a book by Alison Kent :X Well, I've read and loved her novellas.
I also tried to comment like 8 other times but blogger rejected me :(
As for the previous post - Laurie, poor thing, living in the swing state. You're not getting away from politics for a while yet.

Stacy S said...

I'm looking forward to reading all the new ones coming to Wal Mart. If they ever get them. I keep looking also but no luck yet.

acdaisy95 said...

I haven't had the chance to read Allison's books, but I heard they are very good.

Please enter me to win a copy of In Danger. I'm looking forward to them.

Anonymous said...

I have been a fan of Ms. Kent's since I read her first SG-5 book The Bane Affair,(On loan from a friend). Her writing leaves you wanting more. Can't wait for each installment in this series!! My favorite so far has been The McKenzie Artifact. Please sign me up.
Thanks for the chance,

Caffey said...

I loved this series and love the new covers. I almost want to get them again with these new covers! And a great price for wal-mart and I think its great they are doing this for this series! Don't put me in the contest, have it for someone who hasn't had the joy to read this series yet.

I have enjoyed many of hers, but one book and scenes keep coming back to me and it was the first read I read of hers, a Blaze THE SWEETEST TABOO, which has the best shower scene I have ever read!! If you can find this one, because it too was re-released as an Anthology, UNDRESSED (with Vicki Thompson and Suzanne Forster) grab it! Its so worth it!

Karin said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading both of these books, Laurie. Your reviews are great. I've enjoyed everything I've read by Alison and can't really pick a favorite.

Don't count me in the contest as I already own copies of The Shaughnessey Accord and The Samms Agenda.

Dina said...

Hi Laruie,

I am interesed in a chance at In Danger.

Dina said...
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Laura K said...

Hi, ladies. Never read this author before but I've been trying in vain to find the first book at a local Walmart around here in Chicago. No such luck. I would love either this one or the first in the series because this author is new to me.

Lisa F. said...

I picked this up at our WalMart last night. I had the first one in this series but never completed it for some reason.

Anonymous said...

I've read "Infatuation" and I really enjoyed it.

I have a couple of Alison's books in my TBR pile.

Definately enter me for the contest!


Terri W.

Carol said...

I haven't read any of Alison's books yet. I'd like to read this one! Thank you!

tetewa said...

I have yet to read anything by her but would like to opportunity! tWarner419@aol.com

kimmyl said...

I have never read any of her books although I have heard she is a great writer.

Laurie said...

I love Alison's books! I started with a Girl Gear book "Wicked Games" with Kinsey & Doug... WOW! then moved onto the other Girl Gear books: Bound to Happen, The Sweetest Taboo & Indiscreet with Annabel & Patrick.
I recently read and loved The Bane Affair!
I'm only missing The Shaunessey Accord from the SG5 series.
If you haven't read her I strongly urge you to go out & buy her books.
Blogger keeps rejecting me too.