Monday, April 21, 2008


Rachel Gibson has a new book releasing May 27. You won't want to miss this one. I've read every book written by Rachel Gibson and loved every single one. And while I adored NOT ANOTHER BAD DATE, my favorite remains SEE JANE SCORE. Maybe because I love hockey, I'm not sure. My copy has been read and reread several times - looking rather dogeared and beat up by now.
I was fortunate enough to snag NOT ANOTHER BAD DATE for Romance Junkies review - here's that (5 blue ribbon) review:

When Adele Harris returns to her hometown to help her pregnant sister, the last thing she expects to find is romance. Especially with her boyfriend from college, the only man she ever loved. The one man who thoroughly broke her heart.

Adele Harris can’t refuse her abandoned, pregnant sister’s request to come back to their hometown of Cedar Creek, Texas, to help her and her teen daughter settle into their new place. Adele has been striking out when it comes to dating. It’s been one disaster after another – as soon as she goes out with a guy, he morphs into a total loser. She immediately runs into former pro football star Zach Zemaitis, the guy who broke her tender heart in college when he dumped her and married his pregnant girlfriend. But now Zach is a widower with a young daughter the same age as Adele’s niece, who goes to school with Adele’s niece, and who is on the same dance squad as Adele’s niece. It looks like they’ll be seeing a lot of each other while Adele fills in for her sister who’s on doctor-ordered bed rest. Adele can’t miss seeing the women who still swarm around Zach, without a doubt the best looking guy in the state of Texas, and she can’t quite get past the hurt he caused her all those years ago. When he shows an intense interest in getting to know the woman Adele is today, she can’t help but question his sincerity.
Zach can’t believe it when he finds Adele Harris standing on his porch to collect her niece. She still possesses the most beautiful, big blue eyes, the same tumbling riot of blond curls, and the sensuous curves that she had as a young woman in college. Adele is also the same smart woman with a sassy mouth that she was before, but she is very wary and hesitant about getting involved with him. Content to coach high school football and raise his daughter alone, Zach has no interest in a long-term relationship or another loveless marriage, but he can’t help the near-desperation he feels for another chance with Adele.
Rachel Gibson has done a brilliant job of writing Adele and Zach. Their every emotion - pain, joy, and passion seem to be written from the heart, and Ms. Gibson’s wonderful sense of humor is evident in this book. I feel certain that any mother of a teen daughter will tell you that Adele’s niece and Zach’s daughter are written spot on. Adele and Zach are both strong, intelligent characters, but they’re not written to be so perfect that their vulnerabilities aren’t evident, which is very refreshing. I can confidently recommend this book to all readers who love well-written contemporary romance. I honestly don’t think that Rachel Gibson could write a bad book if she tried.

I hope you'll check this one out - you won't be sorry!
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Robin said...

Hi Laurie! This book sounds great! I'll definitely check it out.

Judy F said...

OH I am so jealous. I can't wait to read this book. I love Rachel's books. Great review girlie

Dina said...

I do love hockey, so I'll have to check out SEE JANE SCORE.

limecello said...

Jealous jealous jealous! I've been waaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiitttttiiiinnnnnnggggggg for this book! I love Rachel Gibson too!

Anonymous said...

I am reading this book right now, and I LOVE it.