Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I seem to have been doing a lot of reading lately - and loving every minute of it! What have you been reading? Anything incredible? So-so?
Here are some of the books I've read recently (in no particular order) - forgive me if I've already chatted any of these up! I think it's obvious that I love romantic suspense. Read to the end, there's a contest!
Arianna Hart's Leap of Faith - I enjoyed this one very much - nothing sugary about this one, it's suspenseful and steamy.
Shelli Stevens - Dangerous Grounds and Tempting Adam - Both very good, I recommend reading them in this order.
Cathryn Fox - Pleasure Exchange - This one is steamy, even if the premise is a bit silly. I've read Cathryn before in the Alluring Tales anthology - I'll read her again, for certain.
Lorelei James - Long Hard Ride and Cowgirl Up and Ride - Erotic cowboy tales. These were a little more gritty than I typically care for - anal sex, spanking and M/M sex. I'm not passing judgement on anyone else's preferences, but I don't care for male on male sex in my romance.
Shannon Stacy - 72 Hours. I enjoyed this one very much and give it a strong recommendation. I've read one other book by Shannon Stacey, Twice Upon A Roadtrip, and enjoyed it as well. I'm intrigued by Forever Again and hope to buy it before too long.
Roxanne St. Claire's Take Me Tonight. This is the latest in her Bulletcatcher series, and it is a wonderful continuation. I've especially enjoyed this series, like so many others have, and give it high marks.
Pamela Clare's Unlawful Contact - Yes, I know I chatted about this one and reviewed it on behalf of Romance Junkies (see the archives for February posts) - but it's simply too good not to mention again. I can't wait for the next one in the series! Romantic Suspense just doesn't get any better than this. Amazon has suggested that because I enjoyed this book, I might enjoy Jordan Dane - has anyone here read her? I haven't, but I'm very curious now.
Lora Leigh's Killer Secrets - From her SEALs series - gritty and passionate, this one was a little on edge (for me) sexually. I enjoy these stories of hers so much though that I always get the next one with each release!
Toni Blake's Letters to a Secret Lover. My review for this one is below - it's very good.
Rachel Gibson's Not Another Bad Date - my Romance Junkies review will be coming up soon, hopefully in the next week. You should go ahead and pre-order this one, it's a beautifully written story with humor, pain, joy and passion. I've read everything Rachel Gibson has written and while See Jane Score is my absolute fave, there's not a bad one in the bunch!
A couple of others I'm hoping to get to soon are Susan Lyons' Champagne Rules and Touch Me. She has one coming soon, the fourth in the series, She's On Top (not positive of that title, but I don't have time to go doublecheck) - I loved the one book of hers that I read, Hot In Here. And I'll add that she has been blessed with great covers on all of these!
Upcoming reviews will include Erin McCarthy's Fallen, which I'm just starting, Janice Maynard's By Appointment Only, The Power of Love anthology by Lori Foster and 11 other excellent authors. Also, HelenKay Dimon's Hard As Nails, Nicole Jordan's To Bed a Beauty, and Shiloh Walker's Through the Veil.

So, please give a shout and let us know what you're reading, what you've loved or hated.
I'm hoping to go to the booksigning at RT in Pittsburgh this Saturday. It will be my first "big" booksigning and I'm excited. My plans aren't set in stone, but I'm hoping it will work out. If it does wotk out to go, my oldest daughter will go too, but she'll drop me at the hotel and then head off to some museums and art galleries while I go to the signing and hang out for a bit after. She's applying for jobs at a couple of them as she'll be graduating college in June, so she'd like to check them out.
The contest? I'll draw a name from everyone who posts here for the Lora Leigh (Killer Secrets) - the book does have a slight spine crease but is in excellent condition otherwise. If you want to comment about your recent or current reads but don't want in on the book draw, just say so, ok? That's fine.
Thanks as always for stopping - I hope you'll give us some book suggestions - or just say "hey" - I love having everyone here!


Wendy said...

Not Another Bad Date was lovely but See Jane Score is my favorite ever! Love it!!

I'm reading Through The Veil and it is very good! :)

I just read The Ex-Debutante by Linda Francis Lee, it was such a lovely book! And now I'm gonna read Succubus in the City by Nina Harper.

acdaisy95 said...

I wish I could go to the Romantic Times convention. I never been one. Hope you have a great time!

I'm reading an anthology What Happens in Vegas (ARC).

Shelli Stevens said...

Hi Laurie! I found your blog while searching for reviews for my book. You're too sweet! I'm glad you enjoyed Dangerous Grounds and Tempting Adam.

If you make it to the RT signing have fun! I'm so jealous, I really wanted to go this year :(

Jane said...

I just reread "Unleashing the Storm" by Sydney Croft. I'm currently reading "Silent Run" by Barbara Freethy. I have heard of Jordan Dane. Her debut series(3bks) will be released back to back. I have Nicole Jordan's Courtship Wars series on my tbr list along with "Killing Fear" by Allison Brennan.

Stacy~ said...

Please don't enter me into the drawing Laurie - I have quite a few in the TBR pile to get to. But I have a contest for a book going on at my blog if you're interested in stopping by. It's for a copy of Nothing But Red:


I just finished Erin McCarthy's "Fallen" and am not sure what to dive into next, maybe Shiloh's story, or a historical. Or Toni's book. Aw, the choices :)

CrystalGB said...

Have fun at the booksigning. I am reading Satin and A Scandalous Affair by Jan Colley.

LeeAnn said...

I just finished The Seduction of an Unknown Lady by Samantha James and really enjoyed it.

Now I'm reading Origin in Death by J.D. Robb and so far it's really good. But I had to leave it at home so I will study at lunch for my exam tonight. Otherwise the temptation is to great LOL.

Virginia said...

I am reading Margo Maguires historicals right now on the second one it the series. Temptation of a Warrior, good reads.

If you haven't read Beverly Barton's Close Enough to Kill that is a fantastic read, you might try it.

flchen1 said...

I finished Elizabeth Hoyt's Raven Prince and Leopard Prince, and am holding off on starting Serpent Prince right off (I tend to "save" a little to savor if it's an author I enjoy--it sounds silly, but I like knowing there's something left to anticipate).

I've got Pleasure Exchange and Alluring Tales in my TBR--glad to know they're good!

Hope you'll have a chance to go to the RT signing! If so, have fun!!

Carol said...

Laurie, all of those books sound good! I just started reading The Mercenary by Cherry Adair. I've never read her before. It's good so far!

I love the In Death books by J.D. Robb! I've got all but the last fe

tetewa said...

I just finished reading Sexy Devil by Sasha White, this one one HOT! I'm currently reading Double Dating With the Dead by Karen Kelley, a fun paranormal.

bamabelle said...

I'm reading Private Arrangements by Sherry Thomas, which is so far, exceptionally good. Before that I read The Bleeding Dusk by Colleen Gleason and loved it! It is the third book in the Gardella Vampire Chronicles series and I would suggest reading the first two books, which are both great! Also Laurie, I did pre-order Letters to a Secret Lover. After reading your review, I wish the release date would hurry so that it would ship. :)

flip said...

Been reading a lot of fantasy novels. I just finished Personal Demon by Kelley Armstrong. Loved it. Small Favor by Jim Butcher. Loved it. Embrace the Night by Karen Chance. Loved it. Hidden by Eve Kenin. Loved it. Don't Look Down Jennifer Cruise and Bob Mayer. Loved it. I have posted more details on Good Reads as flip58.

I love suspense novels myself.

ChristyJan said...

I just finished reading DEMON'S FIRE by Emma Holly and now I'm reading THE LIVING LEGEND by Emma Wayne Porter. Both books are great!

Laurie D. said...

Wow! So many great recommendations! My TBB list has grown considerably longer! Thanks, everyone!

Did you all notice that Stacy has a contest on her blog? Check it out here - www.trelainastarblazer.blogspot.com - Stacy always has something happening on her blog, so be sure to check her out.

Thanks for stopping, everyone!

Karin Tabke said...

I have three books open right now. Dirty by Megan Hart. Love the voice and her smart style. Shannon McKenna's Extreme Danger. Need I say more? And Veronica Wolff's Master of the Highlands. So far so good. I have a leaning tower of books to read after those.

Barbara said...

Hey Laurie-

Don't enter me in the contest I just wanted to say hi. Many of the books you listed sound good.

Hope you enjoy the signing in Pittsburgh. Let us know all the details. Have a good weekend.